Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Boundaries of Creation.

Robert J Gilbert P.H.D., speaks on the four secrets of geometry. These can activate any center, in any energy field, in the Hammalian tradition, this is called the cave of Brahma. The many levels of this multidimensional world. Sacred Geometry patterns are the thought forms, that are the blue prints, for all creation. Divine consciousness, is pure structural patterns which manifest on every level of creation, contracting perception of the physical world. Expanding into the most vivid world you could ever imagine. Some sacred geometry patterns, are considered to be sacred geometry pattern languages, thought forms from the mind of god. The human mind, the divine mind, coming together to bring our true potential. Sacred geometric patterns say that modern physics , is not physical matter but consciousness. Light and consciousness are the exact same thing. “Let there be light” By Genesis, is known to be light as the physical particle and energy as the wave. Physical mass and energy in the famous e=mc2 equation. When consciousness appears internally it appears as consciousness and when consciousness appears externally it appears as light. auras of brilliant light, are activated around consciousness, with higher levels of initiation, or transformational forms. The first letter in the alphabet, which creates the world. The ancient symbol of the point in the center of the circle, the sun in astrology was the hieroglyph rah in Egypt. This same symbol is used as the sign for gold in alchemy. Sun, the god head the source of creation. The original unified field , where all is one. Macrocosm, a multitude of spiritual beings, worlds. Microcosm, the vital energy, physical and electromagnetic levels.

Merkaba, the human soul vehicle, focusing on the living vibrational energy fields, these forms are such as electronic circuit diagrams, being used for practical purposes. Two dimensional is the point in the circle, then becoming a three dimensional figure, with the sphere. The big bang theory is said to say that original outward movement from a 0 dimensional point singularity, created space. Through outward space and time, in the three dimensional time that we live in. The point to the surrounding sphere, is the creation of all modern physics, the source of all creation is the point. Indian tradition, Vindu point of divine light, Yantra’s, mandalas, of eastern traditions and sacred forms in general. Center of all geometric forms, appears in geometrical drawings in 2 and 3 dimensional forms. Dr. Ebrahim Karim, said there is a subtle energy quality, that appears in the center. As long as the boundary is conducted in space, in the geometric form, it created Bio-geometry. At the Egyptian National Research Center, the active creation from the center is densification, or the 0 point, singularity, the metaphysical point is the divine plain, the key to the unified field. New multi dimensional wave model, in bio-geometry, the antennas, focus on a specific plane, to direct energy to and from that plain, the divine, the 0 dimensional point. All creation, in all geometrical forms, where matter is crystalized. Dr Karhims discovery, has now been connected for laser light using cavitations in water, that happens when a water bubble collapses, empty spheres in bubbles, when it collapses it releases both light and sound, as well as excess energy. Known as sono- illumine-sense. Hidden energy, from the quantum vacuum, which would be the 0 point.

Dr. Karhims work, showing biological life coming from the center of the sphere, collapsing spiritual creation in water. Coded information, a unified field manifested through physical creation. In the Kabbalah the mind of the ocean is described as pure consciousness. Every human being receives a spark, of an ocean of fire, a mortal spirit core. A microcosmic part of the one universal being. Indian traditions, say this is twice born, when lead above the head. We are the crown of creation, all the planes of creation are formed, in latent and sleeping form that must be divine consciousness itself. We are a direct emanation of the god head, the law of attraction, what you create in your consciousness, in the power of the human mind to create. Depending on how you heal your mind, it could cure illness, and any disease, results always improve. Focusing through our mind power, beneficial spiritual beings are known to think behind physical things or forms. We break down information to think in words, then slowly building up larger concepts. Through angelic beings, they can transmute information through higher level dense packets of consciousness, through thought forms. This is the eureka moment, the vision quest, the transmission received from a spiritual teacher, an opening, a merging, of divine consciousness.

The primary access of the crown center, to the abdomen, is not the same as the spinal column, it is a midline central column, spoken in some of the most powerful activation practices, unity energy in this divine plain. The seven chakras, the primary columns, appearing at the front and the back of the body. The three axis of space are the cubicle cross, the cube shape, three dimensional connection to physical manifestation. Front, back access, running from between the eyebrows to the back of the head. The central access, then the side to side access. Those are the three points. The cubicle cross of the head, is the third ventricle of the brain. The cave of Brahma, through there flows cerebral spinal fluid. Pulsing through the human mind and brain, making life possible for us. 4th secret, these hidden practices are applied through sacred geometry patterns that created our world, are circuits to our human body, activating our human potential. The grid of life design, or gold. Golden triangle, elevating consciousness to higher levels, mentally connecting these three energy systems.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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