Mystical experiences, was a huge part of human nature. Hinduism, christianity, christ consciousness. The word psychedelic, was coined by mind manifesting, to fathom hell or sor angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic. Humphrey Osmond, coined the term. They have ingested these plants for years. In the 16th and 17th century, the Spanish conquistadors, used native plants for healing and divination. They brought with them, invoking spirits, looking for lost things. Women as well as men, it was shocking.

The power is given to priests who speak on behalf of god. It gives the power, to the people. In 1616 the power of plants, was death by the cruelest methods available. In 1938, a chemist for a pharmaceutical company working in Switzerland, Albert Hoffman, was when he invented LSD. Airgot, was also to manipulated in different ways. In 1943, he had a peculiar presentiment. He accidentally ingested some, and he had a really unexpected experience. April 19, 1943, he did a planned experiment, that he wanted to be extra copious, 250 micograms, he became anxious, and asked his laboratory assistant to accompany him home. “He had a feeling that time would stand still.” He said it has a deep meaning, of your consciousness, our psychic abilities are sensed. Hoffman feared that his nightmare would never end, and after a nights rest, he felt rejuvenated, refreshed.

He discovered this, in 1943, he became temporarily psychotic, in a by chemistry of psychosis. They thought it might help psychotic or schizophrenia patients, suggesting they try this compound themselves. Inducing the psychotic experience their patients were going through. To help understand and to treat. The experience, is not one of a schizophrenia. 5HTA receptor, becomes stimulated, enough it creates a receptor couple, a whole other transmitter systems, complex, a lot of oxytocin. Maternal adding of a baby, oxytocin is there. When you come away from that, it is said you come away changed. Form is emptiness, transitoriness, in all perceived phenomena. There is no enlightenment, no identity , no self, no grasping for a reference point. That was his experience, with LSD.

In 1953, Albert Huxley was giving Paoite, from Humphrey Osmond. Argord Lawson, VP of JP Morgan, met his Russian wife, while on their honeymoon, they did mushrooms together. Lawson, of Anglo-Saxon heritage, became very enlightened and wanted to know more. Could the divine mushrooms be what is the latent mysteries? Visions, effect of the mushrooms was to split the person, a kind of schizophrenia. The mind altering effects of psychedelics. Magic mushrooms. Gordon Wassan, was participating in psychedelics, trying to get these mushrooms and gave it to certain chemists to try to figure out what was in the mushrooms.

To make it so psychedelic. It was found that psilosibin was in the mushrooms, to make you have a trip, or a chemical induced difference in your brain. Wassans influence became due to, Timothy Leory, 1960 a New England square, an atheist psychologist. His first wife committed suicide, reportedly after an estranged open marriage. Leory traveled down to Mexico in 1960, he learned more about the brain, psychology and the mind. More than he had ever felt, or done research in 15 years of psychology. He went back to Harvard and was able to speak about his findings. They had given psilocybin to 20 students.

They arranged to have access to the marsh chapel, upstairs in the main chapel, was being constructed on. Reverend Howard Thermun, was the Martin Luther Kings mentor, was performing the sermon. Transcendence of time and space, unity and oneness. 9-20 students had a mystical experience and 8-9 had psilocybin. When they developed LSD, they learned that it could help psychotherapy. It was legal and available, lasting close to 30 years. Experiments were concerned to be therapeutic, the terminal cancer patient, the mentally ill and the drug addicts. LSD, is the evolutionary nature, concentrated in the brain, experienced by the person.

Man, is not just a single dimensional being in a physical body. For any turning point or with cancer patients, it has show that the treatment has helped, bring the patient back to normal. The CIA had an MK ultra program, that apparently was given LSD, as many experiences. Timothy Leary, began distributing the drug beyond his research subjects. To graduate students using it for academic purposes.

The Harvard administration found out, and dismissed him. He must have thought that these mushrooms, were different ways of thinking, acting and experiencing in different ways, in order to use your head he says you must go out of your mind. This is ultimately about thinking about human existence, and being in a peaceful place, living an uncluttered life, a human life, moving the human race, a step ahead. There was total war against, dangerous drugs, Richard Nixon in the 1970s passed the control substance act. Into a schedule one category.


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