Architects of the 6th Dimension

Matthias De Stefano, talks on the topic of architects in the 6th dimension, going within, the third dimension is projected in here. There is no matter, no physical realities. What we experience here in the 3rd dimension is holographic signs, and locking the 6th dimension in, we are able to forge or create our own reality. Spirits transform ether into matter. The spiritual mind creates the physical world. Where do we come from? All reality exists because it is in our minds. All we touch, the 5 senses, is everything we created in different realities. The realities we know today, was to have these environments, touching and experiencing it, these experiences. Transcending ourselves through the different dimension. The spirits in the first stage of the universe needed to do this, in the mind, so we could see everyone in different dimensions. Different realities. The mind of the universe, is a sun, rays of light, in different directions, not blocking any part of the system. North, South, East and West. Every ray of light, is seen in different planets, systems and stars. Every spiritual being in the universe, is one being looking in all different directions, or one direction. The consciousness coming from the mind, is trying to image all of our reality.

osteopath, this energy was positive and negative, moving the energy through all possibilities. The spirits were looking into the space, just like a movie. The past, present and future, all of it. Plato had called this the world of ideas. Mixing all new shapes, creating new ones. Different levels of vibration, moving through space, ether, sound, mind, ideas. Ether in ancient times meant heaven. The main rays of light were 12, the first ideas on how the universe should have been created. There were different concepts of god, archangels. Ideas were created as well as the universe- the dreamer. A physical form, trying to dream.

According to a level of vibration, these different groups of spirits, these vibrations into the light; became different spiritual names. Mirrors, reflecting towards the core. As far as light consciousness would go in the universe; a mirror would expand through the universe, it is actually going inward, to the core. This system created a labyrinth in the universe. Repeated in the MAYAN time of the universe. Energy and the spirits had created their own time lines, of the universe. Spirits were able to leave, see, smell, touch.

Ether, was to put the energy in the negative and the positive, putting everything today. Vibrations made everything transform. Creating the structures that were created in the universe, the atom. To create every other reality. Through bending ether through time and space, it became new structures, earth, water, fire, air. The greek platonic solids all make up these forms, as we have talked about with molecular structures prior. Ether is related to love, love is the closest concept we have to what ether is. Gravity, is the connection between all realities. It does not attach polarity together, it is streams, stretched through time and space. Stretching in the universe, high levels of vibration. Gravity, is not pulling towards us, it stretches reality.

The main material of mind, is the ether, this structure of creation is the ones that bended the 9,8,7,6 to bend the 5,4,3,2,1. Before it was the species, in every expression, the atoms would be harder. The gravity would be atoms, in water. First sparks of fire, and gases, that created the air. Time and Space, all the matter, is the ether. Relating their own process, through the 12 archangels or architects of realities. Conjunction of ideas, same amount of energy, modifying itself, seeing different perspectives of itself. The core of the universe, is only one being that is projecting. Every creation in the universe, is being created by us.

Smaller created in the bigger. Every being is an energy we call soul. All being connected through time and space. Also explaining the relationships we have with other families. Spirit divided into different energies, to create many other souls from one vibration. Through the matter. Groups of souls, normally, to understand we are one body in the universe. 144, is the number , the structure we call the octahedron. Souls, connected to one soul.

Soulmates, unite us all in all different realities. In different times, different places, these soulmates are mirrors through time and space of yourself. Connection is what we need to have. Structures of geometry that divides itself into billions that is just one soul, this structure creates a sphere. Thousands and billions of being, doesn’t matter which realm, through which animal, plant, stone, human. Whatever dimension, you are connected to the same spirit.

Transformational realities , projections of the core, relating with the main structure with every being in this world. It is not a concept that everything has a spirit, if you reach that one spirit, it is the connection to the divine.Jesus, the spirit of the world. It is the planet, not someone outside of the planet. The spirit that rejects every matter. Going through the patterns of darkness through consciousness, species, spirits to live their own dreams. We are living the dreams, we created in many different dimensional spheres. Spirits can hear, touch, feel, see, spiritual beings can touch.


Laura Zukerman

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