The Path to Paradise

To discover the true meaning behind subject, it is sometimes necessary to unlearn what we have been taught. Eastern traditions vs Western traditions. Accepted overtime as dogma, what is paradise really about? John Michel, said paradise is biological perfection, the rose, the crystal, reflecting an ideal symmetry. Same as with humanity, traditional philosophy reverses the evolutionist notion that we are descendants from divine creation.

Traditionally philosophy reverses the evolutional notion, that we are descendants from divine creation, and can properly assemble into divine paradise. Our questions begins with the nights Templar, in the 12th century , they made a vow to discover the joys of paradise. It is known that an inner brotherhood of the Templar, conducting a secret ritual in a mystical revolution. In the 14th century, they then changed their name to the Free Masonry. The initiates who completed the ritual, said that they were able to overcome death, and be free. Was there something more to the Templar, a spiritual angle perhaps?

They also conducted secret rituals that accommodated on the spring equinox, the Scotland Free Masonry. In the masonic 3rd degree, they are pronounced risen from the dead and his or her blind fold is removed, they became enlightened. Through an actual ritual in an underground chamber where they had out of body experiences. They said they had been free from fear of physical death. It gave them a completely different view of how the world was form how it really appears. 17th degree, the most spiritual of all teachings. Teaching the laws of nature. Sums of hundreds of thousands of years of information and the actual teachings of acquired knowledge. Around 8000 B.C a group of sages introduced a sacred book to japan, the way of Esay. The Japanese name for isis. 17 tie or ways, proper conduct , or spirituality or practitioner, or spiritual perfection. Teaching a person how to embody a perfect spiritual state of mind.

A fertile plane, surrounded by water, is a metaphor for the island of wisdom. A place, that was placed by the gods. In metaphysical terms, it begins to access knowledge at its purest level, this paradise. Earth energy, flows like an invisible serpent. The self empowerment, the individual through the laws of nature, through chastisement and sin. Specialized information, celestial mechanics and spiritual truths. The stories finally reached the ancient Greeks. After their personal involvement scholars such as Plato, Aristotle and others, started to understand what they were talking about. Convincing that the soul was immortal, without facing physical death. They unanimously said that these experiences opened their eyes to the true nature of the soul. “Beyond the world of gods, relies a world of realities in true shape but utterly real.” Plato. The aim of the seeker, was to become conscious in this out of body experience. Their life long desire was wisdom, but he said that there was no way of finding wisdom; without coming out of your spiritual body.

Lucious Apolicous – also said that in metaphysical dimensions, he said he journeyed through all of the dimensions and then came back to himself. Being reborn and brought back on a road to a new blessing. Why would one man need two places to bury himself? Look carefully and the answer is all around you. The book to the hidden chamber, solve, concentrate and return to your living body. Allowing this person to leave and come back a million times.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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