Super Natural Mind with Joe Dispenza

Our subjective mind produces subjective changes in the external world. If something is going on inside of us, what is the process that we begin to measure. If it happens a few times it could be a coincidence, if its happening more then a few times, its a scientific experiment. Carly, one of Joes clients, was diagnosed with dairy foods allergies. They took her off of a lot of these dairy supplements. She kept having reactions. They had talked about her limitations, and that was not a word that she wanted to hear. In 2007, this women’s husband committed suicide while jumping off a building. She did not know how to control herself, she was so emotional, she was depressed, however she kept on going. One year later, she was tired and stressed out and she could not stand up and walk. She got ulcers in her mouth, in her mucus membrane, she could not walk for a year. She was in pain. in 2011, she got esophagus cancer, she tried the chemo. From the moment she got the chemo her heart rate went up to 200, she wanted to pull it out. 2 hours later, she asked for it be out, and they pulled the infusion out. They called emergency she was taken to the hospital. They called it an autoimmune reaction, this was all based upon stress and trauma. A army officer had PTSD, from being in the Iraq war, and that he needed to get to the core traumas on the experiences that he did experience. He wanted to find a non pharmaceutical way to figure out how to cope with the PTSD.

If you keep the brain wave patterns infused, they become disintegrated, disorderly messages to the rest of the body. If you look at the depression that we are seeing as a society, there is a crying out there in the world right now that people are in pain and suffering. Transformation is teachable, creating a new model to provide a language that it is not based on tradition, culture or religion. This tends to divide people. Well being is coping with adversity, it happens, we are all subject to adversity somehow in our lives. Resilience is about the ebb and flow, the ability naturally you can overcome these tributaries. We can learn that we can come to this conclusion, that we if we all took this conclusion seriously, it could be a national and global movement to help our well being.

Everything we do affects our brains, our environment, the way we compel. If we instill qualities of equanimity, kindness, we adopt these mental habits that will create change. Enduring these changes, is through mediative practices. There are certain steps. There are 4 kinds of meditation, walking, standing, sitting, lying down. We are going to begin to practice standing up and raising your energy in your body. Through sitting and standing. The Buddhist monks, show studies that they can use these tools of modern brain waves to calm their mind. neuroscience, to help depression and anxiety, so why cant we use meditation to calm the mind, to reduce suffering. These are transformative practices, mindfulness revolution is pushing the neuroscience revolution forward. The resting mind is actually quite busy, however through meditative practices you can come it down through certain brain waves as certain hertz.

Mindfulness Cancer Recovery Center is showing, when people have a traumatic experience such as cancer. When they feel the connection of mindfulness, now cancer centers are offering this all around the world to cancer patients, healing cancer. Through mediation, you can come to terms with memories, and emotional feelings you may have never felt before. The hind brain, in true presence, the forebrain begins to silence everything else. Volume control. Getting people beyond there association and time and space is a skill, your journey back to source. The same level of mind, that you are living from in your external world is not the mind that produces what you need to fix you. You need to lose track of time, you reach a point in your neural circuit. You need the operator to fix the subconscious mind, to heal you from the inside out.

Joe Dispenza begins to help people in his seminar. You measure your brain in real time , during meditation, when a person is struggling, how different compartments are synchronizing and what sinks together links together. That level of orderliness, integrates this level of coherence sending a system down your central nervous system, organizing all other systems as well. As you start opening your focus, your vast infinite void, your awareness in the unified field, the wholeness, coherence begins to consume incoherence and the brain becomes more integrated. Beta begins to become Alpha, and the inner world, begins to become the outer world. The brain wants to do one thing at this point, it wants to create brain order. Brain mapping measures your progress, by going into your meditations to help heal yourself.

You see the front of the brain talking to the back of the brain, the brainwaves becomes highly coherent and that moves right into the heart and the coherence becomes greater. Stepping into the practical, changing peoples internal states, the practical leaving the philosophical and alines it, to lead to a mastery or a skill. When the energy hits the head, there is a bright light, you can feel the current, the blast, the movement, you cant fully explain it. It is an inward experience. The sympathetic nervous system becomes switched on. The gamma is aroused form the divine. 750 people in the room, are activating the center of oneness, wholeness. People begin to create their future.

When you embrace these elevated emotions, you are selectively constructing new genes in new ways. These people, felt this incredible experience, feeling a strong coherence, tears of joy, being baptized by the divine. So whole, so in love with themselves, when you feel whole, you feel like you have everything. There is a biological, genetic and psychological upgrade, no longer experiencing problems or heartache. You become stronger. You feel the emotional experience, and you let it go. They change their state of being. They have to get into the operating system of the subconscious mind, it can heal you from the inside it, it can heal cancer, trauma, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimers disease and more. It is so beautiful to know that the world is using these meditative states to heal themselves, because it really is a wonderful feeling, to feel the oneness, the coming together. Breaking old patterns and becoming more self confident within yourself. Being able to come out on the other side, is what made you who are today. If you decide to not be victimized anymore, your fear, your anxiety does not serve you, getting out of yourself, your body and using your mind to co-operate those feelings, can really change everything. Rewiring your brain, is incredible, it really is.

The research in mindfulness in the brain , through purely mental activity we can change our brain. We all have the capacity to shape our brain. The more focused a person is correlates to happiness and joy. When you are suffering, it makes you feel fear, depression and aggression. When you change from the inside out, you can realize how much joy is in your life. It is beyond that, being grateful for what you have. Everyday, you can live your best life, and that is invaluable. The way that we survive is through cooperation, not in separation.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God

Goddess/God on Fire ❤