Artificial Immortality

Seneca said “The day of our death, is the birth of eternity and once you die, you join the immortal.” What if you could live forever? Evolution gave rise to a species that now does something to itself. Now for the first time, we have a scientific possibility to bring AI- making us not only extending upon human life but making us immortal. What if there would be a way to avoid the inevitable? Transcending human life, allowing the life of someone to make death optional. Some people believe we can use technology, for immortality. Terra Sim. They say the soul is day, the information that is the soul is capsuled, and transferrable.

If you could capture the essence of who you are, your thoughts, feelings, the moment you first fell in love, your deepest lost, the way you felt when your first baby was born. Terra Sim believes these memories could be captured and transferred to achieve immortality, through immortality. Merging our minds, with machines, transferring consciousness into Artificial consciousness and conquering death.

Deepak Chopra, has created an AI of himself, so that he keep his life on immortality. This is called digital Deepak. An avatar, that can think clearly. The creator of the AI, is with a woman named Anne, who asks about people seeking immortality? He says, “There is no need to wait for death or heaven to prove that eternity is real.”

Augmented Eternity, is a digital creation, on anyone being able to create their personas. The key thing about the AI, is that they can create the logical brain, not the emotional side of the brain. So how to do you get the sense of presence and feeling. AI avatars now can capture feelings and thoughts. Uploading these ideas of emotional wisdom, they focus on 2 core layers, the interaction layer. Avatar, chat interface, email.

The other component is the Algorithm, how the data comes in. If you think about facebook, instagram, twitter, you give up your data, and on his platform, your data is encrypted, but now owned by the company. A new kind of information, where we could hold our own data accountable? That is very important for the world.


Laura Zukerman

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