Clearing Karmic Debt

George Noory, Hosting Beyond Belief, interviews Bruce Goldberg. Bruce has advanced degrees, in dentistry, and a masters in psychology. He is the author of 21 books, translated into 21 languages worldwide. He has conducted past life regressions. Hypnotherapy and reincarnation. While he was in dental school, he did it full time, had a part time practice in therapy. He was interviewing with local radio and television, he has been doing this for 45 years.

His whole life has been based on psychic empowerment. He developed something that was more empowering to him, and to the universe. Attaining their own karmic growth. Ascension, what is it? Why are we here. We are here because of perfecting our soul. Rejoining the origins for where we came. The karma from past lives, failing lessons, the point is we did not learn all of our lessons, and that is why we are still here. Our soul has a debt, the purpose of ascension, is known as the super conscious mind, the higher self.

When perfecting the soul, we go to the soul plane, where we can ascend, the energy complex, from where we came. How many people have had past lives. How do you wipe out those debts. The universal law, the principle of forgiveness. All the previous tests become wiped out. You must act to the higher self, in order to achieve this. Radiating the frequency, the waves and energy, coming with atonement and then going to the soul plane and ascend. You go through the different dimensions. Thunder is the sound of the earth plane.

You do not want to do this during a thunderstorm. Beyond the physical plane, is the astral plane. The raw of the sea, the lower astral plane, and the upper astral plane, working with your higher self. Then the causal plane, the tinkling of bells, the Akasha information. The mental plane, running water, masters hang out. The etheric plane, the largest of all the dimensions, the etheric plane surges, if you have an incurable disease, they can operate on your disease. The etheric body, is exactly identical, to the human body.

When they return to the physical body, curing the physical body. The first 5 dimensions, represent the Karmic cycle. The other ones, are soul planes. It is not the higher planes, nor the lower planes. Everyone goes through the soul plane. There are floating heads, choosing your next life. If you are ready to ascend, you shed that body, you are pure energy, you go into the higher planes. The god energy complex, heaven or nirvana, the eternal now, the ultimate goal is to ascend.

At the moment of death, you usually die in fear. Conscious dying, is merging with the higher self at the moment of death. The soul is merging with the perfect part of your soul. You can reincarnate into a really spiritual life. You train yourself, to merge with your higher self at the moment of death, conscious out of body experience. When he works with people with conscious dying techniques, the mechanism, when you lose a loved one, they are struggling, panicking. What happens is they see a loved one, saying help me, help me.

They are psychically attacking them, with negative energy, bereavement, depression. With one specific experience a women lost her husband. She ended up not experiencing bereavement. She is sending the soul of her husband, to the higher astral plane. When you start to knock out these debts, you are erasing it to a higher level, you become ready for ascension. He is able to psychically figure out peoples future lives.

Must we reincarnate to ascend? With this ascension? How do you grow, to access and connect to the super conscious mind. The super conscious mind tap. It trains you to connect with your higher self. Do you get better with each life? Bereavement, is fear, people worry about their own mortality too. If you overcome fear, you are ready to ascend. However, you should never commit suicide to ascend. One of these cases, was Valerie, she loved her mother, was very close with her. Bruce takes her into the future, and she nags her mother to go to the doctor, the mother does not want to do it. They find out these two issues, if she had not done the surgeries, she would have died. She helped her mother, ascension can save someones life.

Hypnosis and meditation are both alpha brain waves, just different techniques. Forbidden knowledge, when the student is ready, the teacher will be there. Not everyone can be saved. However, when people die, crossing into spirit, you are on the soul plane, the karmic cycle, your higher self is with you. You choose the frame work of your life. You choose an incident, it is your free will. Age progression, you earned that, it is part of your karmic debts. You have to learn to grow with it to wipe out from the karmic debt.

Astral projection, OOB and then OB. The rem cycle, all of your dream cycles are out of body experiences. We go out of the body, every night. Remembering it consciously becomes more difficult. The fifth dimension, is anything beyond the 3 dimensional world, time is the forth dimension, anything beyond time is the 5th dimension, you are an ultra terrestrial. Parallel universes, is the 5th dimension mentality. In order to see a 5th dimensional being, you must be in that state of being. Dopplegangers, astral bodies, concentrating the astral matter, that people can see it. The physical body was in NYC, the doppleganger was in Toronto.

In England they have the parliament, a man was very sick, on his death bed. In parliament, he was casting the vote, this was in 1905. One of the people who witnessed him became the prime minister of Great Britain. In 1948, fast forward to 1955, and now he has a chance to go to the grand canyon, takes pictures, he goes to see a travel log film store, he rents one, he sees himself in the 1948 grand canyon pictures, that is teleportation. Temple of Dendorah, and the UFO’S, examples of forbidden archeology, this was teleportation.

Conscious out of body experiences, is the alpha level being accessed. Merging with your higher self, at the soul plane, if everything is go, you can ascend, or stay as a spirit guide. When people get ill, you go out of body a lot. The benefit of going out of the body, is creativity, writing, painting, astral negotiation, you can work things out on the astral upper plane. Summing the soul of the person you are having problems with. When they wake up the following morning, you will remember the previous night. You can contact lost relatives, go into parallel universes, when you are out of the body, you are in the 5th dimension. When you are in the astral plane, it comes from the god energy complex, there is no dimensions or ego, to bother you. Eliminating all defenses. Going through the spiritual body, to ascend, 5th dimensional.

Where does energy healing fit into all of this? Emotional, physical and spiritual. If your in pain, the more you can heal yourself, the more you can connect with your higher self. Not only do you have a better life, you have more confidence. Healing is part of the cleansing process. The emotional and the spiritual. You are higher self introduces you to spirit guides, a chemist guide, a biochemical problem. The spirit guide will heal the relationships from problems. Your higher self is physically, raising the souls frequency, vibration. Go to his website!! You can do hypnotherapy with him!!


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