Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety

Negative thoughts release mind clip audio, pertaining powerful hypnotic suggestions , free from distraction where you can relax and let go. Close your eyes, relax and let go, enjoying all the peaceful feelings that come with it. Deep breathe, inhaling and exhaling, allowing your lungs to deflate naturally. Once you have done that take in another deep breath filling your lungs, allowing that breath to slowly release gently and powerfully. Allow you’re breathing to return to normal. Close and relax your eyes, and totally relax. This is your time, where no one wants or needs anything from you. Draw your attention to various parts of your body, you can allow each part to relax, each muscle and nerve to relax.

First focusing on your fingers, hands, your wrists, your forearms and upper arms. As you think about this part of your body, be aware of any tension in those muscles, concentrating on that tension. Relaxing and releasing every nerve and fiber in these areas. Flowing away that tension, allowing the muscles to rest and release, lengthen and loosen. Concentrate on your feet, your ankles, your calfs and knees and large muscles of your thighs. Be aware of any tension in those muscles. Relax every muscle and fiber in your legs and feet, allowing all the tension to fade away. Muscles losing, lengthening. Relax and release now, legs feeling heavy as you release completely. Chest, lower back , upper back, upper chest, stomach.

All of these muscles are becoming more and more relax. Tension begins to drain away now. Now all your shoulders to sink into the frame of your body, as your sinking into relaxation. All the muscles in your neck and scalp. Releasing that tension. All muscles become more and more relaxed. Now loosing and lengthening. While you are relaxing, now use your imagination to think about a beautiful summer day, floating on a cloud so peaceful and so quiet. Feeling safe and secure, serenity and peace overcome you. Every muscle and nerve is completely relaxed as you go deeper and deeper into relaxation now. Counting down from 1-3. As the number 3 is counted, you will drift off. 1- complete relaxation, 2- head is heavy, feeling safe and secure. The subconscious mind will be, powerfully spoken words. With your thought patterns.

Let the relaxation of mind and body continue for a short while, releasing and relaxing. All paths of mind and body will become, and recognizing the emotions that come up. The more you practice listening to this audio you will learn to release your emotions. Being in full control. Focusing on your negative thinking patterns. From now on your only will experience positive thoughts and general well being. One of the first steps towards changing these negative thinking patterns, is understanding how you think right now. Black/White thinking.

Jumping to conclusions, generalization, negative thinking patterns will be banned once and for all. You will learn to put things into perspective. Be aware that thought any thought, is only a small part going on in your mind. These thoughts are only as big as the energy we put into recognizing. You decide how big the thought becomes. How much emotional energy goes into that thought.Unhelpful thinking patterns are distortions of reality. You recognize that your thinking has been negative and you are ready to be rational and calm.

Now in control, you are excited to change your negative thinking patterns into much more positive ones. When you feel yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, you will change these into positive thoughts, I will try my best, I am confident I will do really well. With practice positive and rational thoughts will come much more rationally. Self esteem, confidence and optimism will grow. Being in full control of your thinking process.

3- You feel calm and at peace, negative thoughts have drifted off. You are creating inner calmness and comfort. Returning to a peaceful mind. A welcoming of positive feelings and emotions. You are in control of your thoughts. You have the control over your mind, body and emotion. It feels right and it feels good. Your confidence and calmness will now develop in many areas of your life. Mind, body and emotion, are strengthened. Your are now on a deep and comforting change. Allowing your internal energy to be placed into positive solutions and positive thinking patterns. Much more positivity, over mind and body. Greater self control, confidence and increased self esteem. This hypnotic suggestions, will now be in your subconscious mind. Coming back now 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Eyes open when you are ready.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God on Fire ❤