Masters of the Net, The Internet.

Robert J Gilbert, Runs the Vesica Institute. The hidden key to self empowerment, is sacred geometry, the true secret behind all manifestation, previously hidden knowledge, activating your own energy fields can change your whole existence, and turn your life around. 40 years of research, the hidden patterns manifesting everything, subtle energy patterns can emit a alchemical transformation, thereby raising our consciousness and for our planet. Ancient lineages in Egypt , were the masters of the net. They knew behind everything in physical existence, was the source.

This invisible matrix of energy, the physical manifestation. Invisible energy matrix which materializes the sacred geometry- geo- meaning earth and meaning measurement. The sacred measure of the earth or the divine blue prints of consciousness and the earth. Temples, monuments and power centers were used for the exact placement of the axis for the walls, the grids and the measurements. The platonic solids, were known by Plato. They are the four elements that correspond to earth, air, water and fire. The fifth platonic solid is the dodecahedron, a twelve sided ball. Earth and the whole universe had this form.

Platos initiation school had a sign that read “no one ignorant, may enter.” The devils triangle around Bermuda, Sanderson found the no-tile points, the icosahedron, is the key biological form that appears in viruses. To make these maps align properly, point number 1 of the grid needed to be spotted at this power spot, an ancient initiation system. This was the Giza Plateau. In Ancient Egypt, referred to these grids, as nets. Jewels in India The jewel net of Indra, every jewel reflects every other jewel, which is the spirit core. Every noble point of the net, is the atman. Spirit core, has the divine essence of others, however based on karma, people had different levels of their karma. From past and future lives.

Modern physics, physical matter is based on physical particles, wave collapse into particles , particles collapse into waves. In different states of vibration. Wave particle duality, in modern physics. Natural forces and healing methods, on dynamic vital energy. Ancient traditions, knew that this was the core of all existence. Sacred Geometry, physical form, do not think of it as a solid, net structure, the net , the vibrational. Ancient Vibrations, knew they could change the vibrational healing behind matter, vibrational medicine, spiritual activation of the human being. They work on higher plane levels, to create physical form.

Larger reality, manifesting at two levels, electromagnetic and the physical levels. The 7 planes model, the 7 planes of nature. Derived by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, resonance to each plane, testing and directing to each plane. Working with higher planes and the net , to the vibration matrix is spiritual initiation. Modern science does not believe in meta physics, suppression of heretical ideas. This is the idea of higher planes not being mathematical artifacts. It just speaks on dimensions. This is because science, modernized is all about the facts, and until we know for sure, even though we already do , they stick to the books.

Physics today says we are in a 3 dimensional grid, we start with a point, a singularity, a source of all creation. The 0 dimensional point, is where all polarity and manifestation emerges, physical space is created. To create the first dimension it creates a line. Then another line in dimension 2 to a plane 90 degree access, and then creating the third dimension 90 degree solid , the triangle. We cannot see the 4th dimensional forms, however, we could perceive these higher dimensions or planes.

Edwin Abit, shows how a two dimensional being could only see things, in a world that he perceives as we are in a 3 dimensional world, flat land objects. Opening up even 5, 6, and other forms geometric forms, on a flat surface, the net described in ancient traditions. A new point in an axis shift, not perceivable, a fourth dimensional form would be a shadow. When shown in a lower dimensional form, a pentagon, a pentagram, forms and sacred geometry; are lower dimensional views or objects. These may have the hidden power, to bring us to higher energy and spiritual projection. The energies of the human bodies exist in a macro form, that geometric forms we see may just be shadows, that most people can not perceive directly.

Ancient Egyptians, in the human energy field and in the earth itself, was all physical matter being in space and time. Being distorted by physical mass. The net is malleable, it can be modified. Before modern physics, the net of space time, the net that creates all physical existence. Those initiated into the ancient Egyptian temples, were considered to be the masters of the net. Behind the Egyptian temple walls, in Egypt, geometric grids, known to egyptologists. Laying out, vast literature describing this net , and its magical power.

The Egyptians in the temples , posted hieroglyphics. Netters, initiates, were shown that higher divine power went through the power of animals. Jahuta, and Thoth. Jahuta, was the physical science. The deeper was the fish caught in the net, were not able to enter the physical worlds. “The book of Coming Forth into Light.” In chapter 153. This is also known as “The Book of the Dead.” Which aspects of the net, the netters, the true masters of the net has navigated through the net, learning how to understand the matrix. Osiris, or Azra. The backbone of the net, was the Jedd filler, connecting heaven and earth. The raising of the Jedd pillar was the understanding of Osiris. One of the highest gods was known as the Jedi, using the net to control natural forces.

Today miracles, and magic are known to be done in the parting of the red sea. Trying to control the net, the staff by Moses is the use of the staff in the Egyptian temples, based on the design and shape of the staff. The story of the Jedi, is the life of the dead, and hidden secrets in ancient temples. A Jedi Knight, the hacow system of words of power, in ancient Egypt. The Jedd pillar is also known as well. Western traditions as well spread to understand more ancient vagus. The old testament being sacred, and Hebrew texts were hidden in the cabalistic mysteries. It is also literally means the beginning of creation, the net.

Ancient Initiation, the statement of genesis, god creating the net. The very first act of creation. The jewish religion, is not known for appreciating divine realities. However, in the Kabbalah, there are 22 Hebrew letters that are all divine powers. The 231 Gates, the tree of life, an energy matrix connecting a power energy grid, within our human body. This lost knowledge known to the public as Daskalos, referring to the ancient symbols of life , and the greek roots, of the grid of life design, or the acronyms, gold, gold energy of the saints in our energy fields. The crown chakras, of the grid of life design, the seat of our consciousness.


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