Irrational Evolution of The Mind

Ben Stewart talks about irrational evolution. Knowing that there is a strong push for us to rationale and logic and rationale are not as full proof as they seem. Fredrick Nietzsche said, “the irrational is no longer our existence but a thing. Some of these ecological and societal beliefs we face. In Greek philosophy, Plato said ” What abides in the world of perfect form is truth.” In the east, in Asia, there is a balance of nature. The Lakota, the native American thrives, brings back the social context, in between the lines. All different cultures of what truth really is. How do we arrive and move in the direction of truth? Logic- if you have a sphere, you have what you know. Right outside the sphere is what you do not know. All of this will inform your logic. All of that empty space around is where logic breaks down. Two children side by side, both have 499 pieces of a puzzle the last piece wont fit, why wont it fit, neither of them understand that they need to hand each other their piece , but they have inferior logic , in action. What is the other vehicle? If logic is not the only way to arrive at logic.

Albert Einstein says “The intuitive mind, is a fateful gift and the irrational mind is a faithful servant. Saying the intuitive mind is the superior one. Sensing is practical, down to earth concrete. Intuition is abstract and read between the lines as well as subjective. This is the missing piece of the puzzle. Using the irrational mind and intuition, we respect science. Modern physics and quantum physics. Modern Physics is straight forward, understandable concrete , time dilation, two identical clocks. Racing around in the air as fast as they can go, when the one moving in the plane is nanoseconds younger.

All frames of reference are in uniformed motion, however if not in uniformed motion, it is saying time is not a structural thing. It is based on our frame of reference. It moves in a linear fashion. Quantum Physics, Stuart Hameroff, says that the quantum theory, is set in two worlds. The classical thats definite. Then there is when two things can be singular connected and condensed into one object. Characteristics of the conscious world. Quantum world, dream world. Conscious world is the transition between the quantum world and the classical world. The quantum realm, focusing on science is crucial to understanding the limitations of our minds. What science is, is experience to let data through certain constraints for data to come through. It is the philosopher within us, that draws meaning into who and what we are and what perception, can create.

Bruce Lipton, on the biology of belief says, before we saw ourselves as victims. Now with new biology we have to do this through consciousness, through the world. Freeing up, the perceptions, changing the genes. Emphasizing our beliefs, our psychology our health. That is a self empowering process. He wrote the Biology of Belief- you should buy it. Some people believe we are driven by our beliefs. Optical illusions, can look like negative of photos. A dot in the center, starting directly at that dot, your peripheral vision can see the rest of the image. As your image is adjusting, to the color gradient, the image changes. It changes in color, keeping your eyes on the dot, you will see exactly what Ben Stewart is getting at. This beautiful color image that has emerged, is now a black and white image. Your image, your eyes, put the right colors, in the right places. You can see the color, called the Mccullough effect. We fill in the blanks, when our logic becomes inferior, we fill in the irrational, into the box, the thought patterns. That we perceive, what is possible and what is not. We want to break out of the that thought box. Henry Linx said we generate fear and we overcome them. What happens after have enough meaning to move forward. We extrapolate some kind of meaning, that is commitment, the religious aspect of consciousness. Religious, religion is an aspect of consciousness. There is a form of connection, but not a full connection. If you take a look at the marriage, you have three parties. The party one and two making the vow, and party three, the witness. These two parties are becoming one. Religare to bind. Causing us to commit to something. The religion in us asks us, to commit to something we truly believe in.

Omega “Relationship a Pathway to Self Discovery.” We wait to let go, to the heart it is all one thing. It is all divine presence. One of the things we learned from our relationships was that love is the only rationale in this lifetime. Strikingly deep, that is where the final piece of the puzzle comes in. Art, bringing forth ideas, concepts, coming into the now. The things we do, the way we eat, the way we think, how we behave, this the art of life, the artist in us. Completing the whole echo system of consciousness. If for some reason science, philosophy, consciousness and art are not in reliance with each other, they need to balance one another. Inspirations Lisa Garr says, that now we are creating these conscious thoughts, that atom is mostly space. Now we are filling that space with incredible thoughts.

Consciousness is when we realize, that part of the universe. We have access to its powers, the manifestation to create the future. Probability waves, into manifestation waves. Creating in Buddhism, Padmasambhava and Yese Tysogal. Originators of Terma, an acquired consciousness in buddhism. This is how to create powerful intention, not just for your betterment but for the world. Jean Houston. There is so much empty space, that is undeniable with possibility. When we do this with real heart. Ralph Waldo Emerson said ” The creation of a thousand forests, is in one seed.” “The seed might be small, but the effect is ginormous.” The answer for everyone to wake up for one another, when everything else fails, is all driven by love. Love, is the most powerful bond, it is a strong commitment. Love does not just arrive here, it needs someones to bring it, spread it and plant those beautiful seeds, the only medicine that matters.

Ben Stewart wants you to do something new everyday, talk to someone you would never talk to, go a restaurant you would never go to, and figure out what intuition comes to you. It might come to you in a way you would never image.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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