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Sleep is something that protects our health, and without it we can get cardiovascular disease. Sleep deficiency is said that if you do not sleep for 6 hours a night you are more likely to die early. 41 percent of us are getting 6 hours or less a night. The smart phone is stressing people out. There are many ways too sleeplessness, it causes weight gain, depression, heart disease and more. Today we will find out how to tell if your sleep deprived. What do you need to do to sleep better.

Being awake for 40 hours, what does it do to your health, In Dublin, if you do not sleep for forty hours, the researchers will test cognition and brain functions as well as tracking blood pressure and heart rate. The people who are doing the test will need to stay awake. You lose your appetite, you become short tempered. Babies can make you stay awake at night, from the crying and them needing their bottles. Individually babies can get by, for the adults its the problem for them to get the right amount of sleep at night.

Sleep consultant Lucy Wilk, said that 70 percent of parents struggle to get a good nights sleep. One night without sleep does not effect your IQ, however it will effect your brain function, your attention and your ability to react. Doctor Yuan Esartel, he will use tests to use your memory and then walking on your attention, concentration and reaction. They were developed by Cambridge cognition. Jenny Stockman, says she has been a long awake for 20 hours. Over the forty hours, the cognitive declines, you will see them being irritable, they wont be able to focus well.

Sleep is an important part of the different stages of sleep, the brain requires sleep, because the cortex needs the sleep. We use more energy in sleep than we do in day time. The metabolic pathways, help us to restore our tissues. People who are sleep deprived have risks for strokes and other cardiac diseases. Sleep apnea is when the person chokes int here sleep, the brain detects the throat closure and makes the brain open up the throat, however this is very dangerous.

The only definitive way to figure out a sleep problem , is to do a diagnostic study, most sleep problems are not diagnosed. Sleep apnea, is a problem for many people in the world. If its left undiagnosed, it could lead to heart disease. Longer term sleep disruption is more associated with chronic heart disease, abnormal metabolic responses, suppressions of the immune system which can cause cancerous tumors. In a scientific study , mice, who did not sleep, were getting cancerous tumors in a research study.

Staying asleep affects 1 in 3 people in Ireland. One women went 72 hours without sleep. Getting by and coping is a dangerous insomniac disorder, because learning and memory are helping through adequate sleep. Brain waves, a psychomotor vigilant test, this response is an infection on sleep deprivation. The volunteers, will feel their body clocks saying , it is time to sleep. This is the greatest trance of neuroscience, the super cosmetic nuclei, saying it is time to stay awake and time to go to sleep. Melatonin only flows when the sky is dark at night, that is based around our biology clock , or are circadian rhythm.

As they approach 24 hours , their attention may wonder, sleep deprivation causes certain parts of the brain to shut down. Shift work itself is known to have major heath impacts. Shift work overrides this biology which says that you need to be in a resting state. Night shift work is now classified as a night shift carcinogen. Looking after your body and your health, when starting shift work. Supplements that are great to take for sleep are vitamin D and melatonin. Stabilizing a style for shift workers.

Lucy Feldman is trying to break the cycle of toddlers and sleep deprivation. Lucy has identified that the last bottle, does not make him sleepier, the nap needs to bring him into a full stomach. Making the main meal dinner, will help their sleep. By changing the sleeping and eating, it could change everything. Daylight serves as a master, 25 percent of cognitive ability declines after no sleep for 24 hours. Resisting the sleep signal, the lack of signal is to use sleep proxy to help as an adult. A tendency , a sedative does not 100 percent help the cognitive ability while you are sleeping. Sleeping tablets, are not very good, more stimulant , more sedatives can generate insomnia. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, has a 75 percent rate. They need to adapt maladaptive habits.

Consolidating your sleep, is to bash them all together, when being able to face into the day. Recent decades have been saying that it is poor on health. Doctors have been able to diagnose sleep obstruction sleep apnea. People who have this condition can not mimic this condition, or simulate what they have done when they sleep, there is a very effective condition, airway path machines, like a vacuum cleaner, oxygen levels can be fixed over night. The severe sleep apnea, has dropped to 0 in over 1 night. People start to feel better in about one night, sleep apex, helps the throat closure. When Patricia was holding her breath in her sleep, it was in the normal range, her symptoms were dreaming very quickly while falling asleep, and sleep paralysis, which is narcolepsy, being associated with being very tired and sleepy during the day. You can fall asleep on the spot with narcolepsy, it can be very dangerous.

The brain is central to sleep, moments in attention in micro-sleep is when your eyes are open but you are asleep. The cognitive tests have been taking 22 percent longer in cognitive ability. Losing an hour or two a night can be linked to help problems, some people can get by on 6 hours of sleep, some people need 9. If you feel irritated or overly impulsive, these are all signs you are not getting enough sleep. The problem about the tired brain is detecting how tired it actually is. It can kill neurons in your brain from sleep deprivation because you replenish muscular regeneration while you are sleeping.

Science has revealed a lot about the sleep in the last 50 years. REM was identified in 1950s we have 3 states, wakefulness, sleep and REM sleep. Dream sleep is different , it has dream states. You can sleep in a non-rem sleep, and this can cause problems as well. one of the common symptoms of narcolepsy is when someone loses muscle control. It is a loss of a neurotransmitters in our brain. With autoimmune triggers and vaccines can help this sleep disorder. There are medicines you can take to stop narcolepsy. If you child is falling asleep in class, or very tired all of the time, make sure to look into it.

Because we are able to get by with little sleep, if we prioritize sleep we will be able to have better brain function, fixing our neural pathways in our brain. Our consciousness will be more alert and you should be getting 6-9 hours of sleep a night. The volunteers have been awake for 36 hours. They are staying awake, blood pressure is linked to sleep deprivation. It leads to high blood pressure with no sleep. As we wake up to the negative consequences, CBTI, can help the narcolepsy or the sleep deprivation. Sleeping, is all about getting into your bed, doing meditation to calm your mind, it is all about calming your mind. Your racing mind, is the reason you aren’t sleeping. Luminous light, the computer and the phone, is the reason we are not sleeping well. It hits the pineal gland, and keeps you awake and alert. If we do not get enough sleep day time function falls apart.

The 40 hours are up, and they feel that they are going to pass out. They managed it. They found that their brain function is impaired, the overall reaction time to the brain stimulus increased. If you have a lapse in attention, is all attributed to sleep loss. The participants to a regular a false alarm decreased by 70 percent. We do not give 100 percent of our potential, our bodies seem to be coping but there is a cost. The blood cells, white blood cells which cause infection, is increasing, chronic inflammation, can cause Alzheimers, coronary disease. The Arteries start to dilate, decreased, this is an acute response. Cognitive perspective, Irritability and the Brain and Blood were all affected. Showing that sleep deprivation, is a terrible thing for our health.


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