Evolutionary Patterns and Designs.

Matthias De Stefano, is a psychic. Who speaks on evolutionary patterns being signs. When the universe began to have a consciousness on what it was going to become, it was seeking for a reflection of itself, seeing itself in different perspectives. In the third dimension, we think about this mind and being creating something outside of itself. In the 6th dimension, the inventor of the reality, it is transforming itself in different levels. You have beings meditating within, transforming patterns, in realities in which they can be transformed. They were creating as a part of everything. We are a distortion, a new creation, within the body, trying to change itself. It is all of us creating ourselves constantly. Beings in the 6th dimension, have to prove that this works. The self has this idea of projecting itself in many architects of these realities, producing new realities and expressions of the self.

This created, all the different structures, the 5 platonic solids. From them, they created the pattern of the flower of life. Expression, was divided in 6 and that polarity created the 12. Through the shape of the sphere, everything else was to be created. In the 3rd dimension, that would be considered the cell. Reflections or distortions of the first 5. Mitosis of consciousness, is the division of expression in these spheres. These dots, dividing in pattern, that connecting them through vibration. The protection of the trinity, connected by the core. The whole network of consciousness was created through these patterns of the universe. 12 was the number to hold the structure, the realities, the species. Bounded to these main structures in the 6th dimension.

Before the big bang, it collapsed through the energy, in gravity, in the 6th dimension, which was the big bang and then became the third dimension. From every point in the galaxy, you will always see 12 spots around, the zodiac, the vortex that are all spread through this geometry, the stars and the galaxies, constellations, which used to be called lines and spots. The matrix that we are in is held by 12 constellations surrounding us. They hold the matrix together.

These constellations, holding us through its gravity. Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Ether or Energy, are conditioned by these shapes in geometry. All of these patterns are designed in different patterns and designs for evolution. The only way you can transform these realities is through your own ideas, vibrations. Etherial is the one, that shows you how you are evolving. We then become aware that we are conditioned in the creation of these patterns. Being aligned in your vibration, is choosing the proper shape, through consciousness. Improving the patterns, we are choosing for our evolution. In this planet we are very compressed in our third dimensional reality.

When we think about humanity, living in caves, everything was in our hands. The main five structures, the platonic solids, were in our five fingers. To remember the codes, was to recognize our hands, our structures, our books to tell our stories of our origins. From the caves, we began to carve, creating the pattern of life, that morphs through time. Circle within a circle and a spiral. These symbols are everywhere all over the world, the Fibonacci spiral, helping us to understand this creation of the world.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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