Quantum Perceptions of Matter and Plutonium Physics.

Bruce Lipton, describes how genes are not able of controlling their own activities. Plutonium physicists say that a body can only respond to certain energy signals, in controlling changes that create biological behavior. To understand how life works, cloning stem cells in 1967, stem cells are the human bodies trillion cells, during embryology, structures and organs are created in our body. On a day to day basis we are losing hundreds of cells. How many days can you live, if you’re losing so many cells. With stem cells, embryonic cells can replace these dying cells. It divides every 10 or 12 hours, 2,4,8,10,22,32.. and so on. Now he has 30,000 genetic identifiable cells, splitting them into three peaty dishes. He feeds each culture medium, blood. He creates it to try to match the composition of blood. In environment A the cells were muscles. The environment B they formed body. Environment C was fat cells, the composition of the culture medium was the environment they were living in. Genetic Determinism, genes turn on and off and in the process control the process. However in the laboratory, they are not self actualizing.

Model with Gears, mechanism that carry out a function, the motor, the drive force that drives the force to move, the switch turns the motor on and off and the gage is to see how your car is basically performing. The Gears, the mechanism these are the proteins, there are over 100,000 different proteins each in a different shape, it is how you assemble the parts that create the different parts of the cells. All cells are made of molecular building blocks, proteins. Linear strings of amino acids. Pearls, 20 different amino acids, thousands amino acids beads, which create a protein filament, a human bodies amino acids could be positive and negative. As positive attracts negative a string will fold on itself to form a 3 dimensional molecule. 2 light charges when coming together repel. When to charges come together they attract. That string will self knit, into positive and negative strings. A protein synthesized will self knit into a 3 dimensional shape. The secret of life is each protein having electrical charges, through the filament. Proteins combine into environmental signals. If the signal has a charge, the protein shape is based on the distribution of charges. It is the movement of the protein that it utilized by the cell to carry out the function. Movement creates behavior. These proteins can change their shape, move and cause working functions to occur.

Proteins which are called pathways, the bodies structures are provided by proteins and the functions of the body is also provided by proteins, carrying out all the functions of life. The force causes all of these proteins to move. Proteins plus environmental signals equals behavior and that is how life works. Drugs, create signals to bring your body back to equilibrium.

Quantum physics in 1925 came into play saying that the whole world was made out of energy, especially in a newtonian materialistic scientific world. Democritis, a philosopher said the smallest particle of the universe was uncuttable. These were atoms, then their electrons, protons and neutrons, smaller particles. In 1915 physicists had a different perception they found that nano tornados inside the atom, there was no matter in it. in 1925- it was challenged, everything is made out of energy. A characteristic is energy, so how can you see us? Well its the trick of light, the light sends photons of the source, so it reflects back and you see the reflection. Photons of light being reflected on the surface. This is relevant because what we perceive as matter, is not all matter but energy signals. Protein changes, can be controlled by physical drug. However consciousness is a nerve cell manifesting an energy field. Consciousness is a vital source to controlling protein behavior, they can impact that operation and movement of our proteins. Our thoughts are not just random, influential and altering the proteins in our bodies. Controlling gene expression.

Looking at a model of an atom, the charge on an atom is equal positive and equal negative. The electrons in this particle atom in the model, shows that the charges are not equally balanced. If you were to bring a volt meter, it would read negative, then on the other side it would be positive. Atoms, spin just like tornados. One side is more negative blue, one side is red, more positive, it goes from positive to negative, we then see waves. That is invisible waves of positive and negative energy moving through the atoms, moving through the energy of the world. Albert Einstein said “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”All things made out of energy are interconnected, long distances, but if you could see an energy profile, it would be interacting with other energy fields. Everything is energy, everything is interconnected. We are radiating energy and we are absorbing energy.

The periodic table of elements, has a unique vibrational frequency. Energy does not just pass through, energies can interact with each other. Illusions of light, atoms are energy waves, atoms interact in energy waves. This is a changing of our whole understanding of the world. Our vibrations, each human is vibrating just like an atom, vibrating away. Interference is when two energies meet. Adding up the values of the waves, high and low peek and valley, they add up, it is not plus 1, its plus 2. The valley is minus 2. It creates a larger value, because there is more power. Constructive Interference.

Good vibes, would be energies that are in connection with you. You drop two rocks, they are out of faze, overlapping, one is plus 1- minus 1 – 0. The line flattens out, energy can cancel each other, its destructive not constructive. That is when you begin to feel bad vibes. An organism will move toward any energy, they will move that way. If they don’t feel well, they will turn around and go the other way, that goes for the same as humans. The most important aspect of a relationship is to feel the vibrational energies, the vibes. Always move towards positive vibrations, higher energy. Albert Einstein” The field is the sole energy, the particle of matter.” Energy determines the nature of who we are. The spirit, invisible moving forces that come into the world, spirituality that come into the field. We begin to understand why our lives come out the way that it does.


Laura Zukerman

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