Pyramid, Stone Circles and the Pineal

Michael Tillinger, speaks about Egypt. As well as having stone ruins in South Africa; there are thousands of pyramids that cover the world. The stone circles that are in Jordan, resemble the stone circles in Southern Africa, the reason for the construction, was always the same. Iran is filled with ancient civilizations. Vaults of ancient knowledge and information, has this information. Iraq and Israel also have ancient ruins. Stone circles in Africa, very soon after seeing these, he started collected these cone shaped tools. The one item that led him to the critical discovery to ancient technology.

How this technology could be used today. As he walked through the thousands of stone circles, he realized a new body of information was released from humanity. Sound Amplified by Stimulation of Radiation, energy, SALZAR beam energy. Ed Lee-Skalnin, built a stone structure for the woman he loved, in coral castle, Florida. What he managed to do was use mysterious technology and tools, to build a huge coral castle. They were arranged into a variety of geometrical patterns and structures. He used these cone shaped tools, to levitate, Salzar beams are coherent sound, propelled beyond the speed of light.

When you look at a light laser beam, you can perceive it with our eyes. Salzar tools, look like magic. They are cone shaped technology, cone shaped technology. Funnerie cones, voice, in Egypt. Native American men would hit cone shaped tools together, to generate stones, to ring sounds. In Great Zimbabwe, they had giant cone shaped tools, facing the sky. In Australia, there are cone shaped tools, in 2014, he was given cone shaped tools, knowing the practice is still practiced. At the end of the one, you find a crystal, where our voices cast infinite amount of energy. Every sound we create, we have seen it while looking at the psylascope, propelling sound.

The sound goes into the cone, spirals speeding up the sound, until it hits hyper sound speeds, then it hits out, going into a vortex field. Vortex fields, distort gravity around them. They were used for levitation devices, cut stone, and more. We can create laser beams, we can have different Salzar beams, expose it to a prime residence frequency of that stone, to mold it and manipulate it without raising the temperature. Manipulating nature, for their own benefit. It is usually always two cone shaped tools.

The creation of Adamo, the man also was using cone shaped tools. In some instances, the look like pine cones, which could be considered to be somewhat like the pineal gland. The connection, is very important to think about, sonar energy, solar energy, the planets as well as looking into the inner and outer world, through your third eye. How you can manipulate our pineal gland, these bird beings in ancient times, where the manipulating our third eye. The all seeing eye of Horas, was supposed to be known to manipulate the third eye. Frequency and receiver is the third eye, it also has rods and cones, just like our regular eyes. It should give us the resonance of our psyche, to use it to our advantage.

These tools were used in the Sumerian Temples, in the temple of Ananah. They were very important tools, using sound to levitate these objects. Biomimicry, the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. Resonance fields, creating Salzar beams, creating vortex fields, creating a whole gravity field. Victor Rebenkoff, simply understood, the technological of bugs wings. By generating a frequency, feeding it into bugs wings, tiny cones, vibrating the sound vibration, he was able to get something to lift and levitate, faster than the speed of sound. Sound and resonance is everything in creation, for modern technology. The pineal gland, could give us super human ability, through the third eye, if you really try hard enough, you can become extremely psychic. Adams Calendar, is also something to think about, how was it created? Why were the stones placed those specific ways?


Laura Zukerman

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