Our Simulated Multiverse/Reality

George Noory is with Respwan Kerk, he is an entrepreneur, investor, MIT computer scientist, author, and more. We are living in a video game, as per his belief. He believes based on how we build video games, the weird parts of quantum physics, is how we render the world. Such as 3 d world views. Elon Musk, believes we are living a simulated universe. The whole idea that Respwan, got involved in this, was that he began playing a ping pong game, in the 3 d version. He tried to lean on a table, and realized he was playing in a simulation. A professor at Oxford said that its ancestors, others say it is god, or pure consciousness.

The physical world, is not the real world and there is another world beyond this. This is a probability. He believes there is a 50 percent chance. What if something was shut off instantly? NPC- none player character, they are just AI, the bank teller, the bartender. The RPG- the characters that we play, avatars within the game. What happens when you shut down the game, you are still you outside of the game. In the Matrix, they had wires connected to the backs of their brain, they would forget. Elon Musk is working on neura-links, where he wants computer chips in our brains. We are getting better at reading our brain signals.

What are quantum physicists saying about this? One major mystery is quantum interdetermincy, 50 % chance of being alive and 50% of being dead. Super position state, until it is observed. If we play a video game, we only see what is rendered on our own computers. It took the development of the physical engines, and the graphical engines, to realize we were in a virtual reality. 2k,4k,8k, how responsive is this in virtual reality? How long would it take for us to reach the simulation point. Ancient religions, and figuring out if we are in a simulated universe. Nostascism, is the key to why anybody simulated this universe in the first place.

When you have entropy it is energy winding down. Death, is the end of everything. There could be many universes, where time goes to the past, universes of immortality. Why then would this be an entropy reduction trainer for souls. We are missing the emphasis of the soul spirit, as the key to everything that is on this planet. There is a life force, and in the first law of thermodynamics, energy can not be destroyed, only transferred. Linda Moultan Howe, The soul spirit, is the consciousness relationship to the projector. Getting into the minds of anyone in this universe, is the projector, and the body containers, is living with compassion, love, sharing, no hate, no jealousy. The more war, the more jealousy and hate, the faster the world runs down with entropy. In the first matrix movie, we need some element of struggle.

When we design video games, we achieve levels, quests and difficulty, as obstacles to overcome as we level up. Science is about discovering the rules of the physical universe, matter, cannot be found, but empty space. John Weiler, says that in his life time physics went from everything must be a particle, to a wave/form, to a phase. Digital physics, one of information, conservation of information; how you cannot destroy this information. Can we control the outcome? It depends on what type of game where in? You choose a character, you are the creator of your own reality, you, yourself. Part of our plan, our story arche, we have the freedom to choose.

If Rez was to build his own matrix, he said he would give these characters all different emotions and feelings, jobs, opportunities. We are in a game where each of us has a difficulty level, how do we store that information, in that game. Machines are outside of what you can see on the screen. You download that body, you live a story line, you die, ect. Holographic , panoramic life review. In virtual reality, you can record the entire game, and replay it from different coordinates. The world is really about information, and not just physical concepts. Platos cave, 2000 years ago, and the Hindu vedas, the mayas or illusions. Phillip K Dick, gave us a speech saying we are living in a remote reality, and until some variable is altered it will not change.

Nick Herbert, said that either society with get to this point, and if it does, it will create millions of simulation. If any civilization in the galaxy, draws up these ideas, we can live in multi parallel universes. Phillip K Dicks wife, believed that after WW2, “The man in the high castle” He had memories of this other timeline. If we could not run multiple simulations on the same server. Every choice, is generated, with a new universe. What can be cloned in an instant , is information. Probable universes, and physical universes.

“The Simulated Multiverse.” His new book, is dejavu, where we feel like we have done this many times. Theresa Bullard, says why physicists believe that string theory, is the multi verse idea in science. The exact geometry, of the dimensions; 10/500 possibilities. There are all these universes, in the multi verse, even in infinite numbers. Scientists then claim, there is a fine tuning in the universe. Fine tuned for life. We are one possibility in an infancy, speculation based on assumptions. Why we might think, we might know what happens in the future, and fine tuning. The parameters in our universe are just right, if they were not the planets would fall apart, the galaxies would fall apart.


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