The Fullness of Space

Nassim Haramein, speaks on Quantitative thought, Many people believe space is empty, the fullness of space and the understanding of physics and the universe. What is space, it is everywhere, atoms are mostly made out of space, electronic field that is static, solid, vacuum fluctuation in physics, the energy in the space. The vacuum fluctuation, is the energy that would still be there when removing all the molecules in a vacuum chamber. It occurs in all conditions. Everywhere. Whether we are talking about intergalactic space, space at the molecular structure, the space between atoms, particles, all of the space is formed with electromagnetic fluctuation.

When Paul Dirac, wrote the quantum equation as a theoretical physicist, particles in and out of our reality in and out continuously. Popping and out of our reality, virtually. The Dirac C. They were virtual particles, they are real particles, just for a short amount of time, these fluctuations are emerged from quantum theory. This fluctuation of the vacuum, is Frances Higgs, for the Higgs Boson, Higgs interaction, Higgs field. The basis of mass, emergent of mass. It really is omnipresent, as well becoming more and more utilized in physics, at the cosmological level, when we look at black wholes and there dynamics.

Particles are not nothing, there is alway electromagnetic fluctuation. Of the vacuum at the quantum scale has been deemed 0. energy. Fluctuation, stopping from being the vacuum. This is significant because it is everywhere, fluctuating, this energy is everywhere. The energy of mass, gravity, dynamic of our universe, creation ect, we realize there is a source of energy that is already present, that source could be the source of everything. The vacuum fluctuations are able to produce what we call our material world. This vacuum fluctuations, were thought to be completely random, they made be polarized, organized in certain ways. Producing what we call matter, as matter gets together, the organization of this information field, could become something that we understand could be awareness or consciousness.

The Casimir Effect- we could get the vacuum to pump or push Casimir plates, in what is called the casimir effect. Extracting tons of energy. We are talking vacuums inside of you, you are made of molecules, atoms, 99.9999 percent you, is fluctuating as well. This is not random, it is all connected, interconnected through time, space, math. Stochastic, has random probability, where the ether, can not be seen, the region where matter emerges. Blackholes, may be the source of the material world, the energy that is equal to mass, the structure of reality. Randomness may only be an artifact of a sample you are looking at.

You look at something as a complete mess, not seeing a pattern, closely not seeing a pattern. When you get more of a field of vision, you begin to see patterns, a beautiful design, the colors, this sequential incredible probe. If we looked big enough, we might find order, in something as large as a universe. Cosmological scales, super clusters, organizations, huge ochtahedron, tetrahedron, when the structure is organized, we see this as our reality.

We realize that all of reality is part of one thing, that is organized by the structure of angular momentum, the geometry of the field. If there is energy there, it has an infinite potential. A source of energy, infinite potential for humanity. Something that could be thought of as gravity control. We are all bathing in this infinite level of energy. We are discovering that this vacuum energy is everywhere, producing everything. Maybe we could become vacuum engineers. If we are successful at this, the implications could be amazing.

Our body is made of this field of energy, atoms, molecules, cells, this field is flowing in and out of the human body, when flowing out its thermodynamics, when flowing in, it is thoughts. The energy that propels you throughout the day. Becoming aware of this energy, allows you therefore, to interact with it, you feel more energized, aligned, empathy, you feel nature, oneness with the world and space. Instead of isolated you feel unified with the universe, a sense of connection, that could lead you to incredible discoveries and a sense of wellness that could be so transformative in your life. It is rapidly arriving to a place, that the source could be everything, we are finally getting there, we are interact with it, in a completely different way.

The separation we experience , we interact with space, electromagnetic fields, all ones we are not fully aware of. Also our bodily functions, that are always happening, our breathing, our heart beating ect. We are deeper and complexities and depth, emerge from these mechanics of the physical world emerging. Truth seekers say that there are material things and there are spiritual things, well this is not just fragmentation.

It is different dimensions. Flowing through us. Infinite division, everything having infinite in it, saying I is a bit confusing. What do you mean I you, or all of your atoms, or one , oneness with the world. You cant find the end of I , you can divide it through infinite possibilites. Infinite potential. At the deepest level who are you, as a whole individualized as you. One scale of you is I. There are so many other dimensions , depths, that could I as well. Living in so many different forms. How the physical world emerged. Separation of fragmentation, isolation and conceptualization.


Laura Zukerman

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