The HoneyMoon Effect

Bruce Lipton, on inner evolution speaks about how the characters of our life reflect the movie the Matrix. The mind represents the interface of our biology, the movie the matrix is a documentary, preverbal red pill offers an escape from life. How can we use the mind to create a happy, healthy and a harmonious life. Our beliefs are programmed in the first seven years of our development, representing 95% of our life. How to we control this, to understand and overcome our experiences. The mind creates the interpretations of the world.

To understand the mechanisms of the mind, the electroencelograph or electroencelphalogram; EKG This electro activity is sent from the mind to the skin, internal expression of our consciousness. Releasing neural chemicals and hormones that control our behaviors. Our thoughts are exclusive to us, and not available to the outside world. Newer technology magnetoencephalography, EEG reveals the functions of the mind, reading it. The difference between the two is EEG , is wires directly touching our skin. Your thoughts are creating an environment of energy in the surrounding world. Two energies in harmony, come together to make a more powerful interface, constructive interference. It can effect our environment in many different ways, through crystallization. Atoms, cause an amplitude increase in the vibration. A goblet holds its shape because the atoms are controlled. If a tuning fork is controlled in the atoms control system, the atoms will be moving everywhere. When there is a vibration in the harmony, there will be an increase in vibrational waves.

A vibration can interfere and excite an object within that environment. Your brain is a tuning fork, your thoughts are broadcasted out into the field as vibrational frequencies. Thought vibrations of an individual will only harmonize and cohere with those specific thoughts, downloading what they are observing through their environments. The function of the mind is to create the program through the reality. Are the things that happen to you accidents, we are programmed and broadcasted to manifest expressions of thoughts and experiences.

When people live together for a long period of time, they can read each-others thoughts. Somewhat like ESP, because they have a controlled coherent vibrational conciseness and well as consciousness. In the movie the matrix, they are programmed, and they are allowed to either take a blue pill or a red pill. The blue pill is the same life, and if he takes the red pill, he changes everything. If we can get out of our life’s problems, we can manifest a whole new life for ourselves. When we fall in love, our life changes. You meet a special person and 24 hours later, your whole world is different, your life becomes more beautiful, everything is better. Your life, your existence. 95% Is subconscious programming, when people fall in love, they stop thinking, they stay in the present moment. You wait your whole life for this person to show up, it means it is time to be present. The moment you stop thinking , is the moment you are controlling your biological vehicle, allowing your deepest wishes, desires and heaven on earth experiences. You immediately start too manifest a life for yourself. They become healthier, more alert, there is more joy involved. Oxytocin, Dopamine, Pleasure and Growth Hormones. Love is an empowering force that gives us that energy. We are the creators operating from our wishes and our desires, this is how we change our life.

The honeymoon phase does not seem to last very long, eventually life turns back to what happened before you fell in love. Life gets busy, and at some point you have to start thinking about what your jobs and choirs are. You conscious mind then becomes your subconscious mind programming, they begin to feel negative detachment from one another. Behavior is no longer controlled by wishes and desires, the negative programs begin too manifest. The partner says what happened to you? Observing there partners negative behaviors and the partner realizes, that either you compromise or you leave. Their becomes argument, denying that youre that person, recognizing that these behaviors happen, breaking down a relationship.

When we are in love and stay in the conscious mind, it is taking the red pill, you are out of the programming. If both partners are aware that subconscious programming is the download that becomes, it opportunists a dialogue to formatted. Three ways to control this, major life experience, you have terminal cancer, this is a shock to the system. You either take this and realize you are going to enjoy your life, leaving behind all of the disempowerment. They go beyond the time they were supposed to die, harmonizing, love, pleasure and enjoyment. Through subconscious programming. hypnosis, is the first way to control subconscious programming, the mind is in theta in this state.

Limiting the programs through subconscious beliefs through your blue print. Sweating over it, effortlessly knowing what you want, self help programs, self hypnosis, as alpha goes slower, theta then makes you fall asleep. Operating in theta, is allowing your binaural beats, to subconsciously repeating these programs every night, your subconscious mind would have downloaded these programs through these. How did you learn after age 7, now you’re in consciousness. Habituation, repetition, you repeated, you learned, you repeated again. Subconscious has now become a habit, change a program, find a habit and create it and become great at that one thing. Create a new behavior, repeat it constantly and it will become a subconscious program. Necessity is the mother of invention. It is a necessity to change our behavior. A new modality referred to as energy psychology, super learning. Once you identify your programs you create positive reinforcement to the function of the mind, creating coherence between the program and reality. Creating the life we desire. Manifesting heaven on earth experience for everyday of our beautiful lives, it can cure any disease and even death. Attributed to stress, it can cure it. energy psychology modalities that you can look up! Taking your power back over you life.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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