Everything is Energy

What is it that makes people truly fulfilled? Family, love, success, money? Or is it to know your purpose here on earth and to have that divine connection to the universe. We exist as physical beings in a physical reality. We are the visible part of the potentially invisible realm. How do mind and matter coexist, collide and interact? There is so much research into psychic abilities and parapsychology. From consciousness, the fundamental, and the physical world is a derivative of consciousness.

The brain, mind, consciousness, what we think is a world view is false, that all this emergent reality is all doing with consciousness, the mind and the power that human beings have over their fundamental reality. The physical world is in the consciousness spectrum. There is only one world, its consciousness, it is not it space, not in time, its before space and time. It is a prototype substance that is in a primordial defined state, and it emerges to what we see as a physical world. It is a continuum. Some forms of consciousness can be considered hard matter.

If the physical world exists within consciousness, why is it that we can see one and not the other. We are pieces of consciousness, living in a physical world, we are avatars, experiencing, experiences. We learn how to interpret the data, that is how reality is created. Many people believe we believe in a type of simulation, where it is one type of video game. Or the Matrix, somewhat like the movie. Many people are having differentiating views on whether we live in a surreal world, or if we control our physical world.

The spin attribute, the overall structuring of matter in the universe. Our bodies have a huge amount of protons and neutrons that describe our anatomy. The description of spin, gives global spins witch then restructures into smaller spins. The galaxy is rotating, the planets are rotating, the stars are rotating or moving. Therefore the world rotating, is the overall structure of matter in the universe. Consciousness begins to spin and rotate, and our mind through consciousness waves, which then can be the reason we all are understanding consciousness through mind altering rotation.

If there is such a thing as remote viewing, where could this bring us? These are super human abilities that can be untapped, however, it is a part of normality. It is a way of focusing your subconscious mind. You are trying to meet your subconscious to answer the questions in your conscious mind. It is known that the government and other facilities that need psychic ability or remote viewing have been used to help in certain ways. This subject is very intriguing and goes into more detail if you look it up.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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