The Four Agreements- How they are Interpreted.

The NY times best selling book, four agreements, be impeccable with your word, do not take anything personally, do not make assumptions, always do your best, written by Don Miguel Ruiz. They are talking about the book, in LA. He says that 11 years ago, this day, he had a heart attack, and he said that is was a problem but he knew that going through this, was exciting for him. The pain was really strong, but he had the opportunity to share with everyone to share and celebrate death. That is a strong message. In his early twenty he had a near death experience, he got too drunk, he was in medical school and he made the wrong choice, by drinking too much. He fell asleep at the wheel, the car became totaled. He saw his body, sleeping on the wheel, and he protected his body. He realized that he was not his body, and that changed everything for him. He grew up in Tijuana with his parents and his grandparents. He had seven brothers living with him, he was eight. 2 of his other brothers were already medical doctors, so he decided he wanted to be a medical doctor as well. Toltec- means artist, and medicine is an art to him, and to others as well. To study medicine is to study a major art, every human is an artist, we are all creators. Co-creators of our own reality. This is our nature, this is about the one who created us, we are Asturias as the one who created us. We make choices, to reshapes our lives. However, we do not realize that we are living in our stories. We create our own stories, these ideas are only for us, and for us only. To lead a certain way of life.

He was interested in understanding the human mind, why we have to suffer so much, why we do the things we do. He wanted to understand how the mind worked. Studying medicine, he read psychology books, psychiatric books, they prescribed medicine, it was not enough. He went back to his mother, father and grandfather and realized that after practicing for ten years, he needed more help. He became a shaman, he was helping and apprenticing to help others. Millennials, humans are searching for the truth, they are escaping, the world is a binary system. 1 and 0 create everything, if the whole universe is a binary system. 1 is life and 0 is death. We do not need to prove that this exists because we know that our physical body will die. The whole idea of creation is about life and death. In physics we learn that the force can move matter, unless the force stops matter, matter by itself can not move. Life is matter, matter by itself is death. Your body is made up and controlled by atoms, by the intelligence is matter, it is the driving force that moves matter. Your body is death… it is alive because the body is the life force that moves matter. Energy can only be transformed, it has no end. You are immortal, you can not die. Your body might die, but anything that is being created will have an end. Tonalas is the earth and stars and Donalas, is the earth that moves the earth and stars.

Many people have used these tools, to create whatever it is in your life, making life flow much easier. Instead of learning all of these terms, using the life that makes everything simple for you, easier to forgive, to attach, a way of life, of the artist. The first one, be impeccable with your word. We use the word, to create the story of our life. Everything is made up by words, through those words, you create a whole reality. How you use the word, is how you are going to live your life. You can use the beauty, and create the romance of your life. In the beginning of the life it was the word, the word was god. The silent knowledge, the silent word, how god manifested itself, we perceive it, we create our story and we live in our story. To describe what you perceive. Impeccable, means seeing anything you do against yourself. Be selective how you use your words. Moses, the ten commandments, says be impeccable with your world.

The second, do not take anything personally, completely logically speaking. In your story, you create a main character of this story, you create secondary characters- these are the people you know, they are also creating their stories, they are the main characters of their story. They only know the secondary character of your story, but if in their story you also a secondary character, it is how they perceive you, in how that represents you. Do not take it personally, by having an emotional reaction, you become immune with a direction, within everyone around.

Do not make assumptions, is all about knowledge. You learn everything you know, you perceive the real world, you are life. Your life force, when you learn your language, you create knowledge, which creates thoughts, knowledge with a voice that no one can hear but you. He learned not to make assumptions, by seeing them and witnessing them to be impeccable with their word, his parents, his grandparents. His mother would tell him, that he needed a strong will for what he wanted, and too physically make it real.

Always do your best, that is the actions. Everything first exists in our mind, we manifest it. This is how we create our civilization for planet earth. Silent knowledge, and to create these four principles, is about the co-creation of humanity, as a whole, that you need to be more spiritual with yourself and be aware that humanity will make a shift and change. The planet is an organ, the water is an organ, the forest is an organ, we keep homeostasis on planet earth, we are agreeable, we have humanity, whatever you do against humanity, you do against nature, you do against yourself. Humanity is a sleeping giant, and we are part of this sleeping giant. A story that was told to him by his grandfather years ago.


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