The Vitruvian Man

What exactly Leonardo is trying to tell us? He had this strong feeling that there was a hidden encryption. Not just the merger between masculine vs female. It was something that transcends these concepts. When we look at the chemistry of our brain , the left brain thinking. Is the thinking that rationales the thinking and thought. Maybe we try to understand the rationale. Understanding this feminine aspect around rationality. We want to live in a world, that has this beautiful imagination.

To match the perimeter of the circle, to the circumference. If he where to square the circle, from an area perspective, it is way too small. Why did Leonardo, square the circle in the way he did, Encryption. Time encryption, the most powerful encryption that is today , is the one time pad. He took this concept and made this into a ratio. It is infinite, data, for us to find, to awaken. It will activate, the QR code to activate our mind, our soul and our bodies. Looking at the geometry, that our soul needs to know, with our left brain.

It is connecting us to our higher self. We are all living in a matrix of mind. We are all numbers, studying numerology or astrology, looking at this concept, we are all born at certain points for a reason. What if that number has a reciprocal value. Then, the repetition cycle have, having a repeated number infinitely.

Pattern recognition, is the most important thing of our awakening. One of things he noticed early on, was that the number 5. Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron. What is the structure of carbon? 6 electrons , 6 protons, 6 neutrons. 6 to the 3rd power is 36 to 216. 2160 degrees. Carbon being a cube. All life comes all of this, the symbol of water. It takes the shape of an Icosahedron.

This water was known by Plato. The Icosahedron, was all points, intersecting the crown chakra line. The same as the feminine. Fluid and something we are not able to get our arms around. He cut his man into 14 parts, a hidden metaphor. The story of Osiris, who slept with his brothers wife. Then neftis, was the wife of his brother set. Athena, Isis, Aphrodite, they didn’t get along, representing two areas of thought. Icosahedron, has a blue circle, matching up with the DaVinci circle. Circle, and square, at the bottom , it is very slightly larger than the square. At the top it is 7.07 inches and the base it is 7.18-7.2 inches.

Vitruvian man, inside of the Icosahedron. Leonardo, making these exact proportions, not the perfect square, made the Vitruvian man, a water barrier. Unlocking the right brain, to bring back imagination. Creators are becoming a thing. A film, from Meta, for creators. The world according to Robert J Grant, is saying the context of this world, is all about judgement. Through this separation, it is all about judgement.

Everyone one of us is equally balanced. Some people are not in touch with their dark aspects. We have to change this whole idea, on what judgement and darkness is. We are living in this world, where we can now see the age of Aquarius. It is about water, but there is so much more to this. To the square and the circle. The square is outlined with 4 pentagons, how do we close the gap?

Centering 4 pentagons, across the 4 hexagons. The 4 hexagons, are exactly the square of DaVinci. Also matching the constellation of Aquarius. When looking at the great pyramid, we look at the Vitruvian man, and the pineal gland. When placed with all of the lines, in alignment, in aligned with all of the chakra points. The throat chakra, is right where the Japanese delegation, showed that there is a chamber there.

Two new chambers are now manifesting in the outer world. Is the pyramid, are own level of consciousness, that resonates with us? Petroglyphs, telling a story of Osiris. The base story of the hero’s journey is Osiris. Recognizing patterns, to implement the hero’s journey faster. That vulnerability, is the greatest strength. 10-12-5-6 relationship all the way through, 51-84. 74×72= 7.2 inches , circles radius is 4.32, inches.

How do you crack encryption? Factor all prime numbers. All of this points us back to the icosahedron, and back to the feminine. When you realize all of these points have line intersections. That have always been there. Three dimensional view of a pentagon. Looking at this geometry actually does something to you.

Leonardo said develop your senses, learn how to see, and see how everything is affiliated with everything else. The world is reflected on what is one over you, 1 over x. Everyone, is going through some form of awakening now. The science of Leonardos message, is the radius of the circle; 4.32628 is exactly oilier, divided by pi, when doubled it is 8.64. 86400 seconds we have in a day. If we take oiler divided by pi, it gives u .865 divided by pi gives us 4.6328. Finish watching to understand more with Robert J Grant. ❤


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