Phi, The Evolution of Consciousness

According to science, most of us when we sleep have amnesia, but really there is a creative process that happens in the dream state that is what happens when we are in the awake world. If you want to master the awake world, you must sleep and dream. Now as plato says “learning is remembering” Remembering what we forget in the active earth. Letting go of your fear, and forget the illusion in this life. What is this thing everyone calls god? The newest science is starting to point in the same tradition as these ancient traditions. Inside of any finite boundary is an infinite amount of information, meaning we are infinite beings.

We are a minuscular higher from reality, we do not know where we are going, why we are here, and we can be gone at any second. In light of that how do we behave? Does this even matter? Consciousness is evolving, we learn from our experience and we try to offer what we know to one another. Bringing that sense of oneness together. One of the beauties of nature is to see all of creation in a series of fractals. it comes from the world fractal. All the way down to higs and bosons, as above so below, is indicating this self similarity from the above to the below. We are holographic images, from divine source.

The golden ration, the golden proportion is what creates all harmony. There is confusion about the golden meaning, the golden section, it is the cutting of a magnitude at an A Semitic point at the ratio to the longer segment is to the shorter segment. You have proportion when the whole is to the longer segment to the shorter segment. There is the divine proportion where you get exactly, the primatial scission, the first cut. That is the beauty, harmony and best relationships with the universe on all levels.

If everything is just above 50 percent above size, it is static and stuck. In life you need one size that gives more matter, so we can give more meaning to everything. The body is a resonant golden proportional instrument. The plants, the golden cuts, you never get a perfect cut. Plants are using the golden ratio, through their arms, feet and branches. It is used by all the universe everywhere. You need to know what you are looking for and understand the geometry that is involved. 137.5 degrees, directly related to 160 degrees in the equation, you get phi. The golden ratio, which can be calculated into phi. A factual series to infinity, never stops. The golden ratio at 1.6180339, is pulling everything in nature towards it. The Fibonacci sequence, starts at 0 and 1. When these numbers, each new number is the sum of the previous 2. It goes 0112353213455 and so on. It goes above and below, zooming in collapsing into the golden section, the magnet that pulls everything towards it. It is teleological, things are moving in, being pulled to divine source.

Ratio is a universal language, all of nature, right down to subatomic particles all contain these numbers. How deep does this really go. Human consciousness also spirals in this way, it is a diritive pattern. Consciousness is the ability to react to stimuli, if you look at a proton and a neutron you would be able to say it reacts to consciousness. Planets, need billions of years of cleaning of the atmosphere, that eventually gets enough oxygen, vascular plants, the network of ecosystems. This then brings animals, and humans becoming and getting bigger brains, through consciousness and work. There are very few animals that do that.

When babies are born, they do not know they have a body. They realize their confines of their physical body. They are in their subconscious state, looking at an instinctual state. Human beings when they become conscious choose for or against. When we look and label, we stop and solidify what is changing and modeling, based on our belief structures, our lives our sleep states and our emotional states.

As first people understand there physical self, then people realize that they are not their body, but they have a body. They realize they have thoughts, feelings and desires. They are not talking about what they are looking at, but what they are looking from. That something new is awareness itself. Your identity is awareness. This body is inside of your awareness. Everything outside of you is inside of you and there is not a separation between them. When you identify that as me, you identify it by looking through yourself, by looking into yourself.

The meanings we all face, the struggles are all about fear, the fact that people dont understand that everything we are and everything we see on this planet is just illusion. Everything vibrates, everything moves to and fro. Everything has a period, like a pendulum. Light, love. We have never found anything that is not matter, everything is made up of vibrational atoms. If the cosmos began from a starting from a single point, one point then became two, because the probability of the other probably disappeared. What do you do if you are a dot with a finite life time, those particles then make their copies. That is a flow along a Fibonacci spiral, you get unpredictability, things start colliding. A breathing in of order, a breathing out of chaos.

A wave is born out of this duality, you go from singularity, you need duality for a spiraling wave action to appear. Religions and superstitions come up with patterns, however to find truth is hypothesis testing. Coincidence, happens in the field, it is what we trust, what drives the world, it is what we are made of, what we are. Phi is the name that is given to the golden proportion. It is a spiral itself. The capital letter, is a symbol that is the bell energy of the universe, the woman goddess, the curve and the straight line. The yin and yang are perfectly harmonized, to express the golden ratio.

The yin and the yang, is the interplay between the void and creative impulse, we are born through this. The void, the stillness, the suffering, our consciousness before thought. The yang is what is born out of that, the creative and the movement. Yin is the ultimate stillness, when you reach the calm state, coming into contact with your true nature. Stillness is where we are an in a place where we can experience reality, through stopping the mind. Quieting or exciting the mind, losing the observer, you become in the non dual state. You also have vision, through your consciousness, through your filters. Your awareness and your openness, to harmony and harmonization of the Delphic oracle, finding the mean between the experiences.

