The Physiology of Chi

Lee Adams works with a Sifu Master, David and also speaks about, Chinese medicine. He says it is very cultivated in the secret teachings, the energy paradigms, the physiology in the systems. Sifu, chi sending energy through a patients body, he described it; the patient as getting acupuncture. This tradition was called the lightning practice. What is chi, it is life force force energy, it is electricity that gives power to every aspect of ourselves. It is what keeps us in harmony. It is a cultivation and energy practices that many of these people have. To be able to capture this on film is really rare, the healing, the practice, the shamanism, the whole experience of getting bad energy, dark energy , negative energy out of your system.

Watching these videos, it is remarkable seeing these people transform through just one session. It really shifts your entire perspective of the world, more powerful than you could every experience. When you feel this, it is ten times more. This master teacher was Shaolin trained. This man, says that that it all goes back to Dharma. The Buddha represents the markings on his chest, the power is visionary. Fully embodied, and evoking this moment where he can see, the knowledge. There are very few people who open these energies, if you use these techniques, you are able to trigger this powers out of you. Embodiment, of the manuscript. First the light has to appear, the point of light, you need to pull it in and then learn to manage it.

Sifu, the master doing the projections, did not want to be filmed because he was worried. Then, one morning he got him to say yes, they were available to film. It shows the patients coming in over a period of a week or two, seeing how the energy shift happens. When you are blocked the energy will not go through your body, but when you feel the energy, you feel it through your body, pulsating down towards your feet. With his energy, he will power up your system, and feel more alive. The master first takes your pulse, in traditional Chinese medicine.

The art of preventing disease and prolonging life. He says, he has never experienced everything like this before. After the culture of medicine and movement changed. This Master, is very familiar, with the Chi gong practices and how the mind and body works. It unblocks the channels, aligns the chakras. Modulating the current flows. This healing power is so profound in terms of healing sensations.

The potential for danger with chi, is fixing the problem before it arrives. These pathways are called meridians, they open up and flow into different parts of these meridians. Chinese medicine, is defined on preventing disease before it arises. Is all of this blocked, stagnant, pulsating. Tongue diagnosis- is the map of the body. Is there too much water, too much dry, too much dampness.

Clearing out the dampness, so that the chi circulates smoothly. You breathe deeply, with the energy that he gives you, and you keep breathing really deeply and releasing, to move the energy into the body. You channel a universal energy, through this vessel. One of the men doing the Chi says, it was so powerful, so gentle at the same time. An overwhelming feeling of compassion and physicality and objectively, felt like spiritual lightning. He says, Tapping into the human potential, getting a first hand account of someone who is trained, so well. That level of ability and cultivation is really rare.

David explains the depth and the practice behind the energy cultivation, he described the light as looking into the mirror of the luminosity of your mind. The mind, body connection is a cultivation so strong. In all the cultures he traveled he found this reoccurring theme. He said the kings and the gods, the Tundra, In buddha, the chakra, the eight thunder gods. He said meeting these people, were people like you and I.

However, they weld this culture, and they have a bunch of different commonalities. You never know when the divine grace, is going to step in. How do you sustain that energy, it is something from complete surrender of the universe and the nature of this beautiful world. Have determined practice, nature takes the seed, the roots grow, coming into the light. Facilitating these things, to keep moving forward into the light, and the process is a beautiful one.


Laura Zukerman

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