Death and Temperance, Thriving with Change to help us understand Transformation and Rebirth.

Death deals with all types of transition, temperance deals with balance. Death of any kind, familiarity in faces. When we die , our old personality dies and we begin a new life with that awareness. Every night our consciousness goes to sleep, every morning it is revived again. Death is not the absolute ending, in tarot, it signifies change and transformation of any kind. Showing that each ending is a new begin, and that the cycles of change go on and on. The key of death is the number 13, a step beyond the ending into a new beginning. 13 LUNAR MONTHS WITHIN A YEAR. 1+3=4.

Male figures in death represent the conscious mind, the women represent the subconscious mind, while the children represent, a product of the masculine and the feminine in co-creation. hierophant- represents the sacred rights of higher creation. The skeleton, is beyond your personality and body. It represents the truth self, the skeleton remains, even after the worms of the earth, the bones remain, the flesh may decay. In this form the true self is saying, it is time for change. Saturn and time, says we need to eliminate things, and time- worldly attachments, death is to let go of what no longer serves us, to die. The fifth element, the source of all living form. Super consciousness , purification of our purest desires, is what the white rose represents. Death is a rising sun, it means the beginning of something new. Recreation, day by day. Looking forward to the new , the river of life, the boat upon it is sailing towards the sun, which means it is returning towards the source of light. We are on the ascension path, back to the source of light.

Transformation, change and movement are what we thrive on, perpetual change is the root of everything.When death appears, we must be willing to surrender to the process of transformation. We must not resist change, a death and a rebirth. The child of the great transformers, and the lords of the gates of death- water is the element, death is ruled by the sign of scorpio, pure feelings to spiritual in nature. Soulmate relationships as well. Mars and Pluto are also related to scorpio, making people look within themselves. Emerging renewed and rejuvenated. 3 symbols, the scorpion, the parts of ourselves that lash out during times of change when feeling threatened. Snake is the second, shedding skin to emerge into a new identity. The third is the eagle or the Phoenix, needed to become more of who we truly are.

In all these endings, we experience a sense of loss, death helps us through this grieving process. Anytime you let go and move forward, death is there. The more you connect with death in your life, you are connecting to your inner self, through the process of transition into the after life. Also the birth processes of babies, our counselors who help people with getting through death, or relationship issues. Death and Birth are very sacred moments, they tend to experience the spiritual, and realize that this awakens the birth, life and death, in becoming a more transformational being.

Temperance brings us a renewed sense of purpose. Modifying relating it too adaptation, to adjust to evolve, leading to a greater equilibrium and balance. Emerge our feminine and masculine into one integrated whole. Conjunction, a rejoining of the essences bringing them back into a harmonious mixture. We find the equilibrium and balance at some point. Moderation and balance will be filled, at some point.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles

A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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