Deepak Chopra, The Happiness Prescription

Living the life our your dreams. Deepak Chopra, speaks about the happiness prescription. The secrets of happiness, the stories when he started out as a doctor , training in medicine, endocrinology. What happens in our mind, our bodies, the molecules of emotions. Wherever the thought goes, the mind goes, it effects you in your actually biology. Spiritual goals, what is this thing that we call happiness? Happiness is a subjective state of well being, joy, ease, effortlessness, things happen as they are supposed too. Synchronic-ties, or good luck, they all mean the same thing. You are in tune with the elements and forces with the universe. If you are happy, you will be healthier, better relationships, do meaningful work, become successful and more abundant in your living situations. In the new testament it says “Seek the heavens first and everything else will come to you.” In the world the happiest people in the world were in Puerto Rico and Mexico. 39-40 percent of the richest people in the world, were less happy than the average person. Poverty might not make you happy, but money might not make you happy either. Depending on the situation.

In 1998 Positive psychology was formed. They say happy people are generally healthier, our subjective experience becomes well being. Well being is the number one trend in our civilization, of our planet, our economy, our environment, of ourselves. Through collective happiness, we can change the world, Mahatma Ghandi said ” Be the change you want to see in the world.” Our behaviors and our perceptions are changed through happiness. When the biological said point is perceptualized, it is genetically determined, if you feel happy or not about a situation. Mediation is another way to change your biological said point, the prefrontal cortex gets activated. Neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, all become inhibited. When you are happy. The chemical messengers, change your said point for happiness. A third way is through cognitive therapy, a false belief that is making you depressed. Changing your blue print, subconsciously, could change everything around. Buddha, when he found nirvana, is when you change your perception about who you are. He was basically the original cognitive therapist.

Your life situation, are you healthy, are you making money, do you have a great job, it is not a detriment of our happiness, however, you might be exactly as happy or unhappy as before you win something. You have a major tragedy, in a year or two years, you’re exactly where you started from. Our mind and psychology adapt to major occurrences. The fourth thing that determines our happiness, is voluntary actions, the choices that we make, pleasure or gratification as well as fulfillment. Enjoying food, wine, sex, these pleasures give you immediate gratification, but only last a few hours. It is very transient. Fulfillment, a deeper gratification, when we have a sense of accomplishment, making a difference in our lives, or the lives of others. Making a difference in the world. Insight, or intuition, expression of our imagination, inspirational and fulfilling to others. When you make other people happy, it makes you happy. That is the golden rule.

There is research that shows that happiness can be done through these four things, even when looking at that, it might not give us complete and total happiness. Buddha says to talk about the four noble truths. The outcome, the outlook and the prescription. 1) Human beings go through the experience of suffering. 2) Causes for suffering, not knowing the true nature of reality, or your own self. fear of death. 3)Shift in consciousness, we are conscious sentient beings, the more aware we are, the more we are to get in touch with our reality. Our essential state of being. We have a shift on perception on who we are. Linking them with the ancient civilizations on the wisdom of Buddha. Consciousness is a field, universally. It is effected by the way we feel, think, and throughout our life, we must change our Conscious, to succumb to what we want out of this life. 4) Existential suffering, stepping out of the present moment, and realize what is really happening, on our reality.


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