How To Astral Travel

Dr. Teresa Bullard in Mystery Teachings, speaks about astral travel, while alive here on earth. Astral Travel, is about expanding our consciousness, multidimensional beings, and spiritual beings, operating this vehicle we call spiritual beings. She has learned about earliest experiences with this, when she was 3 months, she would see her flying in circles over her bed, it became a nightly routine. She then one night found her crying in her bed. When she startled awake, she did hear her crying, running into her room, she said to Teresa, do not you ever do that to me again. She smiled at just 3 months old, gave her a wink and never saw her do it again. Teresa has always had an active and conscious dream time.

However, she started again as an adult to do this. Her mother was very involved with the Monroe institute, using binaural beats, and brain wave entrainment, to travel. Laying down and floating out of body. Every time she would float out of body, she would think about it, or she would feel disoriented; snap back into her body. Modern mystery schools training, that felt relabel to her, was the best way for to astral travel. There is a whole part and art form to astral travel. It is about moving beyond our everyday reality. Moving towards our full potential and divinity. We open up our perception, to a multidimensional reality. Some people want it to explore, others are just curious. Astral travel is not to be used lightly. It is not to be used for ill intent. How would you change you life, if everything you thought , said and did was being recorded. You are recording it with your higher self, reviewing those records is how we astral travel. With that perspective we can make adjustments, with our higher self in alignment.

Many people are not aware of it, whether they remember it or not. We have this ability innate within us. We just need to remember it, and how we do it. Every night when we sleep, in the deepest parts of our deep wave sleep cycle. We reach a delta state, our higher state guides us into the higher spiritual planes, all the way up to the Akashic zone. There we record everything we thought , said and did that day. Astral- astron, star. The word was original used by the greeks, riding among the stars. The art and science, is learning how to shift beyond our body. How we perceive and assemble, shifting our perspective within our infinite spirit.

One of the biggest challenges is that we are always astral traveling, even throughout our day. Where is our mind traveling to? Are we daydreaming, or present in the here and now. If not in the here and now, are we really even here, in this physical life, or are we a projection of ourselves. How do we get our awareness into the here and now. To understand our multidimensional nature. Learning this art, we can strengthen our focus, and become clear about where we really are. With such a narrow focus, how much are we even conscious of. Five physical and five spiritual senses help this. We are multidimensional, operating on different levels and dimensions all at the same time. We have 22 archetypal extensions of ourselves. Astral traveling will help us to find ourselves, in achieving our full potential. Bringing this all into one.

Merging into aspects of our conscious experiences. One of the biggest reasons to use astral travel is to develop that multidimensionality. How do we define consciousness? A product of the brain. Existing beyond our physical body. Spirit is primary. The universal mind, has nothing to do with this physical body. The body is a vehicle, for the universal mind. When it comes to astral travel, the biggest challenges we face are the fears we have within our own minds. The myth of the silver cord. There is a silver cord, connecting us to our body, if severed, we could lose our own way. We might die, the fear is to scare people. Which is a huge disservice. We have never been born, so we can never die.

To fear that we might lose our body, is incredibly disempowering. Our mind creates this scare, to have more control. Losing control, is a big fear for many. Deep seated subconscious fears. There are guidelines we want to follow. As with all things, we must use discernment. We do not need to have a near death experience, too astral travel. Our goal is to help the people use this goal, well, and with the proper guide lines. The dos, be respectful, follow the universal laws of spirit and nature. Violating another’s will, is essentially black magic, those people who violate others, will have karma in the future. They might become unstable within their mind. If you intend to harm others, you are likely to harm yourself.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you are using spiritual tools, in certain ways you can burn out. Often, not realizing it until it is too late. There should be no ill intent, again. We should use this to be in service to the whole. Stay in the light. If you are astral traveling to the universe, be sure to travel to places with light; do not go towards black holes. Align with the light and stay focused on the light. Stay in one with our divinity. When it comes to shifting our consciousness, like attracts like, the universal law. What do you want to attract? Positive experiences, are the things that are like us at an energetic level. We draw to us the things that vibrate at the same frequency levels. It is good to get into a peaceful, positive state of being. Preparing, is three areas, our environment, body and our mind.

Our environment should be clean and organized. Our physical body, clean space and clean body. Shower or bath before hand, being relaxed and well rested. Where comfortable loose fitting clothes. Avoid caffeine, and drugs and substances. We need to in control of our mind and our body. Have a clear idea, of where we are going. It is up to us to pick the exact location of where we are going to. Create a sacred space. A tool is the circle of protection. We start with our hands in a triangle position, turning this over to the hora, breathing with Chi, tracing around the circle. Close it, and retrace the circle back at the hora, we repeat this 3 times. Establishing a circle of protection around your Chi. We need to stay focused.

Discipline our will, keeping our intention focused, sitting up with the spine somewhat straight. Bring your mind into an alpha brain wave state, by meditating for about 15 minutes before hand. Breathing in, allowing your attention to connect to the inner planes. Connect to your divinity. Allow for meditation, to be a dot on a wall. Physically using a black circle or white circle, focus on this dot. Closing and opening your eyes for 5 minutes each time. When you see the dot on the wall, hold that focus. Building focus, is an essential part to direct and control our astral travel experience.

The more you do this dot on the wall exercise, the more you can focus on this astral point. The dot on the wall within your mind, imagine the dot expanding, until it touches the edge of the wall. It now represents the veil between the physical and astral planes. Control the expansion of the dot and become familiar with a veil. 4-5 times a day, by week 3, you will be ready to astral travel. Write it down, and figure out and prepare your physical space , body and mind to begin. When your ready start with the dot on the wall, expand it, visualize it extending to a tunnel, now move through the tunnel.

When picking a destination, we can astral travel, anywhere we can imagine. A place we can navigate on a map. It has to be a specific image or relative direction. Google maps and Nasa images, can help us to where we are going. When we pass through that point, we will be able to begin. You can work with someone who is trained in this , to make it easier for you. Although you can make do this on your own free will as well. 7th spiritual dimensions, the Akashic zones, eccentric experiences of consciousness. Moving through the other layers of the veil. The three keys to heaven. Awakening those energies within you. When astral traveling, you must have a clear purpose, and attitude. Progression and service, progression and service, fulfilling our purpose and service. Connecting to a deeper reason for astral traveling. Clear intentions for our higher self and well being.


Laura Zukerman

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