Creating Heaven On Earth

Bruce Lipton, is with Gregg Braden on Missing links, speaking about the world of science. They have toured the world together, journeyed through peer reviewed science. Today they are talking about the discoveries in our lives. New discoveries, are constant, on going. The deepest truths of our existence is much more than we have been led to believe. Based upon everything how do you feel about our world today? We are in a process of evolution, moving from a non-sustainable world, to a sustainable world. However, we are in the 6th mass extinction. We have to come down on the culture, with a new one forming at the same time.

This is chaos, disablement, a new system coming together. If we waited for new ways of thinking, we have everything we already have; in order to live in this world and be sustainable. The key, is to make these new discoveries, knowledge is power. A lack of knowledge is a lack of power. We have been deprived of knowledge. Until this information comes into the public, we must present stuff at its highest level. Empowering them to make the change. Evolution, is the must primary thing in the world, if is stayed the same, it would be rapid extinction. In the mid 1800s Darwinism, and these old discoveries.

1859, he published his first book, “Origin of Species.” The foundations that society is built in, had been introduced by Charles Darwin. There is an opportunity to change the thinking. There is other options presented to them. New science is all about self empowerment. Quantum physics, the most truth to it. Consciousness is creating our life experiences. If you change your consciousness, you change your life experiences. That violence is a necessary part of our biology. These old beliefs are holding us behind. The new beliefs take us into a sense of community. Darwinian theories, are based on who is the most fit, the new biology is based on who can adapt the best, fit in the best, with others.

People coming together, sharing awareness. emergence. An electric engineering person knows specific things. Emergence, is coming together to create the image of the future. It happens on levels, within levels. The most fundamental levels, is taking nature, there is no boundary. Where does chemistry end and biology begin. As a scientist as our world mirrored on a biological level, how would our world look like today? Model society, family, populations? After what the cell is taking on? Well a cell, and a human, we see this as one entity. Cells have all of these functions, expressed in our outer world, into our inner world.

We have 50 trillion cells, in our body. They have the same needs and requirements that we have. The new science Biomimetics. It is the concept of studying science to bring new ideas to solve complex human problems. Theres 8 billion of us, 50 trillion cells inside of us. Bruce observes cells, that is what helped change his entire life. Once according to the principles, living with everything else around us. Once you live in harmony with that, a healthy human body, is a healthy community. In our world today, people are fighting each other. Autoimmune disease is self destruction.

Are society, is reflected in our inner society, affecting the human population; stop fighting each other. and there will be a doorway to happiness. Survival, what does it mean? Below our consciousness level, is the biological imperative. Every organism is a bacterium. Every organism is driven to stay alive. Why is this important? The drive to survive has been filled. If community, people are supposed to be there to lift them up. Working in harmony and working a community, that is the evolutionary end point.

Until they integrate and recognize that we are 1 community, it is not okay to be in a survival tactic technique, thriving is the way we are now living. Rejuvenate, biologically. It is not based on logic, it is the essence of who we are. When we use the adrenaline system, the military, the firemen, go into help people. This is the need the military to help when there is a threat; are we moving towards something we want to build up. The military for instance feels more fulfilled when they are helping others.

Whenever studying populations of cells, the cells as a community, has to have the basic needs met, before the other cells could move forward. When applying that idea, it is a powerful template. In the body, there is an exchange of currency. ATP. It is a unit of energy, there is no wealth in the body, until there is the basics of life, they all have a job. Now these cells can go to individual cells, holding on to energies of these cells. Everybody first has to be given the basics of life. Nerve cells have a lot more ATP. Wealth is a molecular unit, once a cell has a full compliment of money. Any extra wealth, is in the community back.

Our society is creating temporary bandages, trying to transcend the bandages, leading from the thinking to the wound. The most efficiency is the way to share this information, beyond; carrying this to the core of governments, corporations. What would be the most efficient way to get these those people. We need leaders, who understand what we are talking about. When we see the system collapsing, new leaders come in with the education of a seeding of a new system. Not dreading up the old beliefs of the past, where they do not work. This happens with young people. What they think is important, what they want us to see. We are ready for a new world, people are asking for tools, to help them to do that.

Nature is based in corporation, empowered to self regulate their own bodies. Propagating beliefs, from generation to generation. At a point, this has to stop, education is important. Getting the children to start to recognize, emphasis on education and not separation. Are evolution is the break down of barriers and borders. Communicating across global lines. “The honeymoon effect” was a book made by Bruce Lipton, what do we want that change to look like. When they meet this person that comes into this world, they are so overjoyed. Their happy, their in love. When love comes into the equation, heaven comes into the planet. We do not realize this but 95 percent of our behavior is programming. When people stop playing the program, they begin playing the honeymoon; which is the most important and happiest part of our lives. We are creating from our programs, living from wishes and desires , that is the manifestation.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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