Visiting Atlantis Figuring Out What it is Now.

We are all seekers in this universe, in search of something greater. In search of meaning, we are going to take a look into the past George S Alexander and Natalis Rosen, as they join the lines between fact and myth to make astonishing discoveries. A great civilization, noble, powerful people, royalty , luxury, an ancient civilization of Atlantis? Plato who lived about 2,400 years ago, said that Atlantis was real, he gave descriptions of the size and the descriptions of the people. His writings revealed that solan, who was a great greek statesman who invented democracy, told him about it. He traveled to Egypt to the city of Sice, Egypt during this time. He wanted to find out the origin of human civilization. A man he encountered told him the detailed stories about Atlantis. Solan’s notes were published 6 generations later, by Plato. This is how the great legend survived.

Atlantis, according to Platos were colonies. The empire of Atlantis was made up of ten kingdoms, positioned outside of Gibraltar. The main island was Atlantis, the capital city. He gave the measurements of the capital city of 23.5 kilometers across, a huge city. Circles of land and water. Plato says”There were encirclements 2 of land and 3 of water.” 2 land rings, and three water rings, the holy and sacred center and empire of Atlantis, it housed the royal family and the temple of Poseidon. The area was reserved for the royal elite, protected by mighty rings and walls. The first ring was said to be known to priesthoods. Atlantis in the second water ring, was Military, holding 12,000 ships, housing all the navy stores and supplies. Soldiers training facilities. The third water ring was the harbor and transport system. Plato then describes downtown Atlantis “densely crowded and popular at night.” It was considered the city of gods and protected by a great army. About 12,000 years ago, Atlantis was completely destroyed. Plato was a reputable philosopher and insisted what he was saying is true. Solan, was a one of the seven sages, who told him all about Atlantis and he also studied it.

During early space missions, there was a discovery that is making scientists and geologists dumbfounded about the discovery. “The Richart” The eye of Africa, from space it is very visible. Due to its contours, it stretches about 50 kilometers across, 23 kilometers down. The origins of the magnificent structure thought it might have been a crater. Others proposed it was from Volcanic activity. The place has been severely eroded and dried out. The Richart, looks like a man-made structure, it is exactly like the shape of Atlantis. The match of the eye of Africa, resembles that the remains are hidden in the saharan desert, in Mauritania. Mauritania is home to 3 million people, as Egypt has a population of about 10,000 people. Mauritanians speak Arabic and Islamic. Mauritania, is amongst the richest fishing areas in the world. Driving through the plain, they drove for four hours saying that this is probably where Atlantis was. The outer ring was 23 kilometers just as Plato said. The circumference was equidistance from the center. These areas show rings from above. He shows and speaks about giant tsunamis. “Atlantis was sunk by an earth quake, and the whole ocean was wiped out.” Atlantis had turned into a mud barrier. It was then the dry sand that is known as the Richart, destroyed and covered by the mud. What could this place had been during the time of Atlantis. Tech-tonic movement and Volcanic activity.

The country was surrounded by mountains being sheltered by mountains sheltered to the north and plains to the south as Plato describes, The Richart, is probably where Atlantis was. The Sahara used to be flowing with rivers and streams. Plato also says there were many elephants around the island, they found elephant remains, near The Richart. How fascinating is it to figure out that we might have found this incredible place from 12,000 years ago! And it bearings are in Africa.

So what happened to the magnificent people, and the area itself? They were taken to a museum that showed the artifacts, the ancient stone spheres which could have served as an artillery function. Used in organized warfare, or naval warfare. This gives further evidence for a very sophisticated Ancient civilization. There were arrowheads, that were thousands of years old, copper heads were also found around the Richart. This should known be studied more, as an archeological site, to figure out that this might have been where Atlantis was, the kilometers are accurate, the materials that were left behind. Plato said stone was used in their work, the buildings were made of stone, the locals take loose and cut rocks, using stones. Examining a satellite image, you see a center. Plato says the stones were white, black and red. In the valley of the Richart, the stones are white, black and red. The same colors that plato has described! Endless heaps of loose rocks. However, if the walls and buildings were wiped away through a tsunamis or an earth quake, it would have wiped out everything. How sad is that, such beautiful history.


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