What it Means to be a Conscious Being

Who are you, or what are you. Randy Veitenheimer, deals with the idea of consciousness. He hopes, this will help remove blocks, getting you back to where you are. What is consciousness, the greatest thing about being human is consciousness. It is awareness of ones self existence, and the existence is self. The duality. Human consciousness, said by Freud, breaking down the consciousness into three layers. The alert, the subconscious and the unconsciousness. In his opinion it is homogenous. When dealing with human consciousness, we deal with it as an integrated part of human knowledge.

What does it mean to be human and share a collective consciousness. Group consciousness, religion, family, creative, tribal. All aspects of what it means to be human. As a human you are human as a species and as an individual. Acupuncture, when you stick the needle onto one of the energy flows of the body, you change the energy points of the body, sticking up into your etheric field. Allowing it be flow around you. Your ability to use your touch, but the message of contact and transfer is your etheric field.

The next level of advancement, it to touch one level on the human body, and energizing the whole system. You are an energy field, a morphemic field, collective consciousness, an energy field. The human energy field has a physicality to it. It extends out ideally to 9 feet, the limit of your own consciousness. The energy shown down in physics, is extra transformational information flows. They are processed differently. Morphic fields, a body of information, that can have a colossal barrier around it. Some of the information, is massive. Over thousands of years.

We touch upon this, until we decide to except the information, and to explore it. We can expand out to hundreds and thousands of feet. We can integrate with them, synchronize with them. We utilize this information, as our experience as human beings. Extra dimensional interactions that affect us, at all times. I am anything but your name, you are exhibiting participatory consciousness, information.

On who you are and what you are. We identify as a group, a nation an organization. Eventually we get to creative consciousness. Ability, to express ourselves to a greater state of being. The study of human consciousness is a mental and intellectual exercise. Knowledge, is through another teacher Yogi Bachan, came to the United States to teach Kundalini yoga. The idea, of physicality, open ending, the ability to allow you to move upward in your level of consciousness.

All of this information has to come from a different place, that is inside of you. The physicality of everything you do in your every day life. The 0 reality, the emotions. The number 1 reality, has an energetic level. Thinking all day long will also wear you at. We want to integrate all of this, and not be tired out. Kundalini yoga, has the work of the imagination, but also the physicality. Hatha yoga, also the same desired outcome, to achieve interchangeable levels of energy.

Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, By Yogi Bazon. The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali is a collection of Sanskrit sutras on the theory and practice of yoga – 195 sutras and 196 sutras. The Yoga Sutras was compiled in the early centuries CE, by the sage Patanjali in India who synthesized and organized knowledge about yoga from much older traditions.Recognize the other person as you, number 1, for the consciousness encompasses the ideal of everyones consciousness, still to be accepted. There is a way through every block.

Recognizing the paths we need to move forward 2, the third to start doing something and stop thinking, stop feeling, making an action 3, Understanding through compassion, dealing with the ego, and needing to know the truth, 4. Vibrate the cosmos, when vibrating the consciousness, you vibrate the cosmos. You are changing your environment, changing everyone you relate to and interact with. Values, and timelines for when we experience consciousness.

Astrologers say every 2,000 years we are completing a new age. Each age has its own theme, its own axiom. Aquarian consciousness, takes you inside your soul. Dr. David Hawkins, delineated human awareness into human consciousness. Power vs Force, these were things that Randy had been studying, this was laid out in a way he could explore it and understand it. Every human experiences in the course of their life.

Consolidating these ideas, and expanding them, by making them relate. To all the different ideals and levels of consciousness. When it all comes together, is the realization. When Dr David Hawkins, laid out the levels of consciousness, he was giving guide lines, each level was to be studied and understood. Relating to everyday life. Working out of a new level of consciousness. Consciousness is interactive, in between. Power vs Force, studying the levels of consciousness, is the energy crisis, that going over a 200 level, it distracts you, taking energy away from you.

At 200 the level of consciousness is to advance yourself, accept yourself. Rupert Sheldrake talks about, accepting the consciousness of other living beings. Until you find the courage to be yourself, you will always be a victim of the environment and in the universe. Courage and acceptance, allows the whole universe to be accepting of you. Rupert Sheldrake also wrote a book called letting go, this is based on the value and existence, no longer serves you. To integrate, synchronize and act out of the levels of consciousness. On the path, is to move forward. Understanding this leads to healing.


Laura Zukerman

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