The Human Riddle of Life And Its Transparencies

What if your highest potential lies dormant within your body? Ben Stewart, is talking about the human riddle, the human species is a mystery to us. We are still not agreeing on what consciousness truly is. The very answer we are using to answer these questions are technologies, peering back into ourselves. The human body, that speaks to us, through human behavior, our spirit, not directly speaking through the body; but the mind as well. This language of the body, and what it truly means is seeking the answers to our own existence. Our body is always speaking with us, chemical messengers, electromagnetic impulses, behaviors and movements that are displayed. We outsource, our questions, to the doctors, scientists. The general whole is only looking at the numbers, not the actual human geographical communicative, riddle. Neil Cramer says the physical world, is a phantom, and that nothing can be taken at face value. The essence of life is mysterious.

The mystery is the teacher. The mind can be programmed by ourselves more accurately and more openly. If you were to open up the body, looking at everything in the body harmoniously, we could figure that we are choosing every decision we are making in these life forms. What do all of these components have in common in our body? Chemical compounds. Chemical compounds, fit into receptor sights, that only allow certain chemical compounds in, allowing and unlocking biological processes in us. every one of them as an atomic weight, or a pitch or tone that they hit. They are structurally bound to one another, music, to the bodies rhythm, that is why we synchronize with binaural beats.

We have stresses everyday that we have to deal with and cope with, but these are perceptions that can stress us and make us ill. How do perceptions really effect our body. In the film emotion, they say that an emotion component can be triggered. The brain working in pictures has a sensory impact. A sound that sounds dangerous, will respond to an emotional molecule. It forms truths about these memories or these experiences. Based on these thoughts, we generate the emotions to match that or those thought. If not living in our full potential, our immune system becomes compromised. Adrenaline glands, pump out adrenaline, shutting down all biological processes for us to fight or flight. The response to anything extreme happening.

Deeply looking into the body, all of the adrenaline begins to move itself, into the tissues, into the bladder, where it can be eliminated from the body. Bradford Keeney anthropologist- wrote a book, that was about shaking animals or tremor-ring people, finding a holy unit to themselves, altering there states of consciousness. Bringing back information for the healing of their community. Modern exercise today, show that intelligence, hijacks or intelligence response, to a healing response. What is the idea for special practices?

Ben Stewart says it is because we come from a sedentary society. Our environmental is flat, and we barely move in it, we need to get out more. Dr. Steven Mann said- children and adolescents or teenagers might have shorter lives than there parents, because they do not pertain in enough outdoor activities, or work out enough. This is because we are stuck to the internet. The body can influence are true potential. Amy Cuddy, did a ted talk about how hold our posture. When you stretch, it alleviates your posture. Changing your entire chemical compound. Testosterone raises, and cortisol, lowers, the stress hormone. Botox, the injectable toxin that is being called an anti anxiety or anti depressant. This toxin can paralyze key facial muscles. They have difficulty showing emotions.

Missing links, with Greg Braden, is saying that as you are dealing with what you desire, and also feeling as if that outcome is already present in your life. If you are asking for it to be present, it is not present now. If you complete gratitude, you claim your gratitude, taking yourself to new heights and new dimensions. Our inner nature knows that we are the change we want to see in the world, do not wish for it, be it, live it, and love yourself. Modern Society today, is pushing us out of our habitats. People become domesticated, what are we losing? Are we experiencing a mass forgetting? A collective Amnesia.

The body is speaking to us, spirit is speaking to us. If we forget how to use it, then we forget how to tap into the scriptures of our ancestors. Should we throw away all of our advancements? Definitely not. That would be insane, there needs to be an honorary system of nature and technology and having a balance between the two. Chris Kresser said roughly 5 percent of our DNA has updated since hunter gather times. We need to respect ourselves, where we come from. If we do this, we will be able to listen to spirit speaking to us. Advice from Ben Stewart, is to mediate on a daily basis, you will have linked your body and mind. To discover, our deepest human potential.


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