Consciousness and The Body, Behavior and the Nervous System on Inner Evolution- Bruce Lipton

Genes are not self actualizing, they are proteins to produce the self. The brain of the self is the cells membrane, it reveals a carbon based chip, mind body duality is attributed to the philosopher Renee Decartes. “I think therefore I am.” Decartes, said that we need to create a new method of science. In creating this, he said mind and body represents separate and distinct substances. Separation continued fifty years later when Isaac Newton wrote the Prince of Pia, which is now called classical physics. According to physics, the universe is provided of two elements. A physical material or spiritual element. Newtonian physics, the body is physical, the mind is a non physical energetic element.

Max Plank wrote in 1944, all matter originates through vitality and virtual findings of the force, through the consciousness and the intelligent mind, the matrix of all matter. “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Albert Einstein. The mind is the governing agency solely throughout the body. There is a mechanism, a force that drives these protein genes that control the motor on and off that control the behaviors of the genetics in the cell. The equation of life= protein plus signal = behavior. For the signal to cross into the cell, the membrane has not cross into the cell. Structuring of the facilitation of the cell membrane to construct the cell.

In biology, it was only in the late 1940’s that they observed the cells, the layer was the membrane, there were three layers, light, dark and light. The membrane is structure relating to function. The tri-lanter layer, is showing that it is not structured very much. They realized the cytoplasm of the cell, is what is holding the tri-lanter structure together. Phosphor lipids, is hydrophilic dissolved in water, hydrophobic, is the other half, avoiding water. The molecules forming the cell membrane has lipids in the center. The membrane is a barrier. Resisting water, hydrophobic, anything in the outside environment that is soluble in water, will resist the water, not being able to pass through the membrane. The significance is the crystalline structure with a lipid core, allowing it to be a non conductor.

What was not seen in an electron microscope, is that there are proteins built into the protein. Integral membrane proteins, or IMP. Two major classes of proteins built into the membrane. One is a receptor, proteins that respond to environmental signals. Are skin is analogous to the cell membrane. Our receptors are the five senses and pain and pressure. It is built into the skin, the cell membrane. A protein with an antenna, a protein complimenting with a signal, the receptor begins to change shape. This class of proteins include channels, conduits through it, closing channels. When activated by a signal there is conduction from one side of the channel to the other side of the channel. When the G protein opens up, it opens up the cell, inside the cytoplasm. It is a membrane type switch, through the receptor. The channel controls its functions. Representing an information processor, reading the information, understanding and then adjusting the cells.

When the channel protein is not activated, it is tightly closed, unless it opens up the channel to open up the cell. Reading environment, adjusting the environment of the cell. The input is the cell, the output is the receptor. I/O. Represents data, in a computer chip, and a cell membrane. How a cell responds to adjust the cytoplasm. Protein receptors on the antennas of the cell, are sugar groups. When in harmony with receptors, causes the protein to the antenna to change shape and changes channels. Typing on the servicing of the cell, to send the information in, to control its function. The receptor, reads the environmental signal, the cell generates the adaption in whatever is going on in the environment. The receptor integral protein complex. Perception, is awareness of elements of the environment through physical perception, the ability to respond towards our environment. Change your perception, you change the cells. The switch to Bruce Lipton says belief is controlling our biology, change your belief, change your system, and you change your cells.

In 1985- they thought genes were controlling the cells, however it is really the environment that controls everything, through the phosphorous lipids, the crystalline structure, is flexible and liquid crystals. The cell membrane is a liquid crystal, however, without the proteins in the cell membrane; the phosphorous lipids was a non conductor, proteins allow for conduction to control its function. Channels, include sodium, glucose, calcium and others. The membrane is not a full conductor, it is a semi-conductor. Receptor, channel, create the lipids. Creating the cell membrane, a liquid crystal with gates and channels and as we said a semi-conductor.

A definition of a computer chip is gateway of silicon based computer chip. Cell membranes the skin of the cell, carbon based chips and computer chips, each piece represented the same function, the significance, the membrane is the chip. An information processor, a carbon based chip. Which was created about 3 billion years ago. Working exactly the same mechanism, the silicon chip. The carbon based chip sends signals to the cell, to match what is going on in the environment. The perception of consciousness, is the receptor complex. Now for the first time, physical expression converts environmental consciousness into these systems. Cytoplasm, through the science, control gene activity and this is called epi-genetics.


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