Self Esteem

Self Esteem, with Caroline Myss, is talking about the divine ways it allows you to speak up for yourself. It is misunderstood, defined as the capacity to speak up in so many boundaries. To esteem the self, is to recognize what the power of your soul is. She is a medical intuitive reader. For all of the years she has taught about meditation techniques, the key to your self esteem, is intuitive clarity, and trust. Sustaining your health, its not loud. It does not inspire you to reach for attention. It liberates you from seeking from other peoples approval.

You can rely on your own integrity and values. If you cant trust yourself, you will discover, trusting anything or anyone else, is impossible. Truly healthy relationships, with yourself and others. It is a necessity, because of who we are today, from previous generations. If you were to talk to someone from 40-50 years ago, the power of the quantum level. Power relationships, power boundaries. We have to talk our power back. We define ourselves in the interior power, not external power. We are the first generation to add power to self.

Inner power is as illuminating, as intimidating. We are in a discovery zone, in a way, we have never been before. The three levels of self esteem, Level 1) Survival self esteem, survival gut instincts. 2) Inner self esteem, courage and integrity. Level 3) Mystical self esteem, harmonious balances with interior and exterior balances. We have become hyper sensitive. The reason is because we are learning how to become power, how much power is controlled and thought about. How potent we are, the choices we make. We are in a mind, M.I.N.D, what is in our mind. How do we esteem ourselves? Watch others walk over ourselves, and go OUCH.

Then, you become hyper responsive. A part of you, you feel it, it is one way, that we become aware of what it is to feel the power of ourselves, when it is out of our control. A fragment of ourselves. That is how you begin to sense how powerful we are. How we utilize this, the mindfulness of every thought, feeling, emotion. Destructive factors, the microcosm of our own soul power. This is whats causing this transition to happen. The tribe, that starts out from the family, the whole that we grow up in. We look at the giants raising us, and we think what will they think. It is brought up in us, it is inherent in us.

We need to hold ourselves accountable, to ourselves and to the community in which we live in. The inevitable confrontation, is that all of us are feeling that awakening of that intuitive voice in ourselves. While we sit with our tribe, the people we love dearly. Carism, the grace that only your soul has. That single tone in this universe, where god knows your name. The mission in your soul. We are individuating now, popping as individuals souls longing to become whole. Sacred, with our fullest potential. The smallest amount of us can be a huge transformation. This transformation is an archetypal one. The quality of a self esteem for the holy potential to emerge.

Our carism, to come through. Each of us, has to be on a battle field in our lives, where the test of self esteem, our old values, need to become confronted. The first great confrontation, is them vs you. How many times have you received a sense of inner instruction. Power is a journey of initiation. If you fail, you get up and you keep trying, you keep moving forward, the fear of being humiliated, is not a choice, it is an action, based on false pretenses. You trust the interior, the unreasonable self esteem, trusting the invisible world where miracles happen.

With how events, flow in your life. This is the difference between your fate and your destiny. Fate, is fear, destiny is inner guidance to be decided. Destiny, is the unknown, what is yet to discover. That is the exciting part about life, to discover new places, new opportunities. Power, is yours and yours, only for you. You need to have a confrontation, with the self. The self esteem is not sufficient to manage the challenges that need to develop, intuition, or to develop our health, it is an archetypal transformation. We are becoming different power machines, from 5 sensory human beings, to multi-sensory.

We need self esteem to protect our inner power. The battle field tactics, are not sufficient when it comes to managing the power of your soul, keeping it safe. Personal truths, when you have applications such as the law of gravity, everyone will fall, something universal. My personal truth, is one level of truth. My spiritual path, has to be governed by universal truth. The level at which your inner being is creating that reality. You are co-creating your reality, your innate nature, inner nature. Taking charge of your power, self esteem needs to be sophisticated and personality has to be higher than how you respond when you are angry.

This is how you interpret what someone says to you, how you treat others. Strategies for developing a true self esteem, a sense of self. Pay attention, observe yourself in action, how you lose power, in order to redefine power for yourself. Planning, on what people will say about you. Take time to do this, calculate, looking for other peoples approval. Whether or not someone will approve of me, and my decisions. If you were to say what should I do with my life? You will get guidance, and what is your first instinct. Do not worry about what other people will think, take your inner life, and really contemplate it, and figure out what you want to do. Fate, is when you make the right or wrong decision.

You always have clarity, on what you know you should not do. Assurance of the outcome, is where your sense of self, true self esteem is built. Your capacity to tell yourself the truth, that takes a lot of esteem, and that takes self esteem. You learn how to discern the difference between what is acting out, and what is not. What is a spectacle? When someone provokes you into an argument and you decide not to engage. Let these pass by, gone in a moment, Im not getting attached to these things, you learn to value the power in your soul, its not worth my energy, my power.

You begin to make choices in your life, that you have a reverence, an ID, for yourself. Write down a list of all of the good things you have done, for the life that you have lived so far. The 5-6 times you have betrayed yourself. Low self esteem, sticks. But higher self esteem, does not, unless you are able to overcome to your higher truer self. Say today, ” I WILL NEVER BETRAY MYSELF AGAIN” Without self esteem, it is so hard to genuinely love another person. No matter how long it takes you, take the journey, and feel better about yourself.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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