Accepting Miraculous Changes

George Noory, Sits down with Dr. Harley Rotbart. He is a pediatrician, a parateen expert, a methodist and professor at The University of Maryland. He has 6 published books. His most recent book is called “No Regrets Living.” He is an inspirational writer, and was a clinician and scientist. The capacity, to create miracles is how we effect other people. How did you get involved in the field you are in today? His career as an inspirational writer, was very different than him being a clinician and scientist. Two parallel motivations, his father passed away, from pancreatic cancer. Before he was able to meet his wife, his grandkids. He was not sure what his world view was coming out of the concentration camps. There was not a lot of time to sit down and talk.

40 years ago, he took care of a child, in Philadelphia, in a coma. He was in a prolonged coma, pronounced dead; and walked out of the hospital, completely fine! Faith vs Science, Belief vs Medicine, the “No Regrets Project” that he created, was to figure out more miracles that are science based. He believes that science is evidence for god. He believes in the Big Bang, science, a lesson until it is proven wrong. He is a realist, he appreciates the scientific knowledge and what is really out there; and where there is room for god. He is firmly rooted in science, there is nothing is science that disproves, there is something greater out there.

There has to be, because there is so much we do not understand and that we have not yet understood. There is a cause and effect, action and reaction. We live in a universe where our thoughts and our collective consciousness hold together; the world that we live in. This was from an excerpt from Sacred Power. What happens or the consequences, increasing numbers of people not believing in a higher power? If you do not believe this, in the newspapers everyday we are confronted by bad news everyday. Mass shootings, holocaust’s, genocides, we are not the be all and end all. There is a combination of factors in why people do the things they do. People are desperate for an impact, if they have no other recourse to create an impact, they choose an impact that satisfies them; and then they end their own lives.

People must seek purpose in their lives. They love life, they have meaning, life, reason and they love people. Evil originates in childhood, something happens in child. There are horrible exceptions. There is a childhood opportunity to choose good or choose bad, choose helpful or choose evil. It is influenced by the household you grew up in. Miracles that Dr. Harley has seen was that a man fell down completely through a concrete 47 story building, he was pronounced dead, he now drives his kids to school in Arizona, and he is walking. That is a true miracle! He says to look out the window you are closest too, that humans have created, to see through your window that humans have created.

Well, the car. With what materials did they use to create that car? What have we as humans created. Miracles are everywhere outside of our window. A hummingbird can flap its wings 80 times per second. Harley, says this is a miracle. He also says viruses are miracles. It can infect a cell, and within a matter of a few hours, create 1 million progeny viruses, until the cell gives us, spreading to all the neighboring cells. He says, viruses are miraculous. What is the miracle to create a virus? He thinks it is miraculous how someone puts so much brain power into creating a virus. A miracle happens everyday, having a brand new day. We are all that god energy. Miracles are a part of our everyday existence, as long as we are mindful about who we are. As a physician, he is more alluded to the miracles of patients.

We are living miracles, recognizing what is outside of us as well. One of the concepts of “No Regrets Living” is the ability to heal. The legacy of medicine, and the ingenuity of science and medicine, will fix cancer in the years to come. When faced with man made disasters, somehow we have managed to overcome so many of these. He is very optimistic of humanity. His family is addicted to the Game of Thrones, TV show. He is horrified by the brief interlude, with whats going on in the screen. However, historians tell us that medieval history, was not so different from what they portray on the Game of Thrones.

In general, humanity is on an upward trajectory, looking at the big picture. When he says “No Regrets Living” he was a medical student , taking care of this 50 year old man, speaking to him about all of the things he had not been able to do. He had so many regrets. From that day on Dr. Harley, decided to never regret anything that happened in his life, and keep moving forward. The way to move forward, is to seek self forgiveness. Recognizing that the decisions that we make, the actions that we took, are living with the outcome. However, we made those decisions, we have to learn from these decisions, and learn from the past from reoccurring. Mans search for meaning, the book, was said that once we have purpose in our lives, we live longer. Scientists, says we look at the impact of learning and purpose.

We are the only species on earth, that has to seek purpose. We have to go beyond that, humans are empowered to find a purpose beyond instinct. We know the direction that we are headed. Having purpose, having direction in your life and moving forward. When you look at all of this, if you look out the window and look for a power something greater than I am, the potential for reward and punishment. A sense of reward and punishment, that we know is good or bad, the immediate sense of reward for kindness, or immediate sense of remorse or punishment for doing something bad. If we are rewarded and punished for every action we make, we would choose reward instead of punishment. Past regrets can be overcome, acknowledging the situation that we are in. The alternatives that we can change. The third key, is to heal. Healing ourselves, our patients, and our friends and family. Also, the need to heal the world, the need to heal evil. Theres a lot of evil out there, how do we prevent evil. How can we heal that kind of evil.


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