Telomeres, Spirituality and Longevity and The Biological Facts Behind it.

Again Bruce Lipton, speaks on Telomeres and Longevity and as well as spirituality. Telomeres the bodies equivalent to the fountain of youth. When are time comes, does it mean death is an ending to our existence. The access of our cell membrane says a part of dies after death. Animals and plants have a general life span, when the science of genetics was developed genes were presumably the cause to control our aging. in the early 1970’s Alexi Elovnikov, said that the cell could not be divides, every-time a cell replicates, it could no longer replicate and then it dies. Further research of non coding DNA, the ends of the chromosomes, the double helix from unwinding. Two, the telomeres allow the DNA to be copied, although physical limitations do not allow all for everything to be copied because the ends, begin to die off.

When the DNA is being copied, it means that every-time you copy the DNA, it reduces the length of that DNA molecule, relating to aging, depression and disease. By adding a piece of DNA, track a double helix, a stable double helix, if it unfolds and separates then the free ends will be digested by enzymes. Enzymes will destroy the DNA, telomeres act as the unwinding of the DNA. Aglet, holds the strands together to hold them from unwinding. Telomeres act as an aglet, for subsequent degradation. So many divisions are known, a life span of an organism is based on how many times a cell divides.

Leonard Hayflick, said that a cell could divide about 60 times before a cell loses its telomeres. Saying a human can live to about 90 years before the genes start becoming cut off. In 1984, Elizabeth Blackburn discovered an enzyme came up with Telomerase, that could activate and inhibit Telomeres. These certain things stop telomeres: Bad nutrition, childhood abuse, PTSD, no self love, no purpose in life. In contrast, Happiness, Gratitude, having a purpose in life, self love, providing good nutrition and love will help telomeres grow. Having a life purpose, is saying Im not finished yet, I have more to do, and that will make you realize that you have more to do.

Health care givers have a longer life, then others who are not in that occupation! Helping others , helps yourself. Activating the stem cells to replicate more frequently, bringing more telomerase and telomeres into your life. Another insight into aging is Parabiosis, two organisms is the circulation of one connected to the second circulation of the other. They found that when you put a younger animal and parabiosis with an older animal, they will lose their aging process. Youth, young blood, the conclusion is that younger blood, enhances the vitality enhances the vitality in older organisms.

When you remove the color from the two cells that are exactly the same, the only color that is left on the image of the surface of membrane is the cell, protein receptors are distinguishing one person from another. Self receptors, receivers of the self. The cells are located on the outer surface of the self. If you take your self receptors and remove them, there would be no more you, you would never reject it, it would be a liver cell with no identity. Self cells, and transplanted into someone else’s receptors, it would be rejected, into someones else’s, it would be accepted as self. Identity is related to a set of antennas, on the surface of a in a cell. If you are doing an organ transplant in surgery, they do not want the recipients immune system to reject the cell. They look at the organs of the donor and the recipients, and they overlap some of the receptors, but never get a complete identical set of two people. The less recipients, of the receptors, a transplanted organ will go to that recipient.

Imagine a human, being a TV set, being a field coming into a personal antenna, if someone dies, it is still part of the field, the identity is still part of an energy field in the environment. In a different dimensional realm. We have a perpetual field that identifies us, this is what we refer to as reincarnation, we are a broadcast field, we are not really physical entities. Field represents invisible moving forces that influence the physical realm. That quantum physics and Spirituality, will and still say the same thing.

Our identity is not just locked into the body, it is locked into the field, wherever our cells are , will be the change in the field. Many mothers can recognize when their child somewhere in the world is having a problem. How is this possible? During child development, the placenta, stem cells migrate into the maternal system. Studies in Rome at the Vatican found out that the stem cells in the child, begin to be found in the mothers brain. A mother is equivalent to her offspring. It suggests that our identity is a source out in the field, it may be related to the sun and the planets because our identity is related to astrology as well. The moon, the sun, astro-physiology, The moon is the menstrual cycle of a woman. The moon was also known that snails move in spirals, it will never cross over its own tracks. They did an experiment when they put snails in a Y formation, and they were always going to right. However during the experiment they would go 50/50. When they looked at the data and the date, when the new moon was present, the snails behavior went 50/50. They created artificial gravity under the snails, 180 degrees off from the snails, then the snails continued to go to the right. The behavior of the snail is altered the behavior of the snail.

Identities are connected to the sun, the moon and planets because we all came from the same source. 3 different cells, a muslim cell, a christian cell and a jewish cell, all of the cells came form the same source, the difference in the programming. All people are connected, except we are separated from different factions. If we all knew we all came from the same source, we would all be in more harmony with each-other. The Journal of Nature, Richard Con Henry, says when quantum physics was first established consciousness was inhibiting the figures of our lives. What is most important is the conclusion that the universe is mental and spiritual “live and enjoy” Spiritual and mental entities creating our own lives.

The role of telomerase and telomerase, we could live more than 100 years. A human should now be living 150 years , replacing stem cells, we would be able to replace them allowing us to stay alive.


Laura Zukerman

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