Sacred Geometry Of The Dimensions

What is the seed of life, and how does it create the sphere? Matthias De Stefanio, speaks about how the planets were created, and how the souls were defined and created. He speaks about how 12,000 years ago he was living in Egypt. He must have been a psychic, knowing this. Egypts core, was through learning the seven laws of the universe, in every dimension. They began to paint in walls, understanding the concept of the world. Carvings of animals, drawings of concepts. They began to learn from the world in the second dimension. He believed that from other dimensions, they were giving them insight into the other dimensions. He said they understood that they were multidimensional beings. In their civilizations, back then, these pyramids, were projections of spheres in a 3-D matter, one part physical one part etherial. The perfect sphere would connect the core of life. This was to connect with every dimension in one moment.

The only way other people would be able to see all of the other information from the other dimensions , were to create the carvings, so that other people could see the dimensions of everything. In Osireion, the flower of life was created in the tombs, from the second dimension. The spheres are cells, creating worlds, creating life. They are not circles, which hold us trapped, the sphere is the freedom in time and space. The vibration of the souls, that divided into electrons, protons, neutrons and molecular beings. We as bodies are projections of the soul. We used to say the spirit was the mind. The bridge was the soul, it is the core of every reality, a bridge into all the other worlds. You need energy to create matter, and the tree of life is the soul. It is not a spirit or ghost, but every energy and vibration of the universe is aware and vibrating into different levels of consciousness. The portals create the duality, the positive and negative divided itself into the Vesica Pisces. The third dimension is the middle, then divided into 4, and then into 8 and so on. That is the dimensional branches of the tree of life, it was not physical, it was vibrational.


Laura Zukerman

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