The Veil Is In Your Brain

Sean Mcnamara, speaks with George Noory on Beyond Belief about the out of body experience. The physical brain has 3 pounds of matter in it, that is the veil. He began experiencing psychic abilities in his 30s. There was a personal crisis that he had, he was very religious, due to his fear of death. He had appendicitis, that was his first encounter with mortality. He was always haunted with death. He was raised catholic, he was stubborn and wanted answers for himself. In his young adulthood, he wanted to practice meditating and found some answers for himself.

His real mission was to find answers to life and death. However, he became frustrated, he realized he needed to find his own way. He was not satisfied with creating this path, he wanted to find out if any part of him would exist before he dies. George says to Sean, he is not scared of death, however, when that time comes he will be ready. For him to have an out of body experience, he needs to wait weeks for it happen. However, these techniques help him to put in the work. Sean says, no two out of body experiences are alike.

As a modern society, Sean says we need to look up to Robert Monroe. Louis Maniro, relied on his books, as well, to spread their information and books. He has a small group in Denver, that work with remote viewing. Sean says, they are all the same thing at the core. Clairvoyance, is the information coming to him while he is awake. Another world, being shown to him in another world. Time does not work in the same way in different dimensions. When practiced consistently, he really develops these abilities. Some part of him does not want to fool himself, so he shuts it down at certain points. He would teach classes on Telekinesis, and then would worry that he was going crazy, however he realizes he is not crazy.

George shows Sean the work of Teresa Bullard. Teresa says, if we widen the view of life, we must look at bigger pictures. This physical realm exists at the 144th thousand ray. As the vibration slows down from the highest spiritual force, it materializes in the physical. Everything vibrates at different frequency levels. Sean says that the different frequencies, different levels, he is going from one frequency to another. Quantum physics says mind over matter, as we influence the outcome of the events, Sean believes we are a combination of more than just a physical body and a brain. We are the television set, and the signal.

When the receiver dies the signal keeps going through space and time. It blocks a lot of the information out. Our brain as the veil serves this purpose to keep us in this form, so we make some mistakes. If we already knew everything there would be no journey. Sean says, prayer puts someone in a place, where you are reaching out to god, making requests, looking at the possibilities of life. What could you change, connecting to source, god or your higher self. It is remembering who you really are.

Can we get better with prayer? Improving our ability to pray. Todays challenge, is how much time we can dedicate everyday to meditate. There are two different types of mental states. The brain, tied into the physical body. Is there something outside of the brain? Consciousness for example? It is beyond time and space, everywhere and nowhere at the same time. A junction in some part of us, we are that but our brain is a store house for our temporary beings.

Patterns, physical, mental. It is an important part of us. When we pass over, maybe it all is to learn and expand continuously. So when, consciousness profounds into a life form, reincarnate into another form of existence. Trauma, speech in the brain becomes separated from memory. It emits communication, and it is so important to understand and speak, communicating with others. The brain has to be in a healthy state in order to communicate.

There is a whole part of ourselves that should be available, astral travel. Some children have these abilities naturally, and it stops as the brain develops. It is sometimes there before we are born. We are born with these possibilites. Who you are, in a limited way; the relationships, challenges and friendships are who you are as well. Paula Harris and Riccardo Gonzalez have done work with Sean in Denver, and he also has had some contact with none human entities. In the out of body state. Riccardo used a verification process, please verify it is you. Then they pick up on another one. He had asked for verification.

There is a telepathic thought that verifies it, and psychically inclined; he is above average psychic. So much evidence has been proven to him, that he does not need to be extremely psychic, but is unquestionable for him, that he is psychic. Teaching these people on a more alpha wave length, moving objects with their mind, relaxation, confidence and comfort.

The students who are physicists, engineers, and mathematicians, have a harder time finding the psychic connection, because they think too hard about it. If he could have students have the ability to express love. His biggest joy experiencing teaching psychic abilities is when there is a presence of love in a persons heart. We are more than just physical beings. Reminding them, we are not just one person, but spiritual love is all around us. Trust in one self, trust in life, trust in something bigger than ourselves. He says it is fun, it is entertaining and it is a mystery.


Laura Zukerman

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