Flower of Life , The Universal Consciousness of Love from One form to Another.

Physicist- Drunvalo Melchizedek- speaks on his findings of what he believes to be true.

Your physical body, admits light, and it is sometimes mistaken for auras. The fields and the crystalized structured fields. The inner chakras, to understand the inner chakras inside the body, we look at the eight chakra system, the origin of that. In order to understand the eight chakra system we must compare it to sound and music. The differences in cycles per second, the way the energies flow through the octave in music, is identical to the way the energy flows up the spine. The octave, do, ray, me , fa, so, la, te, do…there is a half step, and between the 7th and 8th note. When you play an instrument like a guitar, it is built into the system, when playing a violin, there are two patterns that repeat themselves. 1-2-3 half step four, again, one you can call female, one you can call male. The differences are the fa and so note. The difference between the 4th and the 5th note, would change the shapes and forms of the cosmos. A pattern, one step removed. Walter Russel, had a pattern one step removed from sacred geometry. 9 points, and 8 notes, the two half steps are considered as important as the rest of the pattern. In an enneagram. This pattern can be applied to everything that has a sound implication. Eureka, Oscar Ocasio- means of enlightenment, 27 personality types, and once you know the formula, you can understand the person very easily.

The hidden sacred form that is behind the chakra system, is the same one that creates the egg of life. The eight notes scale. Latis a or grid, is the seven chakras below you, the set of chakras that are below you are in the phi ratio. The one your in would be approximately, high to low- longitude vs latitude. Sound comes in from below, the first note, do, it now enters into a white tetrahedron, there is three places it can go to, it has to move to one of the three places, male , female and neutral or mother , father , child. No matter how it moves, it moves into an equilateral triangle. From do, ray, me. It could have went into six possibilities. When it has to turn and go out of the plane, it shortens, in shadow form figures. The experience is shortened. It has completed the black tetrahedron, changing polarity from female to male. Right through the 0. from 4-5 through the center, to the womb, to the opposite polarity. A tiny change in the void, will make a huge change in reality. Another angular change – half step between do, and tee. Your chakra system is these things opened up. The same things go on between your eight chakras. Changes of angles between 3-4-7-8 and between 4-5 heart and sound. Female is clockwise, the male is counter clockwise. The eight chakra points begin at 1- survival 2- sex- 3- control- 4- heart 1/2- 5- sound- 6- geometry 7- spiritual 8- chakra crown of the head, pineal gland. 1-2-3 are the domains, that interpret the reality through. The body, the same thing is true with colors. Color wave lengths, correspond with sound in the same way. The 7 notes of sounds, primary and 3 secondary. White, three primary colors, the three secondary colors, becomes black and black becomes white. Black and White.

Life comes in, a brand new reality, die here and born into a new reality, new reality- you are not sure about anything corresponding to anything that you know. Survival is your total and complete focus, to stay in this new world. At some point, you master that, and you will figure it out. Then, once that gets mastered you become aware of the next chakras, lens, or other aspects of yourself. That desire is totally different from place to place. You will make physical contact Sessile chakra, and then the naval, the third chakra. It is exactly at the naval. The ancients might have been trying to hide this chakra point. The fourth, ego, the controlling of the environment, shapes and forms , learning how to move, turning into the control and the power that leads to distortions. Survival, sexual energy, sex and power. If you take a person, planet, country, planet , or a galaxy, you could take the US back in the early 40’s , 50’s. You could have gone to China, India, or Tibet, and they had found out long ago about this as a country. Went up into the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, the doorways to the chakra points. They were concerned about love , sound and music, colossal planes, things that were more important. We had not discovered anything above this yet, survival sex and power, combinations of it. Materialism, money, homes, food. Ascended masters who go through the chakra systems, originally had a hard time, finding the 7th one. They went up to the 12th overtone in the 7th dimension, 3 or 4 of them were able to find it. Training the rest of them, they are now all flowing over into the 7th dimension of the earth, 12th dimension of the earth, or the 10th or 11th. 90 degree L shape, the meditation, the word elder came from this, the elder race, this 90 degree turn.


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