Defy Gravity

There is pain in life, and suffering. Pain we can not avoid, there are reasons we suffer, however life is not reasonable and it never will be. Caroline Myss, takes us on a journey to defy gravity. We are essentially anchored in a belief, that justice should work for us. We want this world to be a reasonable place. Reason with, and why it is important to understand its origin. The virtue, the left and right side of our brain. Plato and Aristotle, said was it more important to defy beauty or logic, reason, philosophy. One was more intuitive, the other more reasonable. Somehow, if we ordered with the gods, we could figure out how to stop, the distinctual from happening.

The old testament, in the book of Joe. “Job In the Old Testament, a righteous man who suffered tremendous affliction yet remained faithful to his belief in God. His story is told in the book of Job. The book of Job Although the book is about Job’s suffering, it does not entirely answer the question of why Job (or any other person) might suffer pain and the loss of his family and goods.” This whimsical god, was found guilty of something, because he was a righteous man. Then, an angel comes down, to speak with him. Yahweh says to Job, “where were you when I structured the order of the universe.”

Our love affair with reason has shifted out of the soul and into the mind. The underlying ideas are that if we can relay these reasons, we can revive our health. We can not reason our way back to health. Crisis is the most of unreasonable events that will ever happen to you. However the Universe is ordered, there are reasons for why things happen as they do. Can we understand those reasons? Not all of the time. People are very comfortable talking about reincarnation these days, past lives.

Caroline says some of the readings that she has done, was not from a past life, but a life yet to be lived. The reason a person was having a particular challenge, was that it had something to do with something yet to happen in the physical world. That is a factor, that does not occur to us. We are comfortable thinking in terms of history. We are working and living in a world of simultaneous occurrences. There is karma, lives yet to be lived.

How could there just be one reason, for why things happen the way they do. Prayer is so important. “Whatever it takes.” Terminal illnesses, are terrible and if you fight through it, you are miraculous, and a miracle. Grace can come through for you at different times. These things happen to anyone and everyone. However, becoming spiritual, and reasonable, un-comfortability with yourself. Creating a rule book, people have rules for themselves, because they want life to be reasonable and controlling. Getting to know how afraid you are of letting go, is when you defy gravity. It is weightlessness, Gravitas- weight.

When you attach to something energetically, you give it weight. Energetic weight. The more weight you give, it equals an anchor, or a stability. Ways that are going to take you to the weight of these problems. Buddha would always say, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” When you begin to light up, you realize it is an impersonal universe. Nothing is personal, irrational thought. This universe, was created for living and loving yourself but knowing that you are not the center of the world. AA creates a duality, an impersonal, while being personal.

This separates the addiction, from the addict. The impersonal and the personal, but the disease behaves this way. Due to this millions of lives have been saved, this is the mentality she is referring too. Approaching the universe, that allows you to see grace in action. Totally impersonal, and personal simultaneously. The ordinary happens upon the extraordinary, all the time. Miracles, are so beautiful, if you pray, they will happen for you. They are the nature of god, in everyday action, functioning on faith. Remind yourself you are a grain of sand in a huge ocean, you bring meaning and purpose to everything, words are power. Pray as if you have respect for the sacred and for yourself. Pray with your soul. You’re going to suffer, thats life, you pray that you have the courage not to betray people, and expect your answers listened to.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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