Living Through The Golden Ratio

Mystery Teachings with Dr. Theresa Bullard, talks about breaking out of the box, of the old paradigm , moving on to linear ways of learning. To make this shift, we have to reassess, through space time, shifting our frame work and tapping into a more expansive flow of life. The pursuit of structure, grid systems have been defined; in geometry, as one of the oldest in human history. Grids form the foundation that was precision and design work, is based. The square, is vertical and horizontal lines of rows and columns that create row and columns of tiny squares. The square based grid system is the Cartesian Coordinate System.

Where the length of a square is given the value of 1 unit in space. When we extend it to 3 dimensions of space, it becomes XY and Z.0-9 and higher, 1 unit greater then the previous number. This sequential system is a way we perceive reality. It plays a fundamental role in calculus by Issac Newton and Godfried Libniz. It is to reduce a whole into separate parts. David Bohm, defies that the Cartesian Coordinate System fails at dividing the whole. Mechanist world views, it is linear, putting us and our thoughts into a box.

Limiting our ways to see holographically, and seeing the whole organism. Physical law, should be undivided wholeness. Beyond mathematics and science, it is the relationship between humans and space time. All physics has changed radically in many ways, however the Cartesian System has not changed in any way. It goes at far back as the Pythagorus Numerology. Some aspects of the Pythagorean model are really good, however, 0-9 keeps us in a limited model. Every time we hit the number 9, it is an ending.

Ordered and militaristic, keeping people in a set of rules, and boxes. Aspects of divinity, rays of creation, these numbers were never supposed to be used for a counting system. The Pythagorean number system, is cut off from our true reality. Separate parts, outside from the whole. The pythagorean number system, has become too linear and structured. They are not absolutes, they should be flexible to meet the needs at hand, if there is a better solution. Form reveals function. Another form of number systems we could use, is the Chaldean Numerology system.

It traces back to the Sumerians, 0-9, 1-8. The advantage to an 8 count system, is more of the rhythm to the soul. Eight count system, has a connectedness, a flow. The octagon, the I-Ching, the continuation of all things. The tree of life, forming an octagon, as if flows around us. It is more rhythmic and up lifting. Also Vitruvian Numerology, is based on acceleration and expansion. The rhythm that should be flowing in our lives. Vitruvian numerology is based on the Fibonacci sequence, giving us the frequency of the golden mean.

1.618… The Vitruvian man, by Leonardo Da Vinci, all expanding according the golden ratio. Two different worlds, the box and the circle, also hidden in it is the triangle. Spreading our wings, and our spirit, in the hidden triangles. Virtuous was a roman mathematician and architect living in early B.C. The architecture of a temple should be based on, working on the golden mean, and the fibonacci sequence. All of these temples, work with the golden ratio and the fibonacci sequence including The Alexandria.

The ancient Egyptians called the golden ratio, divine light, 1.618 is found all around nature, is within us. The source of all things, a singular ray, a center point for creation. It can be found in our DNA, taking the length and twist of the double helix spirals. The measurement of the spiral path of our galaxy. Through the art and science of working with fibonacci numbers, we can transform our DNA.

Replication, a pattern of progression. Energy is abundantly flowing. Paying attention to nature. Ancient initiates, Da Vinci embedded the fibonacci sequence, as the golden mean to be a defined blue print in the Vitruvian man. In our present human form, we are not there yet, we are learning to get back to that perfection. This is the key for us to attune ourself back into the golden ratio and fibonacci numbers, the perfection of the Vitruvian man.

The pentagram is made up of all the triangles, fitting perfectly into the platonic solids, the pentagram is the symbol of man, of humans. In this movement he breaks out of the box, into the circle. The hidden triangles, hold the key. Nature is showing us, the rhythm of life, the rhythm of growth. It is life enhancing. The golden ratio , is who we are. The sequence is us. Organic framework, to move beyond our limitations.

To understanding the undivided wholeness, rather than a limiting and linear logic. We can expand into the flow of expansion, excel-ration and growing to limitless potential. Becoming the basis for philosophy of life, we can make quantum leaps. 1.618 truly governs the arraignment about everything. It might be the vacuum of empty space. Within the holograms encoding levels. David Bohme believes that electrons, constitute a single structure, so that the entire universe is an unbroken whole.

The true nature of our reality is revealed. On the golden ratio, the frequency of spirit. Reflected everywhere around us , and within us. We now need to make a fundamental shift in our paradigm. In space time and the flow of life. To make order, and sense of our lives and the universe. Vitruvian numerology, is about the heart, taking leaps of faith in life, awareness to be what is to be in the Vitruvian rhythm. A resonate system, this extra system and push at the right time and resonance. How can we shift into living life alive.

Exercising is to entrain our heart, into the workings of tapping. Also identifying our Vitruvian number. The electrical impulses, the frequencies of the brain, sound frequencies. 0-3 delta 3-8 theta 8-13 alpha beta, is the fully awake state, awaken at 13 hertz. What do we need to become fully awakened. The number 13, is the shift into awakening. Identifying your number based on Pythagorean numerology , reduced down to 1-9. My personal Pythagorean number, just like Theresa, is 7. What do we need to do, to take these numbers and bring them into our life. To attune and evoke shifts, shifting into an awakening. Bringing this number, into our lives as many ways as we can.

When we attune to the fibonacci rhythm, we will shift the frequency, of our human collective. Transitioning into a new structure, new numerology system. One that fits with a quantum world view. Keep moving, with the rhythm of our soul, to the universe, to get there we must leap. Have passion, live without regrets. As we move, we are moving creation, and taking this to the next level. Are formula for growth. The new paradigm is here, it is up to us how to live it. Make a shift, to take leaps in life, rather than staying stuck. Tapping into the keys for unlimited potential. Start living this pattern and map, everyday. Let the numerology, bring you to light, take leaps and open your heart up to new opportunities.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God on Fire ❤