The Lost Secret of Immortality and How to go for Moral Attainment to Immortality or Enlightenment.

To enter the Dow, is immortality the everlasting life? Or is it to shield you, from the ideas of death? What are the ideas of life after death? Unlocking the secret to who you really are, you can open the hidden doors to discover the genius inside of you. Achieving enlightenment is to realize your ultimate potential. The eternal light of the Kundalini, discovering your true self, your true nature, far more powerful than you could ever imagine. You will experience total inner illumination.

According to every day reality, only through spirituality practice, is innate, to know that this moment is the only moment you are going to get. It is blissful, serene and wide open to any possibility you want. You can achieve enlightenment and master spiritual alchemy. Early historical records show man has searched far and wide for immortality. Alchemists experimented with animals, plants and minerals. Their work led to chemistry, physics and medicine. They searched through the study of mediation, yoga, and the martial arts, the eastern alchemists believed that they could achieve this through the arts and conception through their own bodies. The western alchemists believed that they could find immortality through metals such as gold through a secret immortality. The philosophers stone, was supposed to say that if they could destruct it, it could turn mortals into immortals.

The goal the enema, the spirit or the corpus of the physical body, was represented to be known as the trinity. Every human being has the potential to master spiritual alchemy. The Kundalini is the enlightened energy within you, waiting to be awakened. The search that spanned centuries and the earth, through alchemy, was then found to be Kundalini. It is a dormant energy relying in the lower body , through meditation, yoga practices and immortality. Many of the alchemists such as Jesus, Buddha and others believed that the Spiritual light was in the body. Jesus said that “The spiritual light is within you.” China, India and Tibet use this activation to achieve enlightenment.

The basic theory of the philosopher stone is being rediscovered by science, because it is to unite the energy of the body with the energy of the universe. In alchemy this is called squaring the circle. There are descriptions in esoteric teachings in Africa, China, Tibet and America, it is the solar principle of man. The basic teaching of man. In the I-Ching, the oldest sacred text of china, it is called the original spirit. In the east, there is a whole Kundalini activation, where the person sees a whole view point of themselves, when they are fully awakened. When you successfully cultivate this, opening up your meridians, your own Chi unites with the Chi of the universe. Can you hold the spirit and the body as one, clearing your mind, remaining detached.

In Indian yoga scriptures, Kundalini was coiled in scriptures, the serpent swallowing its tail was considered the alchemy. When you fully activate Kundalini in your body, in all ethic traditions, true success comes from finding the real spiritual gold within yourself. Through other spiritual and mental practices. Kundalini yoga theory is known to be the energy in the lower body and raised to the top of the head, it is the most ancient secret of yoga. The legendary golden elixir, is actually the realization of attainment of immortality or the recreation of conception. This person has transcended life, death, space and time. Spiritual freedom, is something that Buddha, meaning awake, when asked if a man is a god or a man, he said “I am awake.” Chinese say, a spark of light from the beginning of time, midway between your naval and spine, created at the time of conception, has been known as the face of god, or the first matter. The avidity, the central channel, the elevation of consciousness moving through your body around the heart chakra, is where everything opens up for you.

Working with these energies, allows us to open up the physical, chemical, electronic and mental energies. Being available to whatever it is you are doing, where missing the hermitage, the fullness of a person becoming themselves through spiritual practice, however we are getting there. Are you in an illusion? That is the question. One of the most ancient Tibetan practices is called dream yoga, one of the legendary 6 practices of Neropa. What makes you certain you are awake or dreaming right now? If you could control your own dreams, dreams are so powerful that they could change the world. Dreams occur outside of 3 dimensional space and time and can reveal the future.

Many of the great scientific studies, are communications within dreams, correlating to Quantum Mechanics. As you are simultaneously doing the same thing right now in multiple dimensions. To control dreams while you are dreaming, it can completely transform your reality. Your waking life is also part of your dream state, you need to ask yourself is this a dream? Discovering your true self, while in a lucid dream, go to a mirror and see if you can see your reflection in that mirror. Lucid dreaming, to realize you are dreaming while you are dreaming is enlightenment, greater awakening through spiritual practices. If you recognize that you are dreaming, you have found some sort of dreaming. The goal of dream yoga is to help discover who you really are, self discovery and eventually ultimate enlightenment.

If you see through your dreams, you can see the woven qualities of all phenomena. The dream of enlightenment, that makes immortality possible. It is a wonderful blessing. The tradition of dream yoga, you can use nocturnal experience, as time for practice. If you turn sleep into a practice, it will become engaged in some type of spiritual activity. “To know oneself is wisdom, to master oneself is enlightenment.”

To conquer one self requires the ultimate power, you can enter the Dow, through marital arts, achievement of seeing your original face, the embryo, which you ignite the energy of the body with the energy of the dow, inner illumination transpires. The microcosm of the body heals the macrocosm of the universe. Healing the mind, body and spirit.

Body dharma, is all about enlightenment itself, a physical process itself. Activating the original mind, using the source energy, or returning the original spirit to void it out. The dow, is based on heaven, earth and spirituality. The creation of Ti-Chi, observed a snake and a bird, the serpents agility used its tactics to survive. The highest level of martial arts has the potential to transform them into a living Buddha, many benefit and use these techniques to become enlightened. The Jing, Chi, Chen, are the 3 most powerful permanent states that if completed masted can create the enlightened mind, and discover, the true powers one holds.

Once the warrior enters the dow, they no longer fear death, this is how the warrior is able to move through fire and water without harm. Whether to remain in the body or not, there is no difference from being in the world or being out of it. If the body being material, can achieve this secular point, can it go even deeper than that. When the spirit and the body unite as one, they live forever, it is said.

The warrior hides his light, healing his brilliance, studying the dow, without stopping, when the spirit enters the dow, they become absorbent through the dow. If you cultivate the dow, you can merge with the down through subtle energy, transcendence emerges.

The beauty of the tantric system is seeing something sacred, the natural disasters that occur, the beauty is still sacred. Buddha is said to be known in the vagina of a woman. To achieve enlightenment, it is found as a reproductive energy of the body, the energy of conception a conception of awakening and transcendence. This enables the individual to transcend birth and time. Sexual Yoga, can help you to achieve enlightenment as well.

Buddha hood being found in the vagina of a woman, is said to transform a normal person into an enlightened individual. Tantras have said that more woman than men will practice enlightenment more, therefore they will achieve it faster. However, that might not always be true. We can all achieve enlightenment as long as practice is involved on a daily basis. The vagina enlightenment, is said to be openness, luminosity and pleasure. That is something that we come across through textual artifices. Conception itself is an imagery of sexuality. Sexuality is going on in every cell of your body right now. The light of the sun, forming every single cell in your body. Your double helix, living that sexual bliss with the proteins that keep you alive. If you are enlightened you can see every particle at all times, a blissful , highly energetic kind of life. The difference is diligent practice. In sexual yoga, it has always been something to do with elite families and the customs and beliefs of that specific family.

The entire universe is found to exist within the mind. Buddhist monks are mostly celibate, but they do access sexual yoga, and the Mahamudra which is complete enlightenment, is something that is experienced. The complete potential is when the human being transforms into a mortal into an immortal. Using specialized breathing methods. The void of the dow, is all connected to preconception. Recreating conception through sexual yoga. The yellow empire, who is said to have used the 3 bodies, in tantric enlightenment.


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