Free Will and Paradigm Shifts

Damanhur, a Journey through time. Free will is sacred, no one can change our free will. When people are attending classes and going on spiritual research, they realize a master can change them, but you need to realize that your own thoughts are your own ideals. God, can not even change the free will of humans. We might be do or to think in a certain way, the last word, is ours. This power, is the only power, to awake our inner god. The possibility to enlighten ourselves, through free will, is the only way you can figure out how to come up.

Also being responsible is part of free will. Action, continuing in the action, and then transformation becoming a constant in our actions. Talking about time travel, which is the karma of an action of that. What could be beneficial for me, in this way. To improve yourself, grow spirituality, it makes things possible for a bigger reason, a bigger mission, the human man/woman kind. Time traveling is of the service of something that is bigger than you. Action of a time traveler is creating karma. The effect in the here and now, we are not changing the karma, we are creating different opportunities.

An environment that can be more welcoming. Even creating the most spiritual context, the free will is producing the karma. Actions against others, can be a disservice, but the ego can take a hold of free will. Where is the enemy? Inside of us, where there is insecurity, limitation a dark side we do not want to face, avoid or to control. How we are able to manage all of this. The direction of transformation, is not to avoid but to take it on at hand. Going against yourself, synchronicity to everything that has a meaning.

This element is important, the little things as the major things of life. Past lives, are very significant for our souls journey. This is one of the crucial things, opening many possibilities for our future lives. Spending this life in the best way that we can, spiritual awakening, spiritual values. You can either change your situation, or stay stuck. It does not matter where you are, you can always learn, change and transform. The idea that we are moving in a web of multiple possibilites, the idea of a time sphere, is to imagine a constant infinite of possibilites.

Giving us incredible power, what it means to know, to open consciousness, knowing what you desire, what is our next stop in life. The universe is the synchronicity. Free will sometimes does not agree, sometimes it does. Sometimes you need to take different directions. Through branches of time, we can reach the destination. As fast as possible, because you guide synchronicity through free will. The right situations start arriving for you. Relationships, work, career, friends, family everything. Perfect timing is when you will get everything you need. Feelings of ultimate powers, are wonderful sensations.

We can do the metamorphism in one life. If we detach, the cause effect of things, then we are starting to fly. Sometimes we have to send back people, because they are supposed to be here for a short period of time. We are all one, but we are everything in universal form. The perfect ideals for us, are very interesting. We are not moving in a neutral context. The universal form, is where we are doing things, totally absolutely against the spiritualization of the matter. We talk about this being the enemy. This is challenging because you imagine positive and negative. The white side and the black side.

It is something even more challenging to understand. The enemy is the nothingness. Whatever is going to be against evolution. We can see the manifestation in 3 steps. 1. In the nothingness, the universal form. 2. What we are containing, original sin, when we are incarnated, we are in the form, the form is the enemy, we have the company we call the enemy. 3. The agents of the enemy, individuals, civilization, these people serve to choose the distraction, instead of the creation. The same asteroid , the ending of the Atlantis civilizations. The enemy is not where we come from, the divinity, the threshold, the universal form, human divinity, here into the universal form. The enemy is not in the real, it is only in the universal form.

We get rid of the enemy when there is no more; metamorphosing ourselves. In that moment, there is no mass, no form, we are getting rid of the enemy. Spiritualized in the matter, you come back again, to transform yourself, to accumulate more experience, more information, to transform yourself. What is parallel worlds? Literally in terms of evolution, on what is being expressed, higher levels of evolution, its becoming a branch strong enough separated by time lines. Everything is going to grow, in another time line.

If you study the mayans, all of a sudden they disappear, the people who stay, are the people who lived outside of the confounds. When they are at the top of their evolution, the ancients suddenly disappear. Where did they go, into parallel worlds. To keep separate these different time lines. Almost on a limited stream of events, being connected to this. Chambers of time observation. What is needed to observe, the possibility of the perception of time. This is the chambers of observation of time. They are sometimes in the temple of human kind. According to ancient sacred geometry. The observation of what is going on, in this specific time, is going into the field that we call time.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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