Vibrational Secrets Revealed

Dr. Robert J Gilbert, takes us behind the sacred geometry, behind what gives them true power, Practical energy science, harmonizing energy over large areas, locations, the grid, the net. The philosophical, the esoteric traditional time cycles, some say we are still in the dark age. The dark age actually ended in 1899. Rudolph Steiner, and the forces of materialism are really strong, new spiritual worlds have emerged since the 1900s. Highly secret, protected information of the Chinese Dowist, only began to be released in the 1980s. Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, the energy grid of the net, that is the direct conversion, of all physical patterns, all the validity and vitality, of science. Cymatics is the direct conversion of all physical manifestation. Through vibrational medicine, and vibrational science. Kyma, the greek word, for all of creation. Developed by Haans Yenny, recreated the work of coladony; using modern electric technology for waves forms, used through crystals, and the geometric forms, showing that a violin bow, and a steel form could become a geometric form based on the musical note. Persist-ion and control, Yenny, said short wave lengths can put counter rotating spirals through specific vibrations. vibration can make matter aggregate together, and rise up vertically as if it were a living being.

In the kings chamber of the great pyramid, sound vibration were focused energetically on the sarcophagus. Reid, has used this to do Cymatics imaging, through pure sound vibration. These visible vibrational fields are recreated through matter. Reid has found that sound waves are seraphical, pulsating as bubbles, the relationships of sound waves. The point in the center of the circle, expansion and contraction in and out of the center. He has been able to capture the vibrational pattern of the sun. Crystalline energy grids, are created in a microcosm.

A stone that transmutes and harmonizes light source from the center, is advanced in making a digital library, Reid, made a cymascope app, vibrational sounds to capture an image. Natural sounds, ect. Reid, is also creating complete sound spheres. Opening up the possibilities of using Cymatic’s between a healthy cell and a cancer cell. One of the great secrets of doctor manners work is the secret of five. Through a single sound vibration, he found the key to use five sound frequencies together, creating complex sound codes, combutations, also known as coding combinations.

All physical matter, the period table of elements, decay radiations beneath the physical plane. What bits of matter can be used with electronic frequencies, to show what to do through this modern science. Manipulating matter, 100 years are entire planet has been complete contaminated , now threatening all life on earth. Adding to them the vital life force, creating the physical matter in the first place. The vital life force level which truly animates, all of physical matter. Nikola Tesla said that the electromagnetic spectrum, was an advanced scalar wave. Spectrum of physical and sub-physical levels. These new vibrational spectrums need to form matter, with vital life force. It has now been created in Europe.


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