Secrets To Lasting Love Connections

Marisa Peer, speaks about lasting love, and how we get these relationships to stay. There are three things that need to be maintained. Things that these three things, are that; love is not supposed to be chased after, we give love and then we receive. What is the number one blocker of love, The first one is I am not enough, I am not attractive enough, praise, convincing. You need to not have a terrible expectation, and just live everyday to the best and fullest potential.

Finding, maintaining and attracting love, showing you that I am not enough, but radiate and embody, that you are enough. You give the whole world, permission to know you are enough. They radiate, what you think about yourself. When you know you are enough, you believe it, embody it and radiate it to the world. When you find a partner who is enough, you will never want to change them. Number 2, is I want love, but it is not available to you.

Pursuing love, but it is not available to you. This is not true, love is available to everyone. Babies are born certain they want love, and that they need love. If you have an innate belief that someone is going to come, demand attention, they know they are worth your love and time. That meeting of the needs, needs to be shown through when you did have that innate belief, manifest, regenerate, and rectify that love for yourself!

When you do not meet a small child’s needs, early unmet needs are not met, if you have a need to feel loved and cared for and that is not met. This need will never be met, and this will be an unmet need. Finding someone to complete you, you are not a half, you need you to complete you; and no one but yourself. The third blocker is , I am different, so I cannot connect. We need to find connection, avoid rejection.

Here is a rule of your mind, you make your beliefs, and then you turn negativity around and make your beliefs reverse. Take a note pad, do you ever think you are not enough? Marisa asks you to put this down in a notebook, and write this down. Do you ever find love and worry, they are too good for me? Do you Diminish Praise?

You need one thing, not thin thighs, not designer outfits, you need to be love-able within yourself. This is not to say, that you cannot be or wear these beautiful things, but you need to know that you are loved inside and out. You also need to love yourself. Do you Reject Praise? Do You Diminish Yourself? Our mind must go back to what is familiar, it is running away from what is unfamiliar. You might have a problem attracting love, because you do not let in praise, you do not, believe you are enough.

If someone praises you, confidence, is really important and sexy. What you look like, is not as important as who you are. Did you have parents who couldn’t see you, for who you were. Do you think this makes you feel unlovable? The past is gone, here you are, you can change your present and future by knowing you are enough. Do you believe you have to try really hard to find love? Are you lying about who you are? You can change all of this overnight.

If you think you are not enough, you are going to change this too, I am enough. Every thought that you have that is negative, you are going to change this around to positive aspects. You are enough, you are worthy of love, and if you do not believe this; or do believe this, you will feel brave, worthwhile, take risks, go for a promotion, because you are enough! If you think a different thought, you feel a different feeling.

Tell yourself that you are deserving of love. Say I am worthy of love, because I am love-able. You can be loved, just the way you are. You will find many people who love their partners, with their flaws and all. Open your eyes, open your heart, love is all around you! “Every pan has a lid.” When you decide to know love is available, when you decide that it is available and attract it to you, you will know that you are worth it!

Follow Marisa Peer, on her website, she is an incredible therapist, who has been working for 33 years! “Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author. She has nearly three decades of experience as a therapist and has been named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine and featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors.”


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