Empowered Genetics and How we are in a State of Chaos, how to fix it.

Bruce Lipton, thought years ago, that cells alter their gene expressions based on their environments. In 1991, they coined the term epigenetic’s. Global chaos and how to understand our bodies as individuals and humanity as a whole. Human behavior and civilization as we know it is facing a collapse within the coming decades. The history of this planet, now 70-95% of this life on earth could become extinct. Scientists are saying that this 6th mass extinction is due to human behavior. In 1970, the world wide life did a survey, and they redid the survey and 63% of the animals have disappeared on this planet. Scientists have also recognized that by 2048, there will be no salt water fish, left in the ocean. Climate change is threatening the food supply of this planet. Nasa said that industrial civilization is facing its own collapse, we are creating our own extinction.

Spirit and matter used to be one and the same, you would honor the spirit and the self as one. In Animism. The Native Americans, Indians, Druids. They all lived in Animism. Polytheism the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, took the spirit out of the individuals of the world. Made gods for everything of everything we saw. That then faded out and monotheism came into being. Put it into one god, and sent that god off that planet. Now the new and current civilization is scientific materialism. A civilization has a life cycle, just like a star has a maturity it is born it dies. A person is born and they die. As we mature, we begin to have different beliefs and how the civilizations and the Universe works. Everything is always moving and transforming itself. Not facing these challenges causes our life and earth to collapse. Chaos is being abounded all over the planet. We must change the nature of life on this planet, human behavior is the main point in this problem. Crisis precipitates extinction.

Lets understand how we got into this current civilization, scientific materialism, it was founded by Isaac Newton, looking at the Universe as a machine, platonism physics. Studying the planets of the solar system, he created calculus. Using the calculus equation, he solved these equations and was able to accurately predict the movements of the planets in our solar system.

Quantum physics revealed that the entire universe is made out of one being , one thing, energy. The significance of that is that we as humans are energy as whole.

Physics says we will understand life through the physical realm, through the material realm Newton was using the prediction, which is the hallmark of science, understanding the mechanisms behind it. Newtonian physics, was therefore put into place. 4 fundamental myths that shape our world, is based on incorrect information. 1) Biology is based on newtonian physics. That we believe that our body conforms to chemistry, it leaves out spirit and moving forces. 2) Genes control our biology. Newtonian physics is a subdivision of Quantum physics. Genes running through family genetics, the genes do not convey what kind of life we have on this planet. 3) Darwinian theory of evolution, survival of the fittest. Animals reproduce faster than plants, that would mean competition. This is a belief that life is a struggle for competition, and that would make our planet a war zone. Cooperation, is what drives evolution, the complete and absolute opposite. Working in collective harmony. 4) Based on according to the Darwinian theory, is generated by a random mutation. An alter of the genetics. How did we get here? random accidents? Why are we here? The genetic confusion. Is there a purpose for human civilization, it was not all chance. That idea of random mutation are well adapted to every environment that they are in. Each of the animals and plants and humans on this planet, organisms adapt to their genetics to conform to their environment. Balance and Harmony is what we seek.

Epigenetic, is a brand new science- epi- means above, skin is called epi-dermis, above the dermis. Epi-genetic- control above the genes. The environment and our perception of our environment controls our genes. We are masters of our genetics. We have built a culture on these four beliefs that are pat-only incorrect, we need to build the new insights, the nature of our universe, the nature of genes. How we adapt to these understandings is how we are going to survive into the future. How are we involved in the garden that we inherited, forestalling that 6th mass extinction.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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