The Bigger Picture of Life and How Important it is to Appreciate Every Waking Moment.

What does human potential look like on a global scale. Julian Margolis said small gestures, have a big impact. Ben Stewart, takes on a journey of this. Since 1978, we have effectively destroyed 3000 square miles of the amazon rain forest alone, one of the most biologically diverse eco-systems on the planet. That is the size of Argentina or Malaise, combined. 70 percent, of these crops have been lost. Which means that 70 percent of this planet will go extinct if the temperature rises 5 degrees Celsius. Since modern humans have come online in 150-200 years, its a fraction, 1 percent of that time, we have created the 1 percent of ecological destruction. In the past 25 years, we have destroyed 1/10 of the wilderness on this planet. There are big questions we need to ask ourselves as a species.

Why are we doing the things we are doing? What are doing here? On wellbeing, Mysticism and Religious beliefs, Dr. David Hubbard, is saying cheap energy sources, is coming from outside natural energy systems, fossil fuels. The only people who could live the live we live now, are the rich. The rest of the society is now suffering or was suffering from starvation. When getting into the ecological principle, you change the balance, the homeostasis of that balance, that system. One problem can ripple out through many systems, rippling out a butterfly effect. Dynamics Systems theory, is the little things adding up, in dynamic systems changing in different ways. Trillions of cells in our body, that are ours. Or the trillions of cells that are the bacteria, the environmental impacts on who we are.

Entire species , bigger picture 7 billion people on this planet. If one human being is so dynamic, what about 7 billion. Macroscopic dynamic systems are easier to predict than microscopic. Take the seasons, you know when they will happen. However, you will never what the weather will be 3 years from now. In childhood development, you know when the child will hit puberty, hitting 21 ect. However, you wont understand their personality right off the bat. Today we live in an interconnected society. So we can all speak this universal language. Things that are radical and new, can be shared thanks to the internet.

Arch-buchminster Fuller, said over time we double our universal or global knowledge. Every 13 hours, we are doubling our knowledge, when in 1900 it would have taken so much longer to get to this technical advancement. We need to bring in a sustainable and healthy relationship. Art meets science and spirituality in a changing economy. Talking about global exploitation, then global partnership. There needs to be a shift in values. If global awareness is sharing these values, partnership global interdependence. Expansion, is maturity. Growth needs to be qualified. Sustainable growth is the best growth, not destructive growth.

Art forms, thanks to technology, it can be replicated an infinite amount of times and that is really what human potential and technology can bring to you. Barack Obama, sold 4 million copies of his book. An anonymous reader- no named artist named Peter Joseph, reached 100 million people in less than half a year. You can change the world, however, you’d like, you do not need to be known. He just wanted us to wake up. Joan Cooney said ” The impressionable mind, is hungry for information. What kind of information and concepts are we feeding our youth, the intellect. Extraordinary gifts need to shared, with the world. What guides you, your souls desires? Talents? Gifts? Human life is not linear, it is extraordinary, it is various, it is complicated. Although it can be so beautiful. What does it mean to educate? Educare? In Greek or latin; Educare actually means something like to lead out the seed from the ground, have a plant raised, and this meaning “helping something to grow and excel upon.” Incapacities of man, things we already know so we can step into our power more. Teaching children how too critically think, rather than what to think. It is up to you to change the societal race, of education. How you learn, is how you perpetuate yourselves out there in the world. Planned obsolesce, it is a computer that will last you a few years.

Peter Joseph says the 1 billion people starving on this planet, are not natural phenomena, they are products of artificial scarcity and inefficiency. In this old petroglyph, insuring humanities continuation, we are now living in this moment, in the point of no return. Where we can not choose now between the upper and lower path, we must take the lower or the upper path depending on what you believe. The lower path is the 3 straddles, the hopi tribe call the great shaking in the earth. The first world war, it has already happened. The second, the second world war. 1998 the third great shaking, the upper path, goes nowhere. That edge is the time of extremes, the path that will be gracefully allowing us to strive, is the upper path, a group of people benefit in the sense and suffering of another.

However, the lower path, will be love, strength and balance. These are things we become in our lives. This is a dynamic system, that co creates our world. Our whole universe. As one species, our extended body. Entangled with it somehow. All that there is, is all that ever was. You are not just you, you are the total impact you have on the world and others. This will bring us to our deeper human potential. Mining our human resource, to our human potential. What is your purpose? Plan? Ask those relevant questions, listen to those relevant responses. When you no longer have an answer, you quest for that answer. When we pear deep in the darkness, we will find ourselves staring back at us, that is unity. Carl Edward Sagan says” Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others, that is who we are, we are not who we say we are, we are the sum of the impact and influence; that we have in our lives and on others.” Ben Stewart lastly says, “walk soft, live light, let go but hold tight.”


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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