Introduction to Morphic Field Theory

David Wilcock, interviews one of the greatest scientists in modern history, Rupert Sheldrake, he was able to talk with him on camera. Rupert Sheldrake, has created a unified field of consciousness. David, was so excited to speak with him at this conference for the first time. When he started to talk to him about how much he knew about his work, he was blown away. By presenting the data, you will understand the theories behind everything. Morphogenetic fields, or Morphic fields. We are receiving information, that we generated ourselves, what we are not seeing is how those thoughts might be other peoples thoughts.

Our mind is drawing on some collective bank, coming from some greater pole. Scientific data, that Rupert brought to the surface. The first book he wrote was in 1981 “A new science of life.” It is the third addition, being recorded in America. The laws of nature are somewhat as if habits. The universe is evolutionary, each species in biology has a collective memory, that draws upon it. The Morphic resonance, is that the hypothesis, is in one place, can collectively be found in others, the collective unconscious. He started off at a developmental biologist. How animals and plants develop their form. Genes alone, can account for this.

A large part of inheritance, is memory. Instincts is a habitual species. The gene thing, is that people used to think all inheritance was genes, it is falling apart. Partly because of the success of the human genome project. With height, it is easy to measure height. Parents, children when they are grown, tall parents have tall children, short parents have short children. 80 percent, inheritable is height. They looked at the genes of 80,000 people, 30 genes accumulate height. They could predict the basis on peoples genes based on 5 percent.

The gap between the 5 percent and the 80 percent is the missing inheritability problem. The genes, do not explain everything. They code for amino acids and proteins. Form, is biomorphic resonance, for collective memories. These rats learn new tricks, where the same rats in other areas can learn the same things quicker. Len Marcs theory, is when the parents learn something, children can learn something easier. Morphic resonance, can explain, somewhat like telepathy, a genetic contact, is not needed. The hundred monkey story, is not scientifically reliable, its misleading in one sense.

The hundredth monkey implies that the hundredth monkey, does not do anything until the 100th. In Lial Watsons book “Life Tide” “Let us imagine for a particular day, an extra monkey, learned to wash potatoes, all the monkeys were supposed to do it.” Some versions, it ends up with sweet potatoes growing there, critical mass of the hundredth monkey. It was used in the nuclear metaphor, antinuclear movement.

What is a behavior that a rat is learning? They had to swim through a water maze. One was lit up, the other was in dim light, darkness. Electric shot, they got out of the dim exit, they were fine. It took about 250 trials before they learned how to get out of the dim exit. Then next generation 200. The next 150. Until it got down to about 25 eras, before they learned it, at Harvard. In Melvin, the were training rats with trained parents or not, they all got better.

It had nothing to do with the genes. They found all the rats, were getting better, it cant be due to modified genes. Modification of genes. William Mcdougal, was a Harvard professor, who found these results. When he started biology at Cambridge. Hidden figure puzzles , is black and white, before you get it , you cant see what it is. In this experiment the purpose of the experiment is to see, you show them the answer, you get it straight away.

Hidden images, a quick form of learning. If you see the same image 10 years later, you would get it again. How many people would get it without showing the answer. Two puzzles, on British television, before the internet came along. Tested people in Germany and the U.S. With two images, two puzzle pictures, then tested two similar groups in the same areas.

In Britain at random, one of these two pictures was selected, and then on the screen it melted into the answer, back into the image. Millions of people in Britain, got it. The control picture was not shown. The results showed that it was getting easier for people, on the second experiment, it worked better in Germany than the U.S, it was positive results.

It gets easier, to learn to do something the second time. The Binou effect, were it is easier for others to recognize it. In certain areas it was harder for them to recognize the image. IQ tests, in the 1980s’ “Presence of the Past” Rupert predicted, IQ tests would be easier to do. The average score should be getting higher. The tests were getting easier. James Flynn came along, psychologist looking at IQ tests. Spectacular results, the Flynn effect, was because of Rupert believes, was from Morphic resonance.

Where the improvement occurred was in the puzzles, that you have to figure out on the spot. It is non verbal, and solving a problem. The dumbing down of tests. Peoples grades, in schools have been going up. It is because the exams have been dumbed down, or the Flynn effect, Morphic phenomena. Ruperts book “The New Science of Life,” had to do with this idea. A girl was asked to supply a crossword, with him, publishing and controlling testers.

The test crossword was supposed to be easier with how many clues, were to be tested in 10 mins. They solved it much more easily. Reporting their experiences. Tests for Morphic resonance. Skeptics for Morphic resonance say, what if it does not happen, and what if it does happen. They all had come out with brilliant results, Rupert says they may have been brilliant to start with. His 16 year old son, did a project with him on Morphic resonance, those were the astounding results! Speaking truth to power, and giving power to the truth, disclosure.


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