Thoughts That Are Made Visible

Thoughts and connections to the Universe, we exist as physical beings in a physical reality, while our mind is infinite, how do the two worlds coexist, collide and interact? Again we ask this question. We know our intent, our thoughts and our emotions are the direct influence upon your body. A new science is focused as picking up blood pathogens to figure out what illnesses are being created and what we can ween out. Your vocal imprint, will help to diagnose these different ailments. Don Esbez, has developed a new approach to this vocal technology. It demonstrates the frequency imprints and the vocal imprints in your voice.

You can use a cortical machine, which helps to vocalize your sounds. If you are able to talk about things that are bothering you. Don shows Carina, a singer and dancer, that she has a lot of energy tied around time. She thinks it is a chaotic structure, when thinking about what she has not had yet. She travels the world, and she enjoys that tremendously. She works with kids, in a kids program, in terms of work, she is very happy. So now, there is a lot of harmony , a lot of circles, showing that it will have a tremendous effect on people. She says she likes to stay positive, stay in the right state of mind, her favorite color is yellow, which means happy. She says her least favorite is a dark burgundy. When she was saying yellow, the chart showed more yellow in the charts. Don says, what you say is what reality is. She believed that the experience enhanced and improved the idea that we create our reality. She is that we need to manifest, to perfect our platform, to create that incredible reality we want.

Your heart shows how you are feeling about things, your brain shows how you are thinking about things, your voice does it right away. Intention has the ability to bring all these components together, you have the audi mada, added together by intention become strings which become atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs, super organisms, star systems and galaxies.

A particle should be traveled in a straight line, however that is called the observer paradox. When an observer looks, you get particle distribution. When the observer looks , you cant see the particle. The particle will stay there when not looking, it becomes a part of the physical world. It is empowering to think that we live in a physical world that hasn’t happened yet. The world that is reaching into probability, bringing it into our reality.

EEG waves, can be transferred back into an actual sound. Collin Harrington, claims to see his thoughts, his emotions and his dreams on a screen. He felt compelled to show people how to get into computer sound and technician. Changing color and sound into frequencies. These correlations and blending them into other frequencies makes the internal and the external somatic. Using different technologies like these can retrain your brain. Naomi, an actress, was able to hear a representation through music through her feelings. This saline solution was used as a conductor, the music beats played were showing her levels of stress or something stressful. Playing loud beats per second. Collin is showing her that being in the world of acting, that someone was able to turn it on and turn it off. Naomi says through acting, she has been able to play make believe. As opposed to hearing, is it possible to see the emotions. The blue would be calm, red would be angry and purple would be in the middle. Now she is calming down to reach a state of tranquility, what is being shown is purple light, the one to one real time relationship going on. Recalling images, can bring in brain wave patterns as well, when she is on stage, the image pops up clearly of her on stage, and when she feels nothingness, the screen goes blank, white. This is incredible!! It is showing that the positive is really coming through!! We really do have the power to choose, and how your mind can go either when in a split second.

Our thoughts and emotions can be turned into sound , through biological sonar. In plant life, trees emit a frequency about incoming predators, and oneness. How could we maintain this oneness, if they can create invisible frequencies can humans do the same? How much of these waves can we actually detect on this side of the human existence.

Ben Hamann, bringing along Corey Feldman, wanted to join for some interesting phenomena. ITC research was conducted, instrumental transmutable communication. You can take all these electronic devices and different voices were showing up on the tapes, we are dealing with electromagnetic waves. An induction coil, you speak into a tape recorder and transmit through the receiver into the transmitter. He says captain plug Stargate 2018, ect. He leaves a 20 second message. Now the needle is beginning to fluctuate, through the electromagnetic field from the device, it is being picked up through the induction coil. Now the transmitting coil which is broadcasting the message. The battery goes back inside the induction transmitter. Now the message is on the recorder. The theory behind this is energy based, what do you think of induction coil is ? Is it the earth? Or is it something we do not understand. However, sound waves have been connected, throughout the same source. Ben Hamann , can imprint your residual imprint onto a physical object visually as well. Energy as the law of thermodynamics, is one thing being transferred to the next. Just by sitting in these chairs your transferring energy. You can see them in radio-magnetic heat waves. It is not just the heat we feel, but the energy that we see. If we have good energy, we will always get good intentional energy. Once you make the conscious effort to believe that positivity is the key to life, you will live that life to the fullest, and stop believing these negative beliefs. There is much beyond this reality, but phenomena, are in different dimensions. They are spirits in a different dimension.


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