Shifting Subtle Energies

Dr. Lee Holden, on Gaia, you must watch this specific video. Speaks on the ability to move the mind, you shift the flow of energy that changes reality. Gathering the eternal elixir, to magnet energy, causing effects that shift the whole system. When you have the possibility to move your mind, you can change your whole reality. When Sergie, does the training with these men and women, he shows the ability to use energies that can change your whole mind and body.

We used to have technology wires using invisible energies. These ancient technologies, use these technologies in so profound ways. In martial and healing arts. Bing, doing martial arts and Ming, using healing arts, vibration, sound healing. Theres a lot of stuff that come from these healing arts, it starts with shamanism and witchcraft, paganism, these ancient cultures; evoking the forces of nature. Bringing this in to applicable practices.

Some of these books, documenting, and this became an energetic science. The 5 elements system comes out of these cultures. Bing in action, beings talking about the physical sensation of listening to someones energy. A physical practice, to a more distance practice. Effortless power, is the energy these strong forces, that become pushed, with directed energy. When you’re working with a martial artist at this skill level, it is a very powerful wave.

It is somewhat like fighting a wave in the ocean, this energy is such as water power. They are so powerful, however, soft. When working with an energy master, you could get knocked over. This is due to the extreme energy that comes inside of your body. When he making contact with his apponent, it creates a spiral or a vortex, to knock him down. This is more and more subtle energy, building it up and letting it release.

It is called coiling, or quailing. Mings opponent, is a large Russian soldier, he is being pushed over through energy. It is remarkable. These seeds of potential become ignited, you can overcome your adversities, using your mind; your energy, overcoming what you think might be impossible. Ming, is from china, and he is the sound healer. When you think of music, it moves you emotionally. Sound has a healing vibration.

He will be explaining aura, energy field, specific points. The vibrational healing creates auras in the physical body and then the mental body. How to tune up, the mind body and the harmonious vibration. When the energy becomes weak, we have many problems, you use certain mantras, to activate the internal energy systems as well as the outer energy systems. It absolves energy, you being to feel strongly, mentally, relaxed and receptive. That was an incredible, feeling of energy, moving through the whole system. Your body, your mind and your emotions are energy. Ming is incredible. I would say please watch this video, you will never feel the same. David says, what your mind brings into placebo, can become this energy, as your medicine. You really do not need medicine, if you have the ability to heal your body and your mind, one flowing into the other.


Laura Zukerman

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