Secrets Of The Dollar Bill

Jordan Maxwell, speaks on the power of symbols. In the dollar bill, there is value based on your physical body. Your flesh and blood body, backing up your authority, of this dollar. When you look at the front of the dollar bill, you will see serial numbers, if you look on the back of your social security card, in red, it represents your physical body, representing your blood. When you take the numbers on the social security card, and the dollar bill, it is the same sequence of numbers and letters.

Whatever, your body is worth on the New York Stock exchange. Blue, black and red. In case something happens to you, you need to have insurance. Why? Because, incase something happens to you, you need insurance. Insurance companies, are the most powerful hand behind the world of money. How we were changed over from sovereignty, man, woman and child; into a United States, citizen.

In the 1870’s when the corporations where being born, we were not a viable entity, we are a corporation, your body now becomes security for certain corporations, according to Jordan Maxwell is saying, that you are your own law. United States Corporation, not the USA. From the first to second world war, the US, went broke. The corporations had to borrow money from the British bankers. The US went to the European banking systems, asking for loans. The British bankers, said they would loan them they money.

However, we want the citizens as collateral. We are collateral for the corporations to keep going during the first world war. We still talk about the national debt. Representing the British bankers. We today are a collateral for the debt. Ultimately, the Vatican, is the dark dealings and behind the scenes, banking establishment being based on the Vatican and the history of the world. The 33rd president of the US was Harry Truman, he said the only thing that is hidden in history is the facts, who you really are, where the money really came from, and the understanding of your blood, body, collateral. International wars, they would say were good business. Fight promoters, are people who are paid to fight. Theater, is a word used in relation to a show.

The Esoteric symbols, the pyramid on the dollar bill, 13 layers, 72 stones. The pyramid has an cluing eye, not touching the pyramid. On the bottom of the dollar bill, it says Novos Ordo Seclorum. Novos is a novice, ordo- is order, and seclorum means secular. What is the new order of the world, the new world order. Based on the ancient egyptian concepts understanding the world at large. The word pyramid, is two words put together. Pyra- fire, mid- middle. The fire in the middle. When you go into restaurants you will always see males and females restrooms, there will always be male- triangle, womens- circle; the fire of sex is in the middle of the human body.

Around the pyramid on the dollar is a circle, symbolizing a sun, having to do with stone henge. The connection, is the great pyramid. The great pyramid, uses the pyramid edge, the sacred cubic. It is used in the pyramid and in stone henge. The I in the pyramid, represents the Egyptian sun god, The eagle presents the sun, 32 feathers and 33 on the other wing, they are masonic numbers. Showing that the courts are all masonic. 13 stars above the eagles head, are the stars of David, the 6 pointed star, the hexagram. The star of Saturn, is really what it is. Saturn plays a very big part, 13 arrows, 13 strips on the eagles chest.

The tale of the eagle has 9 feathers, free masonry, coming out of the Vatican, realized that there is something important about 9 feathers. Directing its flight. The knights of the temple of Solomon, the wailing wall. If you look up the Knights templar, it is the international banking, the elite. It will tell you it was founded by 9 men, and it will tell you that these 9 men, got together after the crusades. Wanting to see the holy land, protection for the Pilgrams, was performed. Or a cover story.

The real story was that they were 9 free mason, catholic, putting together a new structure for the Vatican and this control, rebuilding a new order in Europe. The eagle has always been, the symbol for the sun, because it has an eagle eye, perfectly round, seeing the sun is also perfectly round, light , intellectual, spiritually intelligent. God, is very brilliant, if you follow god, you are his pupil, following him. Old Arabic dimensions, were as such of a magic carpet.


Laura Zukerman

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