The Science of Unified Universes

The science of a unified universe, is a scientific solution that can holistically defined rather than compartmentalizing, all forces. Modern physics has a fragmented view of our universe, a set of an equation, a set of understanding describing the big and large things. It must be a unified understanding of physics out there. In ancient knowledge, it was in one principle, that at the base of creation there was fundamental energy, it was the source of all creation. At the base of all the physics, forces, all quantum mechanics, quantum realms, dimensions as well as more. Losing the connection to all of the pieces of the puzzle, how does cosmology affect biology? How does Quantum theory effect Quantum mechanics?

Having a unified view, is what needs to be related, or unified. When we see natural existence in the order of existence, we need to find the point of unification. Ancient civilization had a fundamental understanding of the forces of nature. Space time, is an energy that connects everything. Space is full, not empty. The space that contains the stuff, is not separate, but emerges from the energy in space, the matter, the black matter. The ether. At the base of modern physics we are not sure where these forces come from. The Big Bang, the emergence of space time, a big whole in our understanding.

Writing modern physics, and what is producing all of this? Solving quantum equations, there are infinite amounts of possibilites, vacuum fluctuations, which really mean a ridiculous amount of equations, energy, and 10 to the 93 centimeters cubed. It is enormous. It is more than if we take all the stars, galaxies and planets in the universe. When added this all up in quantum field theory, there is an infinite, fundamental source of creation. In certain words or tradition, it could be called god. The fluctuation of this energy, is actual the result of all things in the universe, interacting with each other. The source, of everything interacting with each other. The whole thing, is one thing.

We start to become and understand a unified view, of this fundamental concept. Analyzing this system, in physics, we create a view, that is very artificial. Relative to the universe, contrary, universe producing order. 30-40 trillion cells in a human being, divide at the rate of 2.5 cells per second with millions and billions of chemical cells per second, Fahrenheit, temperature of the chemistry of your body; a lot of evidence of order. Ether in ancient concepts, fluid dynamics, it is used by mutant to describe gravity.

James Maxwell said that this was Michelson and Morley’s interferometer, was supposed to describe the ether, in the universe. The extra energy, that was being built up. They would not be able to detect an ether that was at the bronze scale, it is billions and billions of times smaller than the atom. Frame Dragging, is an effect on space time, Albert Einsteins idea of stationary fields, but the masses causing that field are non static and are causing this for instance. They measured this with a laser, to a satellite in orbit, so that there would be enough distance, the ether was removed, and the frame dragging was never unified with the ether. The drag of the ether, frame dragging that has been measured in space time, maybe the drag of the ether that we are measuring.

Gravity being the curvature of space, and ether and space time, matter as well, all looking at the same thing. 99.99 on going and on going space. 0.001 percent difference. The stuff that is not the space, is electrostatic fields interacting, it is all space. It is all ether. Fluctuations at the quantum scale, at the source of everything, is being isolated from mass, gravity and electromagnetic fields. We have solved these equations now. For masses, charges, gravity all things we see in the universe, galaxies, clusters, stars. The center is that there is no difference between these things. All intertwined, dynamically.

Representation of the double split experiment, in Copenhagen interpretation. By Neils Bohr, a quantum particle does not stay in one place, it is only when observed that it irritates the particle. When not looked at, it will stay stagnant. If you shoot one particle at a slit, it will make dots, and then two particles it will make waves and lines. When moving a particle, you are creating different dimensions. Theory that was called the pilot wave theory. Little beads of silicon, being shot at one slit, and then another, you will get all of the same results, when waves and particles interfere with each other.

Quantum tunneling, can also be described through how the particle wave theory is full. It leads to a better understanding, to how consciousness, and awareness, is influencing everything, and everything is influencing, all influencing the fundamental field. Modifying things, continuum. The foundation of mass, electromagnetism, gravity and so on. Fragmented and being put back together. All at the leading of relativity, Black Matter, the filament of a lightbulb. Classical Theory, to describe the temperature, the heat, the radiation, the heat, emoting an infinite amount of radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum. All objects emit energy in the form of radiation, a black body, will reflect or transmit none.

A perfect absorber, a perfect emitter, over all wave lengths. Radiation is quantized, coming off in little packets. Einstein used this to describe the photo electric effect. This whole part of physics, is independently, what is Einsteins equation for general relativity. Far from the black body emission of radiation of theory. At the cosmological level, space time can make objects , black wholes, a region of space in which the density is so high that light cannot emerge from it and everything is absorbed. Just like a black body. When the black whole absorbs, it radiates and heats as well. Einstein did not believe they would have existed until John Wheeler, coined this term.

If science was not fragmented, the two phenomenas, would be put together, then maybe the quantum world would be made to think that subatomic particles are minuet black wholes. Fragmented physics can lead to fragmented thoughts about our universe. Between the small and the big. The common thread, is when looking at the dynamics of the world, we are just looking at the whole universe, the ether, energetic particles, controlling one another, but coming out all on the same size, the center of singularity, it could be big or small vortexes. Sub atomic particles. All ether spinning. Completely transforming our energy resources on our planet, some of these larger problems with the environment, the world, each other and the universe as a whole.


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