Connecting with Universal Consciousness

We can be aware of consciousness when we are aware of our surroundings, our the ability to be what it going on when we are self aware. All of these are valid descriptions of consciousness. The ability to know what is going on within one self. Since time amoral, philosophers have wanted to know what it means to be a sapient or an intricate being. No body dears to question that matter is unconscious. We are all fundamentally sharing the idea that the universe is from a geometric seed, there is scientific grounding to support that there is a universal creator, and the space, time, matter are creating by a universal consciousness.

A subatomic particle is a vibrant particle of energy, a shape shifter. The universe is a relationship between subatomic particles. This unified field, is omnipresent throughout time and space and permits time and existence. The connections that occur between people, the self organizing universe. Within nature it is obvious that there is one universe that is made up all things, one substance, one law, one thing. Charles Darwin says how far earth worms are conscious, Albert Einstein supported this idea, in 1949. The world as I see it, has shown that consciousness is visible and invisible. The 0 point energy field, is an oceanic or historic records, and this is the unified field of unconditional love. The love is coming from love, compassion and forgiveness. You are are born with divine consciousness, and to live your life with a state of joyful interrelated love within all things, is all ready here. The whole point is waking up to divine consciousness is knowing that we are become in-tune with our world, our environment. Forging a connection with this universal conciseness is available for everyone.

To remember where we came from, we need to open our minds and hearts to the universal love and connection. We have made an incredible technological advancement, in creating this idea. Knowing that this can be accomplished with cosmic consciousness. The rise of consciousness, is allowing us to move rapidly towards the highest level of consciousness. You always have the free will to choose, to share in a life of love, life and liberty. To seek beyond the illusion, to find deeper energy, to share it. For the benefit of all sentient beings so that we can learn to get out of suffering and illusionary feelings.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir by Laura Zukerman

Goddess / God on Fire ❤

Becoming Your Inner Goddess/God