Beauty is what of the most inherent forces on the planet, you look at something beautiful and there is no denying it, crystals are hard, and fragile. They are solid however, transparent. Your eye probably has never lived through that much dense matter before. Within the being, they hold a great paradox. We see in binaries, we see the edges, the ears hear differences in sound. Binary systems, are made up in ourselves. Our species, manifest within polarity, and that is how we process reality. If there is an in-breath , there is an out-breath. Polarity can be held by both aspects of it.

You cant understand how good something is, until something is light and dark, the most amazing things that are happening, through divine consciousness, and where does that spectrum lie within us. Negatives and fear, is trying to protect oneself. The voice of courage will say other things, to take a center place, rather than to take a spiritual progression. Divine consciousness, is about the spectral capacity, that you need to find that inner divine consciousness within oneself. In order to understand the world, you make the rules for your own life, new age consciousness is about working with the chakras, looking deeper, digging deeper into the main problems. Shadow is pieces of yourself that you pushed aside and suppressed. What is traumatic for you might not be traumatic for others, but you cant let that bother you. We project our shadow , typically the things we do not realize, we are unconscious of this, we need to see this externalize it and begin to work with this.

Whatever you need to learn and work with, you see it reflected on your outer world. Something is happening in our outer lives, but we do not see it as ourselves, it could be in form but not in our identity. Then there is the collective shadow, our own personal work, then global consciousness, of our culture, our family our collective consciousness. It makes the other, the enemy fight this consciousness. We isolate ourselves from experiences, if we do the inner work, we would not be fighting inner demons.

There is a collective ego that forms within a group, that does not have a monetary conscious. We have forgotten things, in conscious form. We started as homo-sapiens, then to lion, then to deluding, divorcing yourself and the connection you have to divine source. What kind of cellular foot print do we want to leave on this earth? Why we believe somebody becomes the version of their false self, through trauma or after trauma, we must connect, cope. Childbirth, is a connection and trauma, and yet why do most children seem to quite well, authentic attachment, the oxytocin, the mothers breast, the baby staring into the mothers eyes. Trauma comes from divine false attachment, and the psyche becomes divides into that false attachment. Humiliation, shame, gets held by the body, the muscles and can create serious sickness. When you wish to be more , the experience to be more than it is.

The body is the temple of god, the ego however is the devil in spirituality. Ego has taken over so much subconscious energy, that the body has lost the sense of feeling. This feeling is the different aspects of your life. The consciousness gets changed into the rut. Disease happens from problems from your outside world, when they get stuck, they become attached to the sickness, to cope, can be demoralizing. You can blame it on your past, to justify it. You suffer, when you realize you are doing this, is when you take full responsibility for every single aspect of your life. Through what you are experiencing you know that through emotional turmoil you become stronger, even if you are terminally ill, you can heal through all of these processes.

Pain can be your greatest teacher, getting the lesson. We might not always get the lesson the first time around. If you are reacting from fear, or letting preconceived ideas, prejudices, biases, flavor your action, is not free will. Free will is that you have a choice, when something comes up you need to investigate all the possibilities of it and then through your choice, might bring you free will. Karma is real. When every your thoughts , feelings and actions are against the reality, you are creating Karma. If you judge a person or a situation, you are creating Karma, it comes from who you are not as programmed by your past experiences.

Behavior, your belief system will always lead to behavior that will always create your reality. All the years you have experienced in your life, that programming is your past. That resurfacing from your past, is a reaction to what is present! If you re-create your painstaking the problems from your past, it is driven by fear, driven by feeling less then, you have to step out of your dynamic and take personal accountability for the pattern that is going on in your life. Every-time karma comes up from what is present, you are dismantling from that karmic event, when you withdraw that reaction; you see the person or objectification as they are.

The paradox of the control, the more you try to take control, you will not get far. From inner wisdom and integrity, you are in control of you, no one else. No one has the power to take compassion away from you. You can surrender to who you really are, christ was so heavily abused, for doing such wonderful work, he had found complete death of his ego. He showed us the way of how to die. By following what he did on the cross is how we become liberated. Ultimately everyone will achieve this consciousness, it might take some time, but it will personal healing, that will take time. As long as there are battles going on with yourself, you will not go far, you have to heal yourself in order to heal others. Divine source connection, will help you, because you know if somethings goes wrong it will not serve you well. Uniting with our consciousness , allows the human race to move forward and change the world from the inside out. Tap into your greatest kindness, and live your greatest strengths. Have the courage to tell the truth, do what serves you. Take time to find out the way you would love to do something, regardless of what someone else is doing. There is only one life, if we are not kind to one another, it will be a miserable existence.

Take the time to love what you do. We are all connected, we have to understand that, if we are not kind to one another, it will be a miserable existence for us. It is a sincere effort, to let go of your pain and suffering. We are the perpetrators of the suffering going on. You must forgive for being so naive, for being so hateful. We are destroying this planet so fast, that I pray that there is a future for our children. You need how to learn how to be in harmony with your neighbor, your pattern, your home, your community. Just as though the universe is in harmony with you. Your ego mind is so crazy, enter the silence, and you will feel the god like presence of who you really are. Music is a huge release of soul energy, to heal you back to health.


Laura Zukerman Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